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Reasons to Avoid Becoming Famous

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man wearing a cap written famous

man wearing a cap written famous

5 Reasons Not to Become Famous

We live in a world that almost survives on fame and being known. The notion of being famous is literally everywhere thanks to social media.

Fame means more cars, loads of money, large houses, not forgetting numerous travel experiences. Being famous is desired due to the attention gotten. Start a live stream in 30 seconds and 30 thousand people will be watching, not to mention the paparazzi who will be sleeping outside your gate to catch you leaving.

social media obsessed brain

social media obsessed brain

Is fame all that?

We [myself included] are frequently envious of celebrities and their lavish lifestyles. The attention they receive makes one want to kill for it.

Being famous appears to be enjoyable; simply dress up, smile for the camera, and make a lot of money, right? It's the perfect life. That is, at least, how it appears from the outside. Fame comes with many difficulties.

Being famous means no longer having to worry about paying your bills, but it also has a significant disadvantage.

I've got ten reasons why you should be thankful you're not a celebrity.

1. Privacy

To begin with, privacy indicates that our sensitive personal information, such as race, religion, or political affiliations, is not disclosed without our full permission. Being famous, on the other hand, means that your life is being tracked through Web sites and pages that fans visit for entertainment and gossip to find out what is going on in your life right now.

Being famous means you'll always have a stalker on your tail. You'll never go to the supermarket and breathe your own air.

Reporters and photographers will always be following you around to get that one shot of you drinking coffee like the rest of us.

3. Gossip

Celebrities are no longer seen as aspirational figures, but rather as characters to judge and mock. Gossip about celebrities isn't necessarily bad until it starts affecting you emotionally.

I've seen a vast number of celebrities turn to drugs as a result of depression and emotional damage over the years. Some people have died as a result of an overdose.

Sure, it's sad, but that's the life they chose.Being a celebrity means being carefree, which is essential for survival.

2. Pressure

The phrase "more money, more problems" is partly true.

Aside from the loss of privacy, celebrities must deal with the constant pressure to look good and act right. Their physical appearance is constantly scrutinized. Famous women, in particular, suffer from the spotlight, eliciting comments about their age or weight.

If you add weight, the internet will have to decide. If you get divorced, the internet will be all over it, making up stories about what actually happened. Fans are always keeping an eye on your decisions.

Being a celebrity means your life is not yours anymore; it's a job to please your fans. You will have to wake up every morning, dress this way for your fans, and go out for the paparazzi just to keep your name in the papers and blogs.

To be sincere, that's a boring life.

4. There are no true friends.

Honestly speaking, if we had the power to compare our circle of friends right now to when we became famous, the results would hit really hard.

Being a celebrity attracts fake friends and fans. They are just there to help you spend your money and leave you when depression strikes.

5. Always on the road

Celebrities tend to lose family connections as they are always travelling.

They have to appear on shows, interviews, and even invites because that's what a celebrity does.

This tends to be lonely, and some end up in depression due to too much going on.

Having time to breathe life is really important.

Final thoughts

If you are obsessed with living the celebrity life, you should be aware of the downsides of such a lifestyle. Think again if you think, "Nah, that'll never happen to me." Be prepared to wear a mask that conceals your prisoner identity from the rest of the world, to always be surrounded by bodyguards, and to live in a large, expensive neighborhood for security reasons. You'll need help with your make-up, your body, and even your bills.

Finally, your business is everyone's concern.

I would love to here your thoughts.

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