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Reality and Yourself

Zack is a research addict who has dabbled in digital art, and freelance work.

What if reality was never what you imagined it to be like? What if the world and all of the people you know in it were actually projections of yourself? This would mean that neither good or evil exists in this world. The evil and the good are in fact both just natural extensions of the one true self. Like the sides of a coin. You cannot have the one side without the other. And of course we as humans have grown up to believe that the darkness is evil and the light is good, but I would disagree.

The darkness is kind of like a resting place, almost like the sleep you get in night. It is not something to be affraid of. It is something to be fully embrace so that we can see the true nature of ourselves. For instance, lets imagine for a moment that you have a card in your hand. How can you say what card it is without turning it around to see the other side? The only way is to turn it around and analyse the card with your eyes. Now that you've looked at both sides you know exactly what you're holding in your hand, giving you more control over what to do with this card in a game of Blackjack. For when you only had the one side, you wouldn't possibly know what to do with it in a game of Blackjack.

Unfortunately, however, most of us have been raised to believe in some sort of punishment if you were to be evil, so we've all just decided to keep the evil in the shadows of our min, where we know it's there but won't acknowledge it. Almost like just dusting the dirt under the mat so that only we know what resides there. In fact, we do this so well that most of us aren't even aware that we're doing this. We struggle to think about this awful evil that resides within ourselves out of fear for the punishment that may await us after death. So then afterwards we commit some act that's considered to be taboo, we go on to do something, like saying a quick prayer, to make ourselves feel a bit better. I want to add here that this doesn't mean that everyone should go out and do things that would hurt other people, because you would most probably share their unhappiness that you caused. I'm only stating that everyone has evil within them and if you think you're all good and no evil, then you have yet to discover it within yourself. You see, humans tend to become evil when they feel they've been hurt, or undermined, but when you accept that evil part within you, it has no power over you, which means that you decide on how you want to respond.

Now the light on the other hand goes hand in hand with playing. With a type of fun that feels good. You know that absolutely blissful feeling one gets by doing certain activities where, in that very moment, you understand what it's all about. The light in a way is exactly that feeling. I also think that through the light life is born and through darkness life rests. Note here that life doesn't end, or come to a stand stil but simply rests for a moment. Just like when we sleep. For us to fully enjoy the day, we must rest. You can also say that it's like the intervals between waves in the ocean. For there to be any waves visible at all, there must also be short periods between each wave where the water rests. Everything always goes together, because everything is the same. All of reality is made up of the same stuff which vibrates at different frequencies and assembles themselves in different ways. I think that the whole of this reality is connected and humans share a similar understanding of what's happening. So does all species of animals. And not just animals, or living organisms. Any and all material are conscious in their own way. Literally every little atom has its own little "brain". It may not experience the same experience that you're experiencing but it is experiencing nonetheless.

Now I want to reaffirm the fact that this is purely philosophy and not actual proof, but then again, science is about discovering the unknown, the metaphysical. You see science is merely the process that we are using to cut ourselves open and explore ourselves. Our intelligence stems from the same intelligence that all of reality is made up of, the intelligence that arranges all of the atoms to their exact formations so that they can form matter. The metaphysical and the psysichal becomes one and the same. They both need each other in order to exist at all. If for instance all of reality was merely physical then there would be no underlying structure for objects to form. The metaphysical acts somewhat as a type of framework for the physical to manifest itself onto. A good example of this principle would be mushrooms, where the mycelium underground grows far and wide and then when the time is right, mushrooms pop up from the mycelium to above ground. Do you see how the mycelium becomes the structure, the metaphysical and the mushrooms are the physical which forms from this underground network. In a certain way the metaphysical is the intelligence of reality. The foundation for all of the known senses. If you were to say that only the metaphysical exists then how would you be able to actually sense anything at all? All that would be left is almost like a type of vibration. You would see nothing, hear nothing and feel nothing because you wouldn't be able to manifest. I do, however, think that reality would still exist, but because the physical isn't manifesting there would be nothing to be aware of.

Now what's interesting to me is that you can now think of death as a type of non-manifesting. You won't be conscious about it though because, as I've stated above, there would be nothing to be conscious about. It's the rest between the energies. The physical manifests out of the metaphysical and sometimes it has to rest just the same like all life on earth has to rest in order to live. When we, as humans, sleep we are not aware of the fact that were sleeping because in order to rest our minds, we have to give up consciousness for some time. Now this doesn't mean that you're gone while your sleeping but rather that your conscious senses are not in a working state. This is the same in death. It is merely a resting point for consciousness.

Now while this could very well be true, this philosophy leans more to the side that you cannot ever fully understand what this all is. Remember that we can only perceive things as we know them to be. If I were to be from the future and I said a word, "puzxby", you wouldn't know what it means. I would then have to use existing words to try and explain to you what "puzxby" means, but then you'd only have an image in your head constructed from materials you know about. You wouldn't possibly be able to imagine exactly how a new material would look like. You can, however, create your own material by using a combination of existing materials, but a brand new type of matter will be beyond this universe in your eyes and therefore, you will only know exactly how it looks like when you see it with your own eyes. The shape for instance could be a 5D shape that we, as humans, can only speculate on. The same principle goes for reality. Yes, we can certainly see this reality around us but we can't really say what it is. We know it's there. We know how things look like and we know how they smell or sound, but there is no way to say exactly what this reality is. You can have philosophies about what it may be like, however, and that's exactly what this book is all about.

I think that all matter beyond our perception is merely scrambling around(if there is anything beyond our perception), like a static TV, waiting for your perception so that it can be constructed into something that you can realte to such as a fridge, rock, house or literally anything. Let's say for a moment that all reality is just in your mind, meaning that you give it a purpose to exist, then it's safe to say that anything you can't see is merely like background noise. I would like to note here, however, that while your reality is in your mind, your mind is in reality, which means that they are constantly creating each other infinitely. You can almost say that you become a mirror for all that exists, where the mirror is in this reality, but it also creates a reality within itself of the reality in which it is found.

Now it wouldn't be to mad to say that consciousness is the litteral space in which everything forms. When we look at something we can see the shape of it because of a distance between us and the item that were looking at. That distance equals the space that was necessary to actually see the whole item. For instance if you're looking at a chair. You wouldn't be able to see the chair if there was no distance between you and the chair. Then you'd look at a chair and your whole field of vision would fill up with the texture of wood, or even the atoms that make up the texture, or maybe you'd see nothing at all since there would be no distance. You would in a certain sense not know what you're looking at. You're eyes would basically just zoom in indefinitely on objects wherever you look.

Consciousness and reality really do go hand in hand, just in the same way that you create reality, while you are also in the same reality. You are conscious about reality because of your ability to be conscious about yourself. If you couldn't be conscious about yourself, then you cannot be conscious about what's going on around you. That is consciousness. We can accurately distinguish ourselves from the environment we find ourselves in, and because of this we get the ability to form feelings about what's going on around us. And because of this feelings we have about certain things and situations, we created a language to express them. We then exchange our feelings with thoughts to better understand them, meaning that we create thoughts based upon our feelings. We do not create feelings out of our thoughts. The feeling always comes first and then the thought afterwards.

Now with this knowledge, we can go and reason that you can take any feeling in the world and link your own thoughts to that feeling. Meaning that you can decide what a particular feeling means for you. Also while we're at feelings. We often get confused about feelings because of our ability to think it away. When we don't let ourselves feel fully we start to create thoughts based on nothing. We create thoughts to push a certain feeling away, rather than feeling it through to the core and then deciding afterwards what it may mean. We may actually feel awkward, or scared because we backed out of the feeling to soon, which results in us not fully understanding where it's coming from. We then create our own scenarios in our head to explain where this feeling comes from. It is, however, important to remember that all scenarios in your head are purely abstract. No single thought is reality. This is extremely important to remember because we often confuse thoughts with reality. We get confused by words and symbols and start to think, that is reality, when reality is in fact just something that keeps on happening indefinitely without any past or future. It is something that constantly dissolves into something new.

In science we learn that energy can neither be created, nor destroyed but only transfered from one state to the other. With this fact we can safely assume that this accounts for reality as well. Reality never started, nor will it ever be destroyed. It will continually just dissolve into other states. This flowing from one state to the other of reality is happening every moment. Reality does not cling on to the past, or even comprehends the future for its just moving along. Almost like water of a river that flows along seemingly without any trouble.

Now because of our consciousness we have the ability to live within the moment. To almost look at reality in slow motion and to truly appreciate the absolute beauty and ecstacy of reality. I think this is the whole reason for consciousness. It is merely a tool implemented by, if I may call it this, the supreme intelligence to have a quick look at itself. It's important here to remember that this intelligence is not something we can put our finger on and say this is it. It is merely a metaphor for the underlying structure of reality. It's almost as if to say that this intelligence is God. But it is not God in the sense of the Christian God that will punish you for your sins. God is in a sense you. You are God in the sense that you are the intelligence that creates everything. I mentioned earlier the space in which everything is found in. All objects manifests out of that space. People from across the globe have all known this. All religions stem out of the idea that there is some kind of creator of reality. That creator is you. You have control over your reality, but not your ego. Everything that has happened in your life is the result of yourself. You wanted things to happen as they did. You made it your reality without thinking about it.

You may now think that you have control over everything and everyone, but do not confuse your ego with your true self. Do not think that you are the dictator of this reality and you can do whatever you want. Your ego is merely a small extension of yourself. You are not the thoughts within yourself. You see, the ego is in a way the ability to think, thus making the ego somewhat of an abstract idea. As I mentioned earlier, all thoughts are abstractions of reality and not the actual reality. The thought of yourself creates almost like a type of character. For instance in a game where you decide to be whatever character you wish to be. You can be purely evil and go on a killing spree, or you can be the holiest man on earth. Either way, the type of character you wish to be is ultimately your choice. But remember now that for good to exist there must always be evil. You cannot say the one is right and the one is wrong, because both are necessary to each other and they both take the main stage for some time. They need each other to exist at all. If there was no evil in the world then we wouldn't know what it means to be good and vice versa. This can be said for all human traits. You need the opposite to exist for the other to be acknowledged. This means that you cannot go around and say that everyone should be loving and good, because if everyone was to be good then after some time people will eventually find a way to differentiate between them and other people. Meaning that we'll just find replacements for good and evil. We'll create new words, or descriptions to be symbols for the light and the dark.

Our ego, in a way, helps us to differentiate between things such as evil and good, night and day, hard and soft and so fourth. We need to differentiate between things to make any sense out of reality. But keep in mind that this is all merely an abstraction of the true reality in which there are no good or evil, night or day but that there is just this very moment dissolving into the next moment for all infinity. Infinity is again not something that we can really say what it is because of the fact that we've seen that everything has a starting point and a end point. All we can understand is that things have a beginning and an end. We cannot possibly comprehend what infinity truly means. Yes we can somewhat explain it by using math, but math again is just an abstraction. It is just another tool we use to understand reality better. The thing that we need to understand here is that we are the reality that we are trying to understand. When we look at something and examine it we are, in principle, looking at ourselves. You give the object its shape and colour by viewing it in your own image. This conjugates to what I've said earlier. That you are God since you are the one that are allowing all of existence to actually happen.

It is important, however, to not confuse your true self with your ego. Your ego is merely an avatar that you've created over your lifetime. What you actually are is something much bigger than you can ever begin to imagine. The only possible way to give an accurate description of you would be to say that you are all of existence. The ego isn't all of existence but rather that all of existence creates the ego so that it can become aware of itself. You see, existence itself is somewhat of a mystery to us all. We can never fully grasp the full extent of existence. We can only experience it from a certain perspective within a given dimension. Now naturally we would think that our dimension is the 3rd, but I think that it's actually made up of infinite dimensions. All of them are overlapping each other at each singular point. We can't say this for sure obviously for we can only see the third dimension, but what about feelings? What about imagination and dreams? Obviously all of this exists within the same reality?

While dreams may be in our minds, our minds are still part of this reality which in turn make the dreams also part of this reality. Somehow our consciousness experiences a whole new experience within the same reality and I think this is because of the fact that we are in fact that very experience. The experience cannot fully happen without an observer to have the experience. We can then say that in a certain sense that the reality is already there waiting for an observer to experience it all. For instance when a play is put together, the whole stage is created before the actual play starts but the stage then needs the characters before it can become an experience for the audience(observers) to have. So in effect, the play becomes a combination of multiple aspects, namely the stage, characters and audience. If one of these aspects were to be missing then it wouldn't be a full play. The same accounts for the metaphysical and physical. The physical is dependent on the metaphysical, the underlying fabric of existence, where the physical can manifest itself out of, and the metaphysical is dependent on the psychical to give it a purpose to exist. Without the physical the metaphysical would almost be as if it does not exist at all, because there would nothing to observe it. The physical becomes the observer in this sense.

Now you may ask why does it even happen to begin with? My answer regarding that question would be that I have absolutely no idea. It's just that existence exists. You can never get to the answer for a very simple reason being that once you get the answer, there will be another question. Take the big bang theory for example. If you believe that is the way the universe started then fine, but what came before it? And what came before that? And before that? You see the more answers we get, the more questions we have that need answers. I do, however, think that you are the ultimate reality. You are the fabric of existence itself. Again, not to be confused with your ego. It is exactly this ego that seems to want to know all the answers. And the biggest question of all is who, or rather what am I and I think the answer is that you are existence itself. We cannot really put this into words though, because existence has no real description attached to it. To put it differently, existence can't be explained by using words because it is not words. It is something much bigger than words. Something that we can't comprehend because we are it. The famous philosopher, Alan Watts, said that you can't ever put your finger on what exactly you are because it's like trying to bite your own teeth. It is beyond impossible.

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