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Real World Fairy Tales - A Story

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Real World Fairy Tales

Take a moment of your life, be that past or present, and make it grow. Have this moment expand past all time and space, until everything is simply the present. Get lost in the moment of choosing, exploring all the details down to the last emotion and every last star.

In this moment, stare at the world like it is a fairytale and weave magic into every second. The emotions you feel as you stare at the clouds, magic. The way you hug your friend after buying ice cream, magic. Create magic within everything.

You don’t need to have a castle or a prince/ss to live in a fairytale. All you need is to reconnect with your inner child’s imagination and simply believe. With a child’s imagination, you can battle dragons and make potions deep in the woods. Move that spirit into the real world. Coffee and tea are our potions and your enemies, or the people who don’t wear their masks can be dragons.

The world can be so boring sometimes, but if you expand time whilst pouring magic within the stretched world, you can turn your life into a fantastical and mystical story. Who wouldn’t want to live in a world like that?

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