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Ready For The Future

I don't go to university, my friends my age have graduated and started working, and I've been working for four or five years. So it's only natural to go through a period of crisis, ripening and softening more than you.

I won't make any excuses, it's just that I didn't study well and with my family's economy at that time, going to school and paying tuition fees of several million a month was too much. With the thought of children behind the bamboo ramparts like me, just enough to eat and clothe is enough, but the stomach is still hungry, it is difficult to think far into the next five or ten years.

At that time, I just thought simply, a few years later it was not too late to earn money to go to school. Then the social network exploded, all the young children were beautiful and talented, the income was also terrible, many of you had really remarkable achievements.

I am like a boat without a berth, floating in the middle of the river. There were times when I felt I was incompetent, confused and disoriented.

Going to school is pressured to get grades, going to work is pressured by money, and on social media is peer pressure. Everywhere there are sayings that affirm, you must be good to be rich, before this age you must have this or that, otherwise you will be useless and failed. The person that no one wants to be a bad person.

Is it okay to be a normal person. I seriously asked all the people I used to know. Some say no.

Some people say that being born in this world must strive for this and that, others say that it is normal to let others not take advantage of you.

The worst and stupidest thing for me is comparing myself to others. Because their stage is always beautiful and brilliant, and everyone has their own backstage.

Being a normal person is fine as long as you are satisfied and feel happy with it. No matter how strict people's standards are, they are meant to be broken. As long as you live your life well without harming anyone, that's a great thing.

Everyone born into this life also has a journey and meaning of its own, live fully in the present moment.

Thank you for coming into my life.

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