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Raincoats: Working Well, Looking Well

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.


Why I Would Like to Have

a raincoat might shock you. For in most-cases, raincoats are the farther est things from a man’s or woman’s list of important things. This is a true fact. We can wear our clothes off-the-rack or even designed, but when it pertains to a raincoat, we are shocked into taking whatever raincoat is hanging from the rack on a department store or like clothing, we can pay extra to have a designer make us the right size and shape of our raincoat.

Sure, there are times (and days) when raincoats are not that popular to bring-along just in case that the rain may start sometime today. Raincoats today are small enough, yet made with a stronger rain resistant fabric that raincoats are becoming a “cannot do without” piece of clothing that can serve keeping us dry, but warm in the process.

But speaking only for myself, I have to say this giving full-credit to (the) raincoat that my wife gave me in fall 1975. I had begun working for our local newspaper and one of my duties was delivering papers to our news racks on Thursday mornings. Did I think that I was fully-prepared for (this) job? Yes. No, I was way off-base. Although it is not funny, on one particular Thursday morning, I did not pay attention to the dark clouds that had begun to form as I drove to our newspaper office. I knew that in an hour, I was have one of the worst days that I could have.

As I loaded my car with bundles of papers, I arrived at the first news rack and as I was collecting the change from the rack, I truly believe that the entire sky just opened-up allowing every raindrop in existence to hit me as I ran to my car. This moment could not be described in any form---poetry, essay, or plain-up ranting. Awful was not the word.

Not Only Was My Clothing Soaked

but the papers as well. But knowing that my company would understand the wet papers, but certainly not my shirt and pants. Even my wife (who was carrying our first child) was concerned as the amount of water that had collected into my shirt all because of (that) tremendous rainfall that hit directly on yours truly.

So with that embarrassing morning behind me, my wife gave me this thin, wrinkled piece of what I thought was a thin piece of plastic—turns out, she had given me a raincoat for days that I had endured the day before. Let me tell you. Her gift as a raincoat worked perfectly in about two weeks from my “soaking,” but as for looks, I do not have the proper adjective to describe how awful that the raincoat looked. I was then left with the decision with do I keep my raincoat because it works, or dump the raincoat because it looks ugly?

You can pretty much answer that question if you are a married guy. “We” know how to take certain adversities and go ahead with our lives. I might sound like that I am talking to you via gest, but I give you my word, I am being completely-sincere.

Just What is a Raincoat

it is a jacket that is manufactured of material highly-specially designed to ward-off water. In the year of 1836, Charles Macintosh discovered a method for mixing rubber with cloth, which was used in the first raincoats. Because of his inventions, all raincoats are called Mackintoshes or Macs by those in Great Britain. A lot of modern day raincoats are designed in two ways by Macintosh's genius idea.

In 2019, there are several types of raincoats made from many types of fabric. All-weather raincoats have removable linings so it will n be worn comfortably in most any weather events. Fold ups are fold able and normally produced of vinyl. Vinyl raincoats are produced of vinyl or of fabric that has a vinyl finish. Trench coats are worn by both men and women, and are often made of lightweight cotton/polyester base-fabric.

The main reason of what is important to the raincoat is how it is manufactured and has efficient waterproofing. Raincoats have two important qualities: absorption (measure of water that can be soaked by the fabric) and penetration (amount of water that sinks into the fabric). Raincoat materials are either absorbent or water-repellent. Quality raincoats are made of tightly woven fabrics that can both keep in the heat so keep you warm, and water-repellent when the rain is pouring on you.

The Near Future For

raincoat's is the fabric and finishes are being tested to change. A few of the changes will be improved water repellency, stain resistance, plus wrinkle resistance. Fabrics themselves will have new weaves.

A new direction we see is the future of raincoats heading toward mass design and customization. This means raincoats would be specially made to fit the owner's body. A process such as this, would involve computers and the addition of certain types of software and scanning devices.

This novel idea of creating new styles and water-resistant fabrics when producing raincoats might be just around the corner. Not so many years it was thought that raincoats are just that, a one-use piece of clothing and that was using a raincoat for only one purpose. But this thinking can be considered wrong, because as the future changes, so will raincoats.

Now that I am retired, I am not delivering papers for the newspaper, I do not get out of the house that much, but to be honest, I do miss my raincoat a lot. Laugh if you like, but I miss it. Rain does not sit-down and map-out what days to come and not to come. Simply said, rain comes. And comes. Sometimes so much that it will be like me on (that) day that I was drenched as I delivered my papers.

But the truth be told, I wish that I could locate just the right raincoat that I could keep in our car so I would be prepared for days like the one that I have shared with you. I want to own (a) raincoat like the one that my wife gave me in 1975. Oh, I admit that I have not looked that much in finding the right raincoat, because us guys, take the blessed days and foolishly-think that the good days will last.

Not so. Even when I get to attend worship service at my church, rain has hit me. But I did not get as wet as it did when I was working, but wet enough that made me aggravated. So I am on a campaign to secure a raincoat that fits the dimensions of the one that I had years ago. I know that if I had that raincoat, I would be very happy.

October 14, 2019______________________________________________


© 2019 Kenneth Avery

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