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Rain: What Good Is It?

Kenneth, born and raised in the South, resides in Hamilton, Alabama. He enjoys sharing his unique perspectives on life through his writing.

You and Your Lovely Girlfriend

are slowly walking down the avenue. The birds are singing your favorite song. The sun is shining. It’s easy to imagine that a romantic love song is playing in the air. And there is no, and I mean NO, sensible person would dare ask God for a better day. Because you can’t. He has provided you and your girlfriend, (your steady girlfriend I might add) THE perfect moments in this perfect day—all because the girl on your arm is going to be your wife in a few short months and you could not be happier.

But one thing has crept inside your surreal moments and brought you down . . .

That one thing although seen in other ways can be nice, but not this time . . .

And that ONE raunchy, rotten event (with the worst of timing) can only be the rain that is falling . . .

Did you get that? The rain that is falling. I wrote this twice as I wanted the facts to check out right with you, the reader. But that sizes up what might have been THE most-lovely, loving, and near-perfect day . . .and thanks to the rain, that (and the other passionate moments) are gone forever.

Oh, there will come an endless supply of rain and other events in life and days for that matter, but not like the one where you and this gorgeous brunette were holding hands and strolling down this quaint little pathway that led down to the beach area—THE place where you first met this wonderful girl and fell in love.

When I see photos like this, I want to get into a dry place, grab a cup of black coffee and take a nap.

When I see photos like this, I want to get into a dry place, grab a cup of black coffee and take a nap.

Did The Cosmos

fate, if you like, or anything of the super-natural cause your heart to run wide-open when you eyed the gorgeous brunette with the perfect hour-glass figure? Or was it the way that her deep brown eyes that caused you to be drawn, almost like iron to a magnet? To these two questions, I would have to say YES. But the rain all but removed the rest of your day with this girl who you have said in your heart that you want to marry her.

But not now. No, sir. You are a moody person as most Sanitarians are, and you have been robbed of those perfect moments. Your girlfriend who could pose for the Swim Suit issue of Sports Illustrated (on the worst day of her life) and still be published on the front . . .has now told you good evening and that she will call you in a few days. All due to the rain. That was the culprit: the rainfall.

What did you ever do the rain, you ask? And of course, rain cannot tell you either way, but like those Sanitarians who live on a roller coaster of emotions, you just feel a certain degree of relief from this humiliation by just screaming aloud why me? You even beat an adjacent oak tree with your fists and the only thing that this gets you is two bloody fists. Again, thanks to the rain.

Now for a moment of soft reflection . . .

People everywhere loved The Beatles. When I was 11 years of age, when I first heard the song above, I instantly liked the Fab Four and I still like them, but even with this song, “Rain,” I am left one grinding question: why did The Beatles have to write such a depressing song as “Rain?” Can you tell me that? Rain. Sure, it helps the earth’s crops and grass to be watered—and the flowers, my, oh my, does the rose love water or what?

If I had the time, I would contact the Library of Congress and find out just how many songs there are that pertain to “Rain.” Just for the knowledge of knowing. What a bravado type of wisdom that you can talk about at most social parties. I mean. Here I am standing here propped on the grand piano and another guy who is looking the same as I am, lost, skulks over to where I am sipping my coffee and I see an opportunity to put some life into his eyes and I say: “Hey, bud! I want to share a bravado of a wisdom tidbit that I found out at the Library of Congress.” The guy’s interest is beginning to show. “11,629,318,244 titles about “Rain” are in the Library of Congress. Did you know that?” The guy smiles and walks away mumbling something about me getting a life and I finish my coffee.

Please Listen to This Question:

what has the rain ever done for you? I mean it. The watering of the earth’s wheat, grass, and flowers notwithstanding . . .tell me. And I mean leave out floating over a pretty lake with one of your girlfriends that you got to know in college, leave that out and tell me where did you and rain form such a friendship?

Did the present day rain ever make you richer . . .?

Did the rain of past days make you richer . . .?

Did the rain make you more popular?

If you were honest (I’m begging) and answered NO to these above three questions, then you and I are a lot alike. Now I suppose that you expect me to elaborate on why I feel this way.

Okay. Rain somehow gets in my way—especially when I am doing something outside such as creating another birdhouse creation. Sure I have been blessed with a shop, but in the summer, it does get sweltry inside this place, so I work outside . . .that is until the rain shows up.

And I know that you have watched those “romantic” black and white films where Gene Kelly falls in love with some pretty girl and just at the right time when he and the girl are about to fall deeper in love and about to lay one on her lips . . .a cloud burst suddenly appears and with a loud clap of thunder, Kelly and the girl are drenched to the bone. Yes. Score one for rain and Zero for Kelly and his future girlfriend, but he managed to dance off (sorry. A bad pun) the embarrassment that the rain caused.

In closing, and to be fair, about the only two redeeming facts about rain is that if you are starving for water in the Gobi Desert and you see a thunderstorm coming . . .lay down on your back and open your mouth because relief is on the way and if you are dirty, go ahead and wash the desert said out of the wrinkles out of your forehead and other places on your body.

And since a sensible person will not try to sail a boat in the Gobi, these two things are about the only two redeeming things about rain.

December 2, 2018_________________________________________

This is a very touching photo--all without the rain.

This is a very touching photo--all without the rain.

© 2018 Kenneth Avery

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