2018 Taught Me...

Updated on December 31, 2018

Reflection 2018

As I reflect on 2018, I am thankful for the year that has contributed immensely to my growth mentally, spiritually and physically. I have encountered numerous challenges this year from health, finances to lack of mental strength, struggles with decision making and more. 2018 has challenged me to take a look deep inside myself and face the fear and doubt that continues to block my route to freedom and success. As I have started to work through my old beliefs and habits, I have realised that my thoughts and perceptions have been a huge contributor to the way I make decisions and how I perceive the world.

I have learnt so much about myself that I never knew before, the years of trying to fit in and blend in with others has caused a huge distance from my authentic self. I am the only me in the world. I Am an individual, who has spent years seeking approval from others when the only approval I will ever need is the one from myself.

I have masked my emotions with materialism. A short spell of happiness that came from those purchases became addictive and I could not stop. 2018 has taught me to live more simply, be grateful for everything, embrace my relationships and love unconditionally.

2018 has taught me to reflect, it is not a race and you do not have to worry yourself about being at a certain place. It is good to have dreams, goals and aspirations, they keep us alive and thriving.

In 2018 I turned 30 years old, I quit my job of almost 7 years in Dubai, moved to New York and then back to the UK. I started a new job, moved in with a friend and had a complete change of lifestyle.

I ran races, I travelled the world, I started writing, I read more books than I ever thought possible in such a short space of time and proved to myself that any goal is possible, with an intention, commitment, an adaptable strategy and action.

I went from eating meat and dairy to vegetarian and then to vegan. A transition I never imagined, I always said I could never be vegetarian let alone vegan! I learnt that anything is possible if you put your mind to it, small changes in your daily habits start to compound over time and when you reflect you can really observe how far you have come!

Although small, I started my investment journey, I learnt to take control of my wealth and finance by saving, investing and living a simpler life.

I am proud, so proud of myself! This has been a challenging year! But without those challenges I would not be where I am now. I am more me than I have ever been in my life and I love it. I am happy, confident, embracing my individuality and growing every single day!

I now perceive success as continuous progression, learning and growth. 2018 thank you, next!

As you move into the New Year I wish you strength, growth and abundant happiness!


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