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Practicing to Die Tomorrow to Live Well Today...

For me, practicing to die tomorrow means to live life with the constant awareness that you may not live long. Life is short, so you give yourself a tough routine that makes you work on the most important tasks of life at a maximum pace and design your time for more productivity.

However, this concept of having more work done in less time shouldn’t confuse with the hurried routine of a workaholic. Rather, it denotes a composed lifestyle with more leisure time. The whole concept of this theory moves around one point to— compress the nonproductive time of your life and make it more useful.

Our lives are time-limited, not infinite. We can operate and function only in time, not beyond. And this given life span isn’t predictable. We have to spend life accepting whatever circumstances and surprises spring on us within the unknown time limit.

The normal life span, which is divided into segments—childhood, school, degree, business or job, marriage, children, retired life, and death—we spend per our physical and mental health. But people who, instead of just spending their lives with no plan, craft them, and grow themselves with the sense of time being short, are wise.

To make things interesting and high in standards, we plan.

We plan our life to achieve the best, or better at least, to make our journey
more pleasurable in a limited duration.

There are certain conscious steps we need to take to plan our life, which are:

1. What is most important in life are, “the loved ones”

Once you get in the frame of mind of having accepted that life is short and your time could end soon, you will learn what makes you the happiest and content in life isn’t an object, place, or climate but the humans around you, who are the most important in your life. When you spend time with your loved ones or are kind to people who are not very close but require your compassion, it fills most of your heart. It brings an aura of positive energies around your personality and always comes back to you. So being caring to loved ones and kind to strangers will pay back in your life.

2. Awareness of limited expected lifetime declutters things

and prioritizes what needs to be. We avoid bothering less important matters as it will reduce the time we spend on what doesn’t brings value and change to our life. It self-standardizes the to-do list of our life. We always tell ourselves to avoid wasting time.

3. Your brain works well under pressure (except in creative pursuits)

For many of us, when we feel we have less time or life isn’t a long infinite sequence of events, it makes us perform well in a hurry and under pressure as it puts us in a more focused environment in the period. This sense of urgency makes our minds task-oriented, that is a true pattern to move forward to succeed.

4. It creates antibodies for procrastination

and keeps you less vulnerable to it. Your ability to take action will increase. You will always have to do “now” rather than put it on later even if it is not in line with your mood. As a worry of limited time, You wouldn’t have the margin of falling into any regretful loop.

5. Deadlines for little things to be done...

for minor tasks to support a big schedule of your life. As you always have the notion of not having the leisure of extra time you want to pass your big goal at all stages in time. This compounding effect is a straight ladder to success.

6. Life as a Gift should not be taken for granted (long life)...

Seems a boring classic quote and for some in the world it is a very painful experience but generally basics of life are always a supplemented thing that we didn’t get in exchange for anything. It teaches whatever we have wasn’t our or whatever we will have didn’t belong to us. Visit any hospital emergency for a few hours or any jail to have an idea of what life could have been. The sensitized feeling is important to have a deep sense of life’s different forms. Consequently, it develops gratitude in your behavior which is a basic ingredient to make you happy.

7. It stops me to feed my ego and insist more on truce-making

and more compromising. As you avoid conflicts with others to avoid time waste. Makes you super productive and filled with progressive vibes. Its way of thinking insists on having only what helps you to keep moving forward.

8. Higher the imagination lower the expectation

As we develop a life image of not a predictable or stable stage to perform we quickly learn not to expect but only give to leave a legacy is our natural human instinct. We love to be remembered or known for a long time in or afterlife.

9. Accepts life realities and course as it is...

So we embrace our natural form of existence rather than complaining about any deficiency of it. It makes us understand life’s complexities one could face. It helps you understand that it will not be smooth all the time or very bumpy sometimes.

10. We want to experience everything

Fills color to our time. Makes us more enjoyable and not bother to sufferings in our life. As the increased quantity of activity Increases the momentum of our life. And our exposure to the diversity of things larger our knowledge about our existence.


All these things have one point agenda how we should purposefully and mindfully live our life to have the best possible and varied taste of life.

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

© 2022 Ali Haider Gillani

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