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Poverty Has a Woman's Face


There is a little place called Nima in Accra (Ghana), a very beautiful place that has people from diverse cultures living there, but the inhabitants are predominantly Hausa and Muslims. My primary school was situated right in the heart of Nima so I pretty much spent my early life soaking up all that richness of life. The very funny thing is that, Nima is seen as a hostile place for many people in Ghana most often by people who don’t know the place like I do.

I recently read an article on poverty and women and in this article there were a detailed description on how there are more poor women than men. Immediately I read that part, a mental picture of Nima as I knew it during my primary school days flashed right before my eyes. There always seem to be more women up and about in the town than men, almost every shop in every corner belonged to a woman selling something or working.

I have this perception and I am sure that most people share in it too, that its quite a disservice to women, when they are always cast in the light of always being the vulnerable, weak and helpless. This is absolutely not a true reflection of women and its time people acknowledge that.

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