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Poetry Adds Color To All That's Around Us

Hey, I am Nishika. I'm a budding writer and enthusiastically explore different areas. I always try to keep myself motivated and enjoy life.


Not marbles, nor the gilded monuments/Of prince's, shall outlive this powerful rhyme". How true was Shakespeare when he wrote these words. Truly, nothing in this universe can match the power and beauty of poetry. A poem is like creating a painting with words. Say 'Bird' and a sparrow appears inside you and ruffles its feathers.

Poetry is a secret kingdom if you engage all senses. Seemingly unimportant things begin to speak, salmon-colored geraniums, a smooth beach stone, the voice of your mother calling your name. Reading poems is like driving through a rainbow with colors splashing all around. Poetry adds an alluring shade to life.

It gives a chance to glance into the mirror of poet and relate him, his era and his pathos. Poems unravel the mysteries of life. Our monochromatic lives, with the presence of poems, transform into a kaleidoscope scattering various spectral lights.

© 2019 Nishika Chhabra

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