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Pharmaceutical Companies Are Making Me Sick

Kenneth, born and raised in the South, resides in Hamilton, Alabama. He enjoys sharing his unique perspectives on life through his writing.

Let this picture be on your mind if you think that your medicines are too expensive.

Let this picture be on your mind if you think that your medicines are too expensive.

Let Me Just Say That

I’m the very first to admit that I am sick. Not mentally, thank God, but a different type of sick. That kind of sick that invades my sleep--so much so that my dreams are now turning into giant capsules and pills with legs and evil faces and running to devour me.

I should have confessed my sickness years ago, but until the Pharmaceutical Companies have acted like a vicious political machine that takes over a friendly company, I was okay. I never complained. That was when I found out just how much ONE of my medications cost. Example: I asked my drugstore owner how much will ONE pill cost? Twenty-bucks, he replied. “Huh?” I replied. “Take it or leave it,” he said quickly and he explained that the pharmaceutical distributors, those big companies located in bigger markets--New York City, Boston, to name two, they gauge the costs of our medicine. I was shocked. $20 for one pill.

I left before trying to get my pharmacist give me a price for one bottle of my pills, but my heart could not have stood the shock, but no worries. I could have ducked right back inside my drugstore and offered him three pints of blood and my first great grand child for ONE Anti-Heart Shock Med. That would have showed him.

Upon Returning Home

I was so happy to find my favorite recliner to enjoy a few hours of TV. At least that was what I thought. I turned right to (as most guys do) one of those all-night sports channels, and each time a commercial was to come on a break, those sneaky pharmaceutical companies had made their selves at home, so to speak, telling me about a new drug that can help prevent men from ages 23 to 78 from sitting up at any hour of the day and sleeping. Their cost: $35.99 and that was the generic price. Then I did some research. Turns out that the same drug for $35.99 can be bought (over-the-counter) for $22.99! Now. Who would be so dumb as to fork-out the hefty $35.99 to help him sleep? I would tell you, but the number, I wager is astronomical.

It’s a crap shoot any way you and I go these days. I know that I am sound much like an old, washed-up geezer who sits alone on a park bench and the highlight of my day is feeding the pigeons who visit me, but not for friendship, I can tell you. They flock down around me for the fresh popcorn. I never would have thought that pigeons were that selfish.

Just Out of Sheer Curiosity

I decided to do a little Channel Surfing (another guy thing), and see just how many Pharmaceutical Corporations were on the air right at 3:30 a.m., Mind you, I am not what you call me a “Night Owl,” because I got my share of those awful shifts when I worked in our local newspaper and when I retired from (that) type of work, I left and never looked back.

But . . .if you are among the earliest of the early morning risers and sleep-deprived individuals, do not fret. If whatever shows or sports find you disinterested, do not worry. There is a drug for that.

I know. One network must have made a deal with (that) particular ad agency because at every break for a commercial, a drug selling me on how I can lose weight, eat all of the foods I want, and feel great. The couple who are hawking this drug sounds good, even the wife part of the duo looks great . . .they even have a “real” doctor thrown in to buy into the drug. You know how I knew that he was a real doc? Because of the white lab coat that he was wearing. And I tell you anytime I see a man or woman wearing a white lab coat, then I need not worry about whatever drug might being sold.

Oh yeah, the doctor added that, “I’ve lost ten pounds,” I guess that the white lab coat just wasn’t enough to get the sale over to people like me.

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It's been said that the pharmaceutical corporations are more powerful than the C.I. A.

It's been said that the pharmaceutical corporations are more powerful than the C.I. A.

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Ken Avery on March 17, 2019:

Mr. Happy -- I thank you, good friend, for the comment. And while I am here, I do want to present a two-sided sword. One: the daughter of Lily Pharmeceuticals, a few years ago, Donated $500- million to some poetry magazine, and the thing is, this was pocket change or a write-off for taxes.

Two: this in itself shows how MUCH Pharm families make.

Nuff said.

Ken Avery on March 17, 2019:

Char -- hello and thanks for such a supportive comment. I appreciate your candor and not holding back. God bless you and write me anytime.

Ken Avery on March 17, 2019:

Liz --- thanks for the comment, and I appreciate your honesty. You sould be annoyed. Try living over here and watch a little TV, and you can judge for yourself.

No harm done. Write anytime.

Liz Westwood from UK on February 20, 2019:

I have read your article with interest. Our NHS, for which I am grateful, has many struggles financially. But I get annoyed when I read how much pharmaceutical companies charge for some of their drugs, crazy inflated amounts of money. They cite developmental costs and research, but someone is making a fast buck at the expense of the sick.

Char Milbrett from Minnesota on February 19, 2019:

Hi, Kenneth Avery! I find it personally disturbing how many drug commercials are on tv, and then...how many lawyer commercials.. "if you, or a loved one, were harmed or killed by using this medication, you may be entitled to compensation. Sometimes, just hearing the side effects, are enough to make one wonder why someone would bother taking them... you know, making your bad just a little bit worse. Here's to good health and good luck maintaining your well being!

Mr. Happy from Toronto, Canada on February 18, 2019:

"Catherine Stihler, Labour's health spokesman in the European Parliament" said in 2002: "We don't want consumers sitting on their couches bombarded with a hard sell from big drug companies in the advertising break between Crossroads and Coronation Street," she said.

In Europe there are restrictions on Big Pharma regarding advertising but here in North America it's "The Wild Wild West". So, again: why are we not all in the streets? Why are there no general strikes? Why are we not shutting-down cities? Why? Why are North Americans (for the most part) so complacent? Let multinational corporations rape us, CEOs to rake-in the millions and no! Do not give us a $15 minimum wage. That's too much for us! We might buy food and medicine with that.

Haha!! Things are so bloody sad in North America when it comes to politics and social issues that I am often left speachless. So, the people of the nation vote-in one person yet, that person loses the election? Like Al Gore, or Hillary? And You guys call this democracy, when the will of the vast majority of citizens is ignored? Wow ... yes, this European is in awe.

"North Americans Never Cease to Amaze Me." There. That could be a title of something. Haha!!

Best of Luck!

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