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Perfectly Untold

Dang is an avionics maintenance specialist by profession, a woman of strength and passion.


“Perfectly Untold”


Life has so many surprises. We can never tell what will happen next. We set our goals, yet we can never expect that it will be the same as how we wanted it to be. All we can do is to think positive even though we are being challenged so much.

When we were young, we always wished we are grown up, but now that we are grown up, we are wishing to go back in time of our childhood. Very ironic isn’t it? The moments, when we enjoy the company of our families, our playmates, our new encounters, they were actually simple yet genuine happiness. Remembering those times makes our hearts overflowing with joy, at the same time makes us a little sad that all were just memories now.

The learning process is categorized to easy, moderate, difficult, more difficult, and extremely difficult. In school, we learn step by step. Before we were able to spell out and understand a single word, we have gone to process. Knowing the sounds, the letters, pronunciations, meanings, uses and etc. From a one letter word like “a” and “I”, two letter words such as “be” and “to”, three letter words like “say” and “lie”, turns to four, five, six up to the longest word we learned. See, how we are learning? Same as in life, we are taught the easiest things first and as we grow up it becomes harder. Well, we are not warned that it is part of growing up to realize that the hardest things are the ones when we get rejected, lose the people we love, and being hurt by the people we care the most. Harder than learning how to spell a word, harder than trying to wake up early for school and getting high grades, and even painful than having wounded knees after playing a lot. So even when we think we are prepared enough, that we learned a lot, still, we have no idea what will be next. It’s the experiences that taught us more in real life. It makes us tough. These experiences are sometimes unpredictable that we feel like we are still innocent and starting a new process of learning until we finally accept it.

Before, we are taught that if we are doing good things, it will be rewarded. Karma is everywhere. Do good and there will be good things along the way and same as do bad, bad things will follow. But somehow, there are things we assumed that happened for a reason, and we keep on asking ourselves why and answering them with maybes. We aren’t sure because nobody can tell us the answers, even ourselves cannot. Again, we just must look at it in the positive way. Or else, we will be lost in our infinite numbers of ideas, questions, or even worries. We are unique in our own ways. We shouldn’t be comparing ourselves with others. Experiences may have similarities, but details were completely different, that’s why we have to live our own lives. We cannot copy the ways how others dealt with their struggles and we must have our own strategies of pulling ourselves up.

Learning is a continuous process. It doesn’t stop after we get a degree or even meeting a certain age of twenties above. Being grown up is not determined by age and how far you have been. Life has more to offer. Be a fighter and not loser. Surprises maybe good or bad. It is how we deal with it. It is so true that great things are perfectly untold.


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