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Perfect Moments


Those few memories of the perfect moment, retained forever like a picture under glass. The pure memory that captures a living moment where the present is all that mattered. Now the moment has passed and all that remains is the memory frozen in time. Often the circumstances are of little significance, but nevertheless remembered and treasured forever. Perhaps these moments summarize all the joys experienced during an important period of your life. Or simply an overwhelming experience that cannot be washed away by time.

For you it may be remembrances of a great adventure or reconnecting with family or friends. Sometimes it is what follows: a tragedy or even a return to normalcy that crystallizes that one essential moment when everything was great before it wasn’t. Or a time spent with a loved one over happy summer encapsulated by a conversation during lunch. Perhaps a vision orchestrated by nature that inspires a moment's tranquility. Maybe a profound realization or happy event that changes you forever and is forever memorialized.

For me, at least the one I’m willing to share, was a beautiful fall day in mid-November. I was at college in New York. The trees were in their full autumn dress. It was late afternoon, sunny and warm, at least for that late in the season. The sun was setting, and the trees were alight shining and glorified. I was living in a painting at that moment. I was at ease for the first time in a while. For me that day will always be the perfect autumn day.