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People and Night Sky

On a summer evening, I was thinking. Thinking of something that happened to me. When I discovered that no one is really how they look at first. I am not talking about first impressions. I am talking about people that we may know for a while, or at least we think that we know them. We go through things. We get to see how they act and react and based on that we start drawing some conclusions about how does it look like inside that person's head. But what if after everything we went through with that person, it turned out that they are not as we thought they are? How would that affect us?

When we look at the nigh sky; we see stars. Millions and even billions of them, or so we think. All we see is luminous dots filling up our sky and filling our hearts with unexplained hope. However, if we were to look closer. Closer than ever before. We see that the sky is not as we imagined it to be. Each of these dots that looked almost the same from far away, is not just a sparkling dot. What we see as a dot might be a galaxy, a cluster of thousands of galaxies, a solar system similar to ours, a star, a planet or it can be a lot of things. It depends on how deep we look and how advanced is the lens that we are looking through.

So are humans. The deeper you look into them, the more complicated they become. You can never tell who someone is from far away. You have to get closer!

The problem though is that it is sometimes painful to get closer especially if you are someone who finds extremely difficult to open up to anyone in this world. Or if you are someone who might get attached fairly quickly, it will be excruciating to leave that person if you got attached to him/her. So, how can you possibly open up? Isn't it just irrational to do so?!

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