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TNR Makes Happier Kitties (Trap, Nueter, and Release)

My passion is poetry but I am a cat lady at heart. I have taken part in numerous TNR programs in my community.

Article Summary

"TNR Makes Happier Kitties (trap,nueter, and release)" is a short story told by Patches the cat.

She explains how she became part of the TNR Program (trap, neuter release) and how it works.

She wants to help her friends (other cats) who live down the alley get spayed or neutered also.

"Step By Step Guide Trap - Neuter - Release " by AllieCatAllies



A Stranger Brings Us Food

During the winter I was scared, hungry and often times very cold but I had my brothers to keep me warm.

A stranger dropped off food for us, but we did not trust him. We would wait until he left before we would eat.

Finally spring approached and we could get outside to play.

The stranger made sure to bring us food and water and with each passing day we began to trust him. Anxiously, we awaited the moment he would arrived and then we rushed to eat.

We were still afraid so he wasn't allowed to comfort us.


TNR Program

When I was seven months old he took me and my brothers to the doctor.

My name is Patches. I am one lucky stray kitten because I have someone to take care of me.

It took alot of patience but we now trust him. He is our friend.

My new friend tells me the Humane Society makes this possible by offering a program called Trap, Neuter and Release or TNR.

This program allows individuals to bring stray cats to Veterinarians to have them fixed (spayed or neutered). It is important to have this done on both males and females. The process removes their ability to create baby kittens. Then you release the cats back into the community.

Stray Kitty Cats in Patches Neighborhood


Patches Plea for Help

I have friends down the alley and across town who could use this program.

It helps drastically reduce the kitty population.

Please help me by using this program. Contact your local Humane Society for details.

Each stray cat needs your help.

Thank you.


Tnr Program

Catch and Release Trap

TNR - Trap Neuter Return - Happier Kitties " by Carin Cats and Good Vibes