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Pandemic or a Challenge to Human Race?


Covid : Pandemic or a Challenge to humankind?

Months pass by, the entire human race is constantly being challenged, for its survival, by this underlying Global Pandemic. Without deterring from its path, we’ve fought, but for how long can we continue like this?

This year will always be remembered as the year of great loss ; loss in terms of life, wealth and professional identity.
The saddening fact, in this particular scenario, is that how institutions and people are leaving each other for their own survival, as years of loyalty and trust are shattered for comfort.

Our survival instincts have been challenged to such an extent that taking presumptuous actions will only seem viable. The irony of this crisis is that “Home”, a place which always was a place of comfort, is now becoming a nightmare. People having accepted their fate, and are now being passive, since there’s no escape (as they say), fruitless hard work, food-less homes, moneyless pockets and identity less persona, as these people just wait, wait for whatever comes next.

As the whole world anticipates for the Novel Covid vaccine, again calling out to our survival instincts, we, people can only wait for their turn.
A vaccine formation turned race between countries to save its people, gives rise to a new generation of people. The key feature of this generation is yet to be known, but the world is putting its joint efforts for the sake of human race.

As everyone anticipates for the vaccine, there’s another big question mark hanging, what NEXT...?
What next?
What next for those who had to cope up with death? What next for those who lost their jobs? What next for those who are walking towards poverty and malnutrition? What next for those who are depressed inside their four walls? What next for human race? What next for you, me and everyone? WHAT NEXT?

We, our human race has been challenged constantly over and over and over again throughout generations. Just as we’ve challenged ourselves in this pandemic to acquire new skills, why not challenge ourselves again, but this time to think about what next, to rebuild ourselves, this time let’s challenge ourselves to not be passive.

Understand that its not the survival of the fittest but its the survival of humankind.

Ishita Bose

© 2020 Ishita Bose