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Updated on January 26, 2018

Fiction Inspires Innovation

Fictional stories, are something most known to be used for an entertainment source. I myself use them for that purpose, but fiction based manuscripts are a lot more deeply rooted in our society than one might think. They have more of a purpose than many see. I know personally, people who seem to think that any manuscript with a story line that never occurred is a waste of space and time. I’m here to say that they are not only important, but that our society today was built off of the ideas found in fiction.

The first topic to address, is that fictional stories are the foundation for innovation, invention. Earbuds? Thank Ray Bradbury, and his seashell radios in Fahrenheit 451. What about submarines? Straight out of Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. The rocket ship? H.G Wells’ writing titled The War of the Worlds, inspired that invention. Need I continue? Personally I think I’ve made it quite clear how these inventions that are such a distinct part of our lives were inspired by famous novels. Even the cell phone, was inspired by the Sci-Fi television series, Star Trek. I’m quite aware that it was not originally a book, but the original television series was inspired by various novels such as Gulliver’s Travels.

Nearly everything at this point, can be traced to a fictional manuscript. Yes, humans are creative, but imagine if we all thought logically, and not imaginatively, and what if these imaginative thinkers couldn’t share their ideas in writing? Many inventions, including some previously listed, were thought to be impossible. The people who invented them would have had nothing to start with if there was never a fictional world, in which anything could be considered logical.

Fictional Manuscripts Are Also Good for the Economy

Another thing to think about, considering these inventions, how many people do cell phone companies employ? Now think about how many people work for cell phone provider companies such as Verizon or Sprint. Think about all the companies that sell these devices, such as Best Buy or Target. Think about all of the companies that have an online page, or only have an online page like Amazon.

All of that is traced back to the cellular devices that were inspired, by fiction. Devices that, at one point, were a fictional concept. These stories that the ideas were based off of, are the root of all that employment, in turn helping the economy. Again, it takes a creative person to think up an idea, and a logical person to invent it. If that person didn’t have anything to start with, they wouldn’t have been able to create the things that are such a big part of ones everyday life.

The Benefits Fiction Brings to Health, Intellicance, and Morality

So far, fiction is good for innovation and improvements in technology, the economy, and employment. Yes, and of course, the entertainment part. Well, there’s even more. Fiction also expands the human brain. It allows one to be able to think outside the box, to look at things another way. To interpret differently; it gets rid of the rule of there being only one way to achieve something. Deductive reasoning, logic, all that is rooted in fiction. It expands ones imagination, in turn, allowing them to consider all other possibilities. The characters become an inspiration, they don’t always have things easy, but somehow manage to pull through. Sherlock Holmes, a famous fictional writing, helps detectives to solve various crimes, even if things might seem to be pointing another way, it allows them to see the hidden message, the not so clear print.

Stories can also serve as an escape. Reading is scientifically proven to reduce stress. Not to mention, the morals found in a fictional story help guide people, even hundreds of years later. So many age-old themes still found today, are prominent in the creation of laws. Fiction will always be necessary, whether we like it or not. Our world would be put out of balance if fiction wasn’t a thing. Authors influence the minds of all readers, which is why we need all of these books to influence us for the better. Corruption of the arts will quickly lead to the corruption of civilization, they are one in the same.

I have covered quite a bit of major points I feel strongly of, and it was hopefully enough to show that the world of fiction is more than just an idea, it’s a foundation for ideas. Fictional writing is important, we need the writings, along with the seemingly abstract ideas found within them. They mold our world. Ideas are born. Jobs are made. People improve upon themselves. Humans gain more intelligence as a whole, as our brains expand to fit more ideas, the ideas that will inspire and guide our future. A world of imagination, is a world we can learn from.

© 2018 Alyssa Hartman


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    • Nadine May profile image

      Nadine May 2 months ago from Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa

      I totally agree. I'm even like to go as far as to say that fiction is often truer that so-called facts. Finally, Amazon has added a new genre, visionary fiction, but my novels are still only to be found in the fantasy fiction of our libraries.