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My Weird Imagination (What If's)

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Hi, welcome. I'm passionate about writing and making art! I like sharing my thoughts and who I am through my articles.

What If: I Could Speak Up?

What if I could speak up? I'm awful at conversation and mostly listen to what others say, go with the flow. This ends up with me being known as "The Quiet Kid", the unseen and unheard. If I could speak up, maybe I'd finally get a glimpse of what it's like to be noticed by someone.

I don't want to die or fade away, I want to be somebody to someone. "Someone to you" by Banners is one of my favourite songs because of its amazing lyrics. For someone like me who stays in the shadows, it sings to me like no other song ever could.

The thought that we may mess up or make a fool of ourselves is often the reason why we stay hidden from the world, the gossip. It isn't something I choose to do, rather what I deem to be safer. We just have to learn to let go of fear, and maybe, just maybe, this "what if" would come true.

If you're anything like me, you've probably tried your hardest to rid of this 'virus'. This week, give yourself a challenge. Try to raise your hand in class or breathe when things get hard. When it doesn't turn out right, don't give up!

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What if: I Could Learn to be Happy?

What if I could Learn To Be Happy? I wrote this article a long time ago and I've realised something: happiness is overrated. If I've learned anything from the great Wentworth Miller it's that we should strive to be content not happy. Feelings aren't going to stay the same forever. There are ups and downs in life and if you can't live with that, you're most definitely going to be miserable.

Being content is so much more fulfilling than being happy. It means you won't constantly be waiting for the next big thing. You're ultimately gonna be content for a much much longer time than being happy. In actuality, much more people aren't content with their lives and end up being even more miserable than happy. So my advice is: "let's stop trying to be happy and start being content."

What If: God Spoke to Me?

What if God Spoke To Me? I know not everyone likes the idea of this one but bear with me, alright? I grew up in a Christian family and was taught to love God and God will always be there for me. However, I've always learned that he was there but I've never really felt that he was there, there's a big difference. It's like learning something and actually applying it versus learning something and totally not knowing where and how to use it. Trigonometry am I right?

When I was seven, I used to cry at the thought of dying and would pray to God. Now that I'm older, I feel like God's presence doesn't really stand out anymore. If He spoke to me maybe I'd really believe in him? I'm not sure.

Pastors have always said in church that even if God were to stand in front of us mortals, we still wouldn't love him whole heartedly, and part of me agrees. There's just this craving in me to see him or just hear him, instead of reading the 365 bible stories. I hope that any Christians reading this can have an open mind about my thoughts.

Do any of you have any religions and if so, have you ever questioned and craved for answers?

How I feel when things just never seem to go as planned...

How I feel when things just never seem to go as planned...

What If: I Could be Good at Everything?

What if I could be Good at Everything? That way I wouldn't have to practice and study, everything would be as easy as pie. I'd be able to help my classmates, get things done, be productive maybe even have my own business. I mean I'll be great in everything I do right?

There's just this little itch I'd have, this feeling of emptiness, like in the movies. The main character will always be this perfect girl searching for a sense of self-worth because nothing seems to be enough. In the end it'll all come back to being content with life.

Being good in everything I do must mean I'm GREAT in finding a soulmate. Not just anyone but THE one. Anyway I'm already really good in that area. I have a soulmate that loves me and doesn't judge me, is just the right height and stature. He loves cuddling and gives me kisses from time to time. Even though he has some flaws like talking too loud and constantly eating, he's definitely my soulmate.( He's also really furry and has a tail !)

What If: The Person I Liked Acknowledged Me?

What if the Person I Liked Acknowledged Me? I think many people of any age can relate to this, just because it's human nature to like someone. Even an infatuation can spark joy in someone's life, even the admired. As long as no one crosses any boundaries, all is well.

If he/she acknowledged me, I'd be over the moon, a simple smile at me could give me this fuzzy feeling inside for days. If he/she knew my name, and called it out, it could even last for weeks. I'm not one to start a relationship anytime soon but having a person you admire can really bring inspiration and joy to one's life, don't you think?

The moment he/she talks to you...

The moment he/she talks to you...

What If: I Got Everything I Wanted?

What if I got everything I wanted? Getting everything I want is quite a challenging one. On one hand I'd be able to get everything I've ever wanted; On the other, I might have people all around me asking for favors. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to help others, but at what expense? My freedom and safety?

Let's be honest, people are going to come for afar just to see me. I might even get the Title of God at one point. Humans are scary beings. We think, while also not thinking. We only think for ourselves, because its our nature. Getting everything I want is going to backfire one day or another, probably in the worst of circumstances.

This isn't all of it but I decided to stop here just to test the response, like the pilot episode of a series. As my first article, it took quite a while to gather my ides and write something I'm interested in. I hope you liked it and I look forward to writing better articles in the future.

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