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Our Molasses Were More Than Just a Breakfast Food

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.

Writer's note: inside this hub, I used a couple of pictures to help dress-up my hub about molasses. In one photo shows a certain brand name, but I am NOT promoting the brand that I suggest that you buy or sell. This is strictly for appearance. Thanks, Kenneth.

Molasses goes well with hot biscuits on a winter's morning.

Molasses goes well with hot biscuits on a winter's morning.

At The Time, I Was Seven

and if you have been this strange age, well then, you didn't know all that much. Things like dressing, brushing your teeth, and eating those green vegetables had to be taught before you did them solo. But there was that one entity, that one, ugly-looking mass of brown liquid held inside this awkward-looking fruit jar that was always a source of curiosity, our little jar of sorghum molasses.

Actually, at my current age, I still cannot truly-explain the magnetism and compelling power that our sorghum molasses held by myself, because there is such a thing as being "without words." This describes me very well. Like I have told you in previous hubs, describing a very special girl, flower, song and yes . . .sorghum molasses, go "without words" in just how delicious they were. I suppose that they are now, but I am speaking strictly as a seven-year-old.

The last sorghum molasses I enjoyed was with my wife, Pam, who had went to our post office to get our mail, and our oldest grand daughter, Alexis, was with her and she, (Alexis) brought back one of those big, U.S. Postal Mailing boxes with something inside that was very big. It even rattled. The first thing to enter my mind was an "explosive," but knowing how closely that our U.S. Postal Service work so well by inspecting such materials that can be dangerous, I did feel relieved, but with that same moment, I still wondering what was inside.

The Person Who Sent Me The Molasses

was a new friend of mine who went by his name, Dirt Farmer, whom I met via our correspondence on HubPages. This new friend was truly an excellent writer and able to make mental images become reality. I envy folks who can do this. But I had been sent a big jar of home-made sorghum molasses and I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into a big cathead biscuit draped with these sweet creations God so lovingly-made, that I was beside myself.

I need to offer my new friend, Dirt Farmer, my sincere apologies because I had told him on the comment box how I would send him something, but thanks to some personal health setbacks, I have yet to fulfill that promise, but with God's help, I shall do this in a few weeks. No. I do not want to tell him what I'm sending because I want it to be a surprise.

My wife even exclaimed that she had saw me be happy with good food to eat, but not with molasses. It was a brand-new exhilarating moment in my life. Note: I do not respond with "all" good food when served me. Just most. (K.A.).

Then I began insisting that she cook-up one of her great-tasting cathead biscuits. I know that most of you know what I'm talking about. But for those who are in the dark, a cathead biscuit is so thick that it can easily be compared to a big slice of cake, but taste a lot better. And paired with sorghum molasses, this is a delicious treat made in Heaven. I am not lying.

A syrup mill prepares the sugar cane to heat enough to get the sugar out of it.

A syrup mill prepares the sugar cane to heat enough to get the sugar out of it.

Do You Know How Molasses Are Made?

well, did you most that not everyone knows how these more-than-tasty things can be. But thanks to some research, and some background knowledge about my late father-in-law and how he always helped his friends at their syrup mill to give those tasty molasses to their customers. Maybe 'give' was the wrong word.

The process begins with sugar cane that you haul to the syrup mill then break the sugar cane stalks into working sizes then feed them through a grinder that also squeezes the stalks into a syrupy liquid that is transferred down the line to a series of cooking vats. These vats can really heat the sugar cane liquid and with constant stirring, you have this sugary-sweet nectar and when the process cools down, you have the best-tasting food condiment this side of Heaven.

Is this work hard? Not as much hard, but you have to really keep a good watch on the sugar cane and liquid to not let it spill from the heating vats because even the most-professional syrup mill worker gets some of this sticky solution onto your pants. I know. I watched my father-in-law walk to our car when he was finished with his sorghum molasses work and he could barely walk thanks to the sugary liquid drying into the fabric of his pants and took on a heavy amount of starch. No harm was done.

A commercial-based molasses.

A commercial-based molasses.

I Don't Know if There

be anyone who doesn't like sorghum molasses. This tasty food item goes great with pancakes. It's a bit thicker than the usual pancake syrup and it soaks faster into each pancake causing the great taste to last seemingly forever.

Then, along with sorghum molasses, you have another molasses-based food called black strap molasses. They are equally-delicious. And a bit stronger because there are people who allow the sugar cane liquid to cook longer into the vats and the end result is a stronger molasses, but still, a remarkable breakfast food or any food that you like with molasses.

Cooks both in the south and other regions of the union also use molasses to cook cakes, cookies, and other desserts. So now we can correctly identify sorghum molasses as being the Universal Sweet Product that always taste delicious.

Sure wish that I had a jar of those sweet things right now.

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