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Opinion: 5 Reasons Why We Set Goals in Life Before Dieing

This article was written out of pure and true inspiration. I hope it will enlighten you.

Opinion: 5 Reasons Why We Set Goals in Life Before Dieing

We all as humans have different lifestyles on Earth. But have you ever reasoned why people set goals in life? Does it really matter? Don't we consider the fact that death is the end of life on Earth? Well, if such questions are popping up on your mind, then be sure that the answers are right here in this article. Below are 5 reasons why we set goals to achieve before dieing.

For self development

This has to do with bringing out the best in you. Doing that requires working on yourself. But wait, what do you gain after all the work? And that's when "setting of goals" comes into play. It pushes you to work hard so as to make your life better day by day.

To boost concentration

Concentration is what helps you to put all forms of seriousness in whatever task being done. But, it is like a workout "the more you train, the stronger you get" and it only happens when you have fixed goals in life.

To be fulfilled

The only way to be fulfilled in this life on Earth is by fixing goals in one's life. For example without goals, it will be impossible for your business structure to make profits. Note that "failure precedes aimlessness."

To avoid thinking of death

Infact, we humans spend most of our time thinking of so many things like what will happen in the future and sometimes when we shall die. Hence, setting goals in your life keeps you focused on work towards them keeping death at the back of your mind.

To be motivated

Motivation is the only reason why you could fall but rise up again. In life, you surely will experience bad times but having set goals is what gives you the courage to fight tough moments without relenting, despite the challenges faced.

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