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One Person Can Make A Difference Be Brave Be That Person

A Lighthouse Beaming Its Hope for a Brighter Future!


Look at our wonderful world.The people around us. Let's give it all the love we have!

Anything is Possible. When We Give It All the Love We Have!

The world is saved by heroes like us!

I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do. And by the grace of God, I will. (Edward Everett Hale)

We are brave enough to make a difference!

This world we all live in is oh! so phenomenal. Life in all its diversity is so stupendous. Our world is calling for our help. What humankind is doing to our home is breaking my heart.

Mankind is also a part of nature! We are destroying our own home!

Every time I switch on the T.V., I am bombarded with images of either extreme human poverty or the plight of endangered species.

T.V. has flooded our minds with ever more alarming news. Records scaring us with statistics as 2010–2019 was the warmest decade ever recorded. Believe me, living on a rural property in the northwest of Moree in drought years. I know this to be true. I experienced it for myself. Scary as hell!!!

Farmers living through so many, many years without rain. Brown instead of green in all their pastures. Not easy on the eye or the wallet.

I want to live in a rural district where hard-working farmers can earn a living from their properties. I am going to make a difference! I, in my small way. I lived on a very large property for well over 14 years. I know first-hand the battle farming families go through in drought years.

Charities such as the Red Cross and the C.W.A. were inundated with cries for help. I know, I was a member of the Collarenabri branches of these vital organizations.

Many, many farms sold for next to nothing. Farmers were brought to tears. Having to sell their farms. Crops, cattle and sheep dying — just no rain — just no water! Farms have been in their families for many generations. Sold! Sold many times to overseas buyers, for so much less than they were worth. Their debts are not even covered.

“For me personally, I’m an activist, so I see a lot of turmoil and heartache in the world and tragedy.” (Nazanin Boniadi)

The heartache. Oh! The heartache. Youth suicide in rural and regional areas became oh! so common a topic on local news. Such a tragedy. Young lives are lost in their prime. Parents grieving. I cannot even contemplate their grief — their loss.

Yes, we will make a difference. Our ripples will float across the oceans. We will make a dent in Fixing Climate Change — We must!!!

These farmers don’t speak of it as Climate Change. They just gaze up at the sky each morning. Hoping, begging, seeking. Praying for rain. They, of course, have suffered drought before. But nothing like this one. Not for oh! so many continuous years.

Yes, eventually the rains did come. Those who had lost their farms could not return.

Does your heart break for those who lost everything? Mine does! We have to act! I know I am going to make my ripples count!

The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. (Steve Jobs)

As one person I must try to make a dent in fixing Climate.

Yes, indeed believe me I am crazy enough to tackle Goliath and ‘Fix the Climate’.

When you turn on the local news night after night and witness horrific scenes of cattle that are either dead or dying. Your heartbreaks. Mine does! Your mind screams out, what can I do? How can I help? Help I must. I did in my small way back then. The crisis-the drought — thank God — has ended.

Yet, the world is still calling for our help. Saving lives, those of people, livestock and wildlife all around the globe. Calling for us to save them and save them Now!

Have you already powered your home with renewable energy?

  • Solar Power — use the sun to generate electricity;
  • Solar Heating —use solar energy to provide hot water and heating;
  • Air Source Heat Pumps — use a renewable energy system that uses heat from the outside.

Are you ready for some good news?

Solar panels on our roofs not only decrease carbon emissions. It also decreases the cost of our electricity bills. This has to be a win/win solution, yes?

And, when I can afford it, my next car is going to be a Hybrid. One which uses electricity as well as petrol. I have been assured this too reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

I am trying. My electricity provider assures me their company is using initiatives to reduce electricity production away from fossil fuels. Again reducing the production of carbon dioxide and its release into our atmosphere.

What we do makes a difference. It also makes us feel good inside. Our world needs heroes like us.

An elephant in Africa needs her daily mud bath, yes? The coral on our Great Barrier Reef needs saving, yes? The rainforests along the Amazon River and all its diverse life needs rescuing, yes? The arctic and antarctic ice is melting. The Polar Bears are starving. Can we stop this? Oh! yes, we can. The world. Our Home needs heroes like us!

(There is no greater reward than working from your heart, and making a difference in the world." (Carlos Santana)

Congratulations! You have decided to be the One who Makes a Difference! To make a difference in this beautiful and amazing world. All it needs is an optimistic person like you to gather friends, family and acquaintances. After all, every one of us wants to live in a better world. A world is rich in life and diversity for ourselves and future generations.

Have you ever thought reducing the amount of water you use is yet another way of reducing carbon pollution?

How’s that you may ask! A great deal of energy is needed to pump, heat and treat the water in our homes. Never thought of this, did we?

There are several simple measures to reduce water usage:

  • Take shorter showers;
  • Take showers instead of baths;
  • Turn off the tap when brushing our teeth and
  • Switch to ‘Water-Sense’ labelled fixtures and appliances.

These simple measures could save millions of kilowatt-hours of electricity. This again reduces the production of greenhouse gas emissions.

We have decided we are brave enough. Or is it, we are crazy enough to believe? One Person Can Make A Difference! You and I care enough to be this person. You and I have decided what it is we are passionate enough about to fight for. To face our target. In our small way to fix such a gigantic problem.

Now is the time to congratulate ourselves just a little. We are fighting on behalf of our beautiful and amazing world. We will enlist, gently and kindly, of course, the help of others.

Our ripples will turn into massive waves!

Our small voices will be heard!

One person added to many more one persons will save our world!


This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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