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Oh, Happy Day, a Day at the Beach; Just What the Doctor Ordered

Politics aside, there is much more to me. I am passionate about many things and those are the things which sustain me.

West coast sunset

West coast sunset

Let's go to the Beach

Did you know....

in the State of Florida, you are never any further than 60 miles from the ocean?

As the seagull flies, I am much, much closer than that.

The perfect distance for a weekend getaway or a day trip.

Oftentimes, a minimum of a morning, an afternoon or an evening trip, will suffice.

The best time is whenever I feel the need to escape and I will admit, the older I get, the more often I am feeling and filling that need.


I don't think so.

I do not look at it that way.

I like to think of myself as...perfectly and strategically placed, so full advantage may be taken...and I do!

When these eyes of mine aren't focusing as sharply as they should be, due to pressure brought on by many various things...

When these ears of mine are aching, having heard much too much negativity, hate-filled bias and ignorance...

When this mind of mine is no longer tuning in and clarity is sought, but hard to find, due to political static, interference, too much ugliness overload, whatever the case or cause may be...

When distractions seem to be getting the better of me, encircling me and bogging me down...

At the sea, at the sea, at the beautiful sea

I check out!

I seek solace and for me, it is found, at the sea!

At the sea, at the sea, at the beautiful sea!

When weary begins to settle into my bones, weighing me down.

When so much more than my normal routine is called for, my body begins to call out (sometimes it cries out and sometimes, it screams) for a soft sugary white shore.

It will be provided within the time of a very short drive, where my preferred method of pampering awaits.

The simple action of bare feet meeting sand; toes digging in and getting reacquainted once more, is when, where and how the healing process begins.

The sound of the surf gently touching the shore, the wind meeting the waves, creating a symphony of soothing sounds, causing my cluttered mind and strained eyes to close and rest, so that I may refresh and renew.....

The sun on my face on a sunny and 82 day is the remedy my body has so desperately been craving and is the perfect prescription to get me back up to speed.

My cruising speed.

Sanctuary is found, when a refreshing ocean spray, ever so gently, sweeps over me, leaving behind a barely there soft mist, not enough to startle or take my breath away, but just enough to awaken my spirit and tantalize my every sense... I become a better version of ME!

Therapy without walls.

Clarity cancelling out the clutter.

A break out from the fog...

my happy place.

It is where I feel closer to God!

Right where I need to be, when I need to be.


Come...I'll take you there

Bring it on!

So, you probably guessed what I did today!

I did not simply dream about getting away, I got away.

I sought solace and it was the beach!


I am now recharged and ready.

Bring it on, I can handle all of the negativity and all of the ugliness, which may seek me out and come my way.

More importantly, I am in a much better position to focus on the positives, better equipped to see the silver linings, though pencil thin those linings may be at times, much simpler to spot, via a fine tuned change in my attitude.

Another beautiful day in the Florida Keys

Another beautiful day in the Florida Keys

Where is your happy place?

Not only is it very draining, as we get caught up in this modern day, fast-paced, in our face news on steroids, constant stimulation, it can be very damaging to our psyche, as well.

Especially for those of us that haven't always lived at such a fast pace.

But, whatever your age, your job, your current situation, we all need to take the time we need, from time to time!

Whether it is taking a therapeutic timeout up on the roof of a city apartment building to gaze upon the sky.

Enjoying the precious gift of a warming fire, as a cold wind blows and the snow continues to fall, for what seems to be an eternity.

Whether it is taking our book and relocating to a totally new place, for a totally new experience or heading down the road to a lake, a park or the beach.

Whatever gets us out of the doldrums and into the presence of, in tune with, Mother Nature.

When our head starts spinning and even little things begin to set us off

When we've failed to consider our many blessings, because we've been so consumed by the actions of the many that we've allowed to get under our skin and on our last nerve. (I can hear ya'll now...."um hum", "that's right", "amen")

When we no longer take the time or care to - stop and smell the roses.

It is past time!

What did you do today?

Where is your happy place?

Haven't found it yet...well, isn't it about time?

East coast sunrise

East coast sunrise

© 2018 A B Williams

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