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Of All the Choices, I Choose You

Stories are meant to be told & it is my mission to preach the most inspiring stories that will touch your heart.

Love is skin deep. It’s more than what we see on the surface, but what lies underneath. It’s not how radiant his skin is, or how fit his body is, not even how alluring his face is. Sure, appearance plays a huge role in relationships because it’s the bridge towards attraction but physical attributes fades in time and will serve no greater purpose for those who seek long lasting partnerships.

Matured love focuses on growth, compassion, communication, and holistic well-being. This type of love focuses on the innate characteristics of a person; his behaviors makes him the most radiant, his personality makes him the sexiest, and his wisdom makes him the most charming. The reason why love is more than what meets the eye.

We all have played the fool once or twice, I had my share on bad decisions, impulsive actions, and immature love affairs in the past that gave me valuable lessons, hilarious memories, and terrific experiences. As I explore on life, I realize that my victimization state of mind brought me to grotesque relationships but nonetheless the root of my redemption.

I will not touch on my past relationships as this article does not focus on recalling mistakes but on my newly found hope, home, and love. I am writing this for people who are fearful in love, lost in love, or already in love. Wishing to touch your hearts a little.

Chapter One: How Me Meet

It’s ridiculous to feel so much admiration for someone you haven’t meet in the three dimensional world yet, but could feel them almost impossibly real in the five dimensional state. This is exactly how I feel about you.

Each time I close my eyes, I can see a vivid image of you smiling at me and I feel super relieved. It’s amazing how soothing your energy feels despite the constant tension of being physically apart.

We are tested now more than ever, though social media brings us together whilst seamlessly pulls us apart with overwhelming temptation; instantaneously available within a click. Nevertheless, social media brought me to you and I truly believe that we are stronger than any devious temptation.

Once upon a time I was this lost soul scrolling through my Facebook page until you bumped into my digital world and became the light of hope, the comfort of home, and the tenderness of love.

Chapter Two: Why I Choose You

  • It’s not your face but the sincerity of your soul and the honesty of your eyes. It’s undeniable, you’re charming in all ways without even trying. In a sea of people, your beauty stands out and I’m not saying it because I adore you, I’m saying it because it’s true. I like to keep an honest opinion and an honest relationship. I know we’re both good at it. While it’s true that there are countless faces designed close to perfection, definitely physically more attractive than us, none of them could stand up next to us. For us is a strong force of unity, coordination, and benevolence. I love being generous with you, creating wonderful things with you, loosing myself towards you. Our transparency illuminates our love.
  • It’s not your body but the discipline and dedication. Truth be told, your not just fit, your extraordinarily hot and any woman would fall for you. But a heart like mine adores more than your abs, I am impressed with the hard process, the long hours of consistent hard work, and the brutality of the process.
  • It’s not your voice but the sound of it. I can’t find an adjective to describe how the vibration if your voice affects me but I can tell you it leaves me shivering to the bones. You sound like home.
  • It’s not your wealth but the brilliance of your mind. Knowing where you came from and seeing you prosper now elevates you among others. I’ve seen scarcity and it’s a challenging place to be yet you pull yourself together, pack extra courage with you along with your dauntless intellect then face each demon on your way to success. It’s a priceless quality; you’re priceless.

Chapter Three: Our Hurdles

  1. Distance. If there’s anything I can learn from this, it’s faith. After all, faith not tested can’t be trusted.
  2. Age. The heart defies the human norm. It accepts all despite of; it sees all as equal.
  3. Race. It teaches me to understand you better and feed my curiosity.
  4. Culture. This validates the assumption that diversity is beauty.
  5. Religion. Liberates the mind to see other perspectives.
  6. Status. Modesty will always drag our feet back to the ground no matter how high we think we are.
  7. Language. Souls communicates in a language unknown to us, but deeply touches us. This barrier is no barrier. At the end of the day, we’ll both learn each other’s language while our hearts sing continuously for each other.
  8. Temptation. The devil will always be amongst us and so is the angel. Our angels will protect us from those who has wicked intentions. I believe we are better than one night stands.

Chapter Four: Our Upper Hand

  1. Discipline. Ability to sacrifice short-term gratification for the greater price.
  2. Balance. Our values keeps the equilibrium for us, maintaining faith and courage.
  3. Optimism. Ability to magnify success in all aspects of life by focusing on the positive side of our story.
  4. Honesty. Being straightforward with our emotions without sugarcoating.
  5. Loyalty. Faithfulness at it’s best, temptation is not a thing to worry about.
  6. Maturity. The matured heart always seeks for higher values of humanity, hungry for unity.
  7. Comprehension. Sharing the umbrella of understanding whenever it starts to rain.
  8. Bravery. Fighting our adversaries despite of our circumstances.

Chapter Five: At The Bottom Of This

Certainly, there are skeptics in this world who would disagree to our hope but they are not important. What’s essential is our continuous trust. I know soon enough we will be together in real life not just exchanging messages in a mobile application. In addition, will be celebrating diversity together, sharing our smiles to the world as we grow beautifully in each other’s arms. Moreover, will be giving hope to hearts who are lonesome, desperate, solitary or will add joy to those who are already happy.

For my folks who are fearful in love, don’t be. Just stay true to yourself and eventually the right person will be automatically attracted to you and will give you chills like you never felt before.

For others who are lost in love, if you feel like it’s time to let go, just let go. Be with yourself first, understand your feelings, and explore your emotions. Once you are ready, open your heart and become available. If you are aware of yourself, you’ll become more attractive and will have a better chance at love.

For those who are already in love, I wish you all the best. I hope that honesty and communication will be the foundation of your love so it will last for a lifetime and will pass on to your children and your children’s children.

Last Chapter: Taking Everything Into Account

Love is skin deep for it nourishes the soul and serves as the food of our hearts.

If you haven’t found your significant other yet, just steady your faith. Always act based on your morals and values so that you’ll attract the best partner that will help you grow and expand.

Maturity hits us in different timelines but I pray that it hits you sooner. By becoming an attractive person, you’ll attract successful relationships, so be aware of your actions, words, and thoughts.

I hope by writing this you’ll have even more faith and will not be discouraged by people’s opinion, negative comments, and other factors that disagrees with your belief system.

I know you can do it. Remember, we are better than what meets the eye.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Shing Araya

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