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Not Caring and Feeling so Damn Good!


Val is an out-of-the-box writer often questioning the validity of many popular tenets of cultural paradigm..


My Definition of "Caring" Used Here

What would be left of the purpose of life if we stopped caring?

How about love, fun, humor, friendship, exploring with a creative curiosity, hobbies, music, books, non-religious spirituality, and yes -- sex, for all those who can still remember what it used to mean.

Would it be too much of a hustle? Too much of nervous expenditure? Too "selfish and unpatriotic"?

Well, how many would try it if they only knew how to unglue themselves from their emotional addiction of caring so much. Another problem may be that not so many not caring people are available around to be joined, and that could turn into a lonely path of pursuing a purpose of living.

But then we would have to pick a more pleasurable of the two choices, and talking about myself -- I "took the road less travelled", as the poet formed it.

As for the other alternative, it's so much easier to stay in the company of those chronical caring folks who can't derive any pleasure out of living their own life, so they are trying so hard to live the life of the whole nation.

They are followers of a trend, a political ideology, a religion, a social movement, a diet, -- anything where one thinks and hundreds of others just copy, so they don't have to make an effort to use their own brain.

Initially, I was going to rephrase the title of this post into "Not Giving a Rat's Ass", or something even more daring, but then I changed my mind, hoping that with this mild version I might even get a religionist, or a hard core moralist or two, to read it.

Now, it's about time I make myself more clear about what I mean by "not caring", because so many could give it a wrong assessment. (By the way, I like this word "assessment", because it contains "ass" which is one of my stronger literary expressions often used).

Where was I? Yeah, not caring really means not fussing over others' mistakes -- and if it means anything else to you, try to get used to my interpretation while reading the rest of this fine piece of short literature.


A Matter of Perception

You see, when I make a stupid mistake -- and I am just enough of a human to have my own "moments" -- it's the only time when I care, because the situation, whatever it may be, calls for my own correction, and in matters where I have some control.

But, how am I supposed to fix that continuum of the world's idiocies to which I never contributed in any conceivable way, and where I just cannot do enough caring to fix them?

And how is that supposed to be my business anyway, since people everywhere are acting as if they are "smart enough", without my sticking my nose into their affairs. "Freedom" is the word that comes to mind, and it's being used a lot to ward off anybody's unsolicited caring.

Meaning that people insist on their ways of reasoning, and so, for the longest time, I am left with this simple choice -- not to care.

Everything in life is a matter of how we calibrate our perception, and while saying this, I am not putting myself in the role of that TV kung-fu character Caine who might add to it: "Pay attention, grasshopper, for you might learn something here".

No, not me, remember -- I don't care, but I am having fun showing off my not caring, and that's why I will say it again, in case if I didn't succeed the first time to make an impression.

"Everything in life depends on how we calibrate our perception". As for mine, I am perceiving all those highly popular ways of caring as hilarious, since they are not producing any tangible changes at all.

Like, I am having enormous fun watching those career-oriented political clowns kicking the shit back and forth, with some millions in their audience cheering and bitching.

It reminds me of those soccer games -- which is the only sport I watch -- the World Cup or Euro Cup, as they alternate every two years. There you can see two teams of young, slim dudes with mismatching strong legs, running after the ball -- which so often makes a fool of them -- and with so little of a final score to show for all that running around.

And thousands are wildly and uncontrollably cheering, cursing -- well, they paid an admission ticket for that emotional outlet, like we pay our taxes for that privilege to call our politicians names which we can't call our controlling spouses, kids, bosses, coworkers, noisy neighbors, or anyone else who is getting on our nerves.

Before I forget to mention -- while watching either those soccer games or politicians, I don't really care who wins, as neither are to be taken seriously. It's the process that's fun, not the end results.

And that's what I meant by calibrating our perception. Looking at the same thing, one of us may go nuts over what they see -- while another finds a relaxing fun in it.


Is Politics Really Worth Caring?

Makes me wonder, what would all those masses of people care about if there was no politics. Let's say, in some hypothetical, almost impossible scenario, if the people collectively entrust their Supreme court do the hiring of the top government officials, and also fire them when they are not working in accordance with the Constitution.

If your imagination is contributing a little to this scenario, you must see how I am talking about a "job of a servant to the people", not someone sitting on a throne, and being untouchable by the Constitution.

In other words, no such a thing as the "most powerful man on earth", or any other ridiculous titles -- since there are enough nukes distributed on this planet not to make anybody "superior". Simply because no one could use more than just a couple before everyone else would gang up and hit them from all sides to save this planet from a massive radiation.

There would be no "voting" charade done by ordinary crowd -- just like a bunch of janitors don't decide who is to become a CEO of a corporation. So, no parties, no arguing camps, nothing to rant about, with the media now requalified to report only some positive stuff that's empowering the people, instead of killing their spirit in installments.

Well, my radical humor is not really as crazy as it may seem.

Namely, during my first 23 years of life spent under a socialist/communist regime, I saw the government do whatever they pleased -- and no one was to ever object. Then I have spent half a century in this "free" democratic arrangement, and I see the same crap of government doing whatever they please -- with the only difference that here you are allowed to bitch all you want, to no avail.

So, why bother caring?

In communism there is no election, so you a kinda get used to the same clown and ignore him after a while. Here, in democracy, it's not more than a national pastime every four years to allow ourselves an illusion of participating in government by voting for this or that careerist, who only has the elite's interests in mind -- no matter who gets elected.

It might as well be something in the same rank as Halloween, with lots of masks and pretense.

Is that worth caring?

The political circus never changes its repertoire, and maybe if they brought in some monkeys and elephants, politics might be more fun -- since they are not succeeding to monkey around enough to entertain us for all that tax money that we pay for the admission fee.

So, other than politics, what else is left not to care about? Our mortality is an imminent fact of life, and actually, the less we care, our chances get bigger to postpone that funeral in which we'll play the main role.

Other than that, an enormous amount of those things we care about could be prevented, tons of nerves saved, practically the whole cultural paradigm could take a new course -- just by this collective realization that caring never produces anything.


Love and Care Don't Mix

It may be extremely hard for some to comprehend that, with my attitude of not caring, I love the people so much more than all those who care a lot.

We are talking here about nothing but our capacity for loving, which is not very pronounced in people who are just in a constant need to "receive" it, while not realizing that love is much more about "giving".

So they are hoping that others will "make them happier", and political outcomes will "make them more satisfied", and that they will "get" a lot of praises, approvals -- while they may reciprocate only to pay the price of it, not really emotionally equipped to wholeheartedly give of themselves.

This materialistically oriented culture is all about "possessing", about "getting", about "winning", and that pretty much stretches over all aspects of life. So, their capacity for loving is mostly about what they may "gain" from a relationship.

What others get from them emotionally is whatever is left over after all confusion, anger, disillusionment, envy, and other alike emotions have been fed enough from the limited available nervous energy.

When you are at peace, you have something to give of yourself, not playing an emotional beggar. Your very presence, its vibes puts others at ease, makes them to retract their claws while feeling secure in your company, as you respect them for who they are, not for what you expect them to be.

In my philosophy of life, this human race of ours is not meant to ever become "perfect" -- it's this very diversity, symbolized by our fingerprints and DNA, which provides the creative tension for consciousness evolution. Thus, we need all geniuses and idiots, and then it's up to our own personality signature where we see ourselves in that spectrum between those two extremes.

So, this world is just a wonderful place to live exactly as it is -- and again, it's really all about how we calibrate our perception, what we choose to see there.

Not caring simply means that we are not obsessing about the proverbial glass half empty -- since that glass half full is equally realistic to be seen as significant. Or, walking on the sunny side of the street is not a path of a dreamer, because it's just as real as that shady side.

Well, I hope I have presented my point well enough to avoid criticism from those who have "subscribed" for crappy news, which gives them an excuse to vent their self-perpetuating misery which is both its cause and its effect.

Not caring gives my personal mental discipline and stress management their base, allowing those happy emotions to bloom and branch out over every aspect of my life.

Could you consider it as doable?

Thank you for reading.

© 2021 Val Karas


Val Karas (author) from Canada on June 12, 2021:

John -- That makes two of us (so far). Cheers.

John Hansen from Queensland Australia on June 12, 2021:

Hi Val, what can I say other than..”I don’t care.” Cheers.

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