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Found Treasures

Finding others foreclosed treasure reminds me of my families leaving behind cherished memories


The find!

One night at about ten pm I drove past a house where a family must have once inhabited. It was dark outside and the house was abandoned but a lamppost lit up the numerous bags and boxes of belongings strewn upon the curbside. Initially I was filled with excitement and exhiliration in coming upon these treasures as I love thrift store finds and second hand stores. I quickly phoned my frIend to come and sort through the discarded items with me and she stopped what she was doing and drove right over. It wasn’t until later on that I became sad imagining a family’s belongings being tossed to the curb probably due to foreclosure or eviction.

My friend met me and magic started to happen almost immediately as my friend was moving into a new residence and needed to decorate her apartment. Inside the first bag that we opened were kitchen supplies; a tea kettle and kitchen curtains along with utensils.

I said aloud that I’d love some craft supplies and my friend lifted a bag fulll of craft supplies! And these synchronicities kept on for about a half an hour and continued when we brought our treasures home.

We got home and looked through everything and we were ecstatic! In one bag we found Betty Boop figurines, which my fiend’s deceased mother had collected and we also found Elvis memorabilia that her mother also had a collection of.

Then I dumped out my craft bag. There were nazi coins which tumbled out and startled me as I’m a survivor of ancestors that perished in the Holocaust. There was a coin called a love token from 1858 that had my grandsons initials FC on it which I gifted my daughter.

The next morning I drove by where the boxes and bags were that we pillaged through the evening prior and every last one was gone, vanished as in a dream.

This experience eventually made me think about all of the people losing their homes and treasures all to be tossed into landfills. I lost my housing as a child and I often wondered what happened to our belongings and now I know. It’s really a sad epidemic, eviction; foreclosure and homelessness.

I like to believe that we re-homed the treasures we found that night in the dark and continued to love somebody’s abandoned belongings.


Francine Glasser (author) from Kingston, NY on February 15, 2019:

Thank you

Umesh Chandra Bhatt from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai, India on February 15, 2019:

A good idea. Something which is of no use to a person may be useful to another. Thanks for sharing.

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