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Neville Goddard: The Great Shift To A Parallel Reality

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Neville Goddard (1905 - 1972) was an American author, who was known for his great philosophies of The Bible, mysticism and self-help.


The Great Shift to a Parallel Reality

Neville Goddard was an author, born in St. Michael, Barbados in 1905. He immigrated to New York sometime in the 1920's where he worked as a ballet and ballroom dancer. Neville studied under an Ethiopian rabbi by the name of "Abdullah" who introduced him to Kabbalah. In the 1950s, Neville had began to lecture at The Town Hall on religious topics and offered his listeners a brand new perspective on The Bible and mysticism - known as The Law Of Attraction. What Neville Goddard, did in his lectures, was unearth a hidden gem that lied deep within the many scriptures of The Bible. He decoded the many parables by delving into the subconscious psyche by boldly stating that "God and the I of man are one." What does this all mean? Well, with the knowledge that has been gained from his many lectures (you can find some of his greatest works on Youtube) I will tell you . ..

Neville Goddard's perspective on th the Bible and the scriptures within was revealed to be that, he did not believe in a God that was external to us, but instead the God that we have all through many centuries pray to and believe in, actually resides WITHIN US. Isn't that something? By saying that "the God and the I of man are one" he is revealing the fact that we are all creators of our realities. Earthly beings experiencing this life 'in the flesh.' We have a sort of "superpower" that enables us to completely transform our lives and even our current circumstances, especially if they are presently undesirable, all by the rearranging of our current thoughts and beliefs. For example:

Neville once said in a lecture, that he longed to return to Barbados to visit his family. His then mentor Abdullah told Neville, as he expressed this desire - "Why do you say that you want to GO to Barbados? You are already IN Barbados!" Neville, at the time not being privy to this statement reasserted it, in which, he received once again the same response. "You are IN Barbados!" And with that, Abdullah slammed the door shut in Neville's face and left him to ponder exactly what his mentor could mean. Neville had absolutely no money, no way to purchase a ticket to even get to Barbados at the time, so how was it that he could possibly already be in Barbad(os?

Well eventually, I'm assuming through more consultation with his mentor Abdullah something wonderful had been revealed to Neville. And he then began to practice the are of visualization and seeing himself arriving in Barbados, with New York City miles away from him. He did this every night for about a month and then the unexpected occurred . . .

A month later, Neville had received an envelope from a relative of his that contained not only a purchased ticket for him to go to Barbados but also an extra amount of money that enabled him to buy a new set of clothing as he went along.. . Isn't that amazing? All it took was a persistence in a new idea and an unwavering faith that despite the current circumstances (he had absolutely NO money), you CAN get exactly what it is you desire as long as you BELIEVE. This has been taught many of times in the Bible, most notably in Matthew 17:20, where he says "If you have faith like a grain of a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain 'Move!' and it will move." Do you know that YOU have complete control over the ever day outcomes of your life? Could you bring yourself to believe that EVERYTHING that has transpired in your life, in some kind of form, was simply a MANIFESTATION of your own persisted assumptions and beliefs?

The core value that has to be taught firstly is SELF-LOVE. Why? A man or a woman could say a thousand times all of the things that they wish to have in their ideal partner .. but somehow always end up in a relationship with someone who may possess a few of those critical idealistic traits but then the relationship falters just as quickly as it began. You attract the people and the things into your life that you believe that you are meant to receive. If you stand at a mirror each day and constantly pick yourself apart - your body, your looks etc and you are consistently self-loathing then every event that transpires in your physical world echoes the feelings that you have lingered in all of this time. Self love or self concept is most important because in life, while every day isn't sunshine and roses, ultimately we were not meant to be in an eternal state of pain, misery and suffering. There are some people, who wallow in sadness and grief and look at life through murky lenses and go deeper into their negativity when their situations do not turn around or progress. We have people out there that take absolutely no kind of accountability for themselves, but instead point the finger at anyone that is in their path for their own failures. Given, there are some evil and wicked people that live amongst us. But at the end of the day WE are responsible for OUR OWN destiny and if we aspire to live a life filled with happiness, prosperity and peace we have to firstly emanate that from within by nurturing oneself and then we will be able to shift into that great parallel reality.

What is a Parallel Reality?

Putting this into visual, our lives are scripted just like a movie. Every second of every single day we have created every second and every moment of our days by the thought that constantly flow through our minds. Those thoughts, are known as affirmations, and are like the setting stage and script for the way things become for us. We, in the body are the executive producer and director of all of this and anyone who is currently in our lives from family members to friends, boyfriends, girlfriends etc are all actors playing the role that we have assumed to them. Since we now know that the way we look at ourselves will determine the events that transpire around us and the types of interactions that we have with people, we must also understand that anybody in our lives are only playing the versions that we subconsciously picked them to play. Let's say for example, you have a very estranged relationship with your parents. Whenever you talk to or visit with your mother and father, what thoughts and feelings conjure themselves to the surface as you are speaking to them? Are they negative? If so, take a moment to notice how after you think or feel those thoughts how quickly the interaction between you and your parents goes left. It could be an altercation whether verbal (and unfortunately to some physical) why? Because whether you know it or not, your subconscious mind stored previous memories of your parents inside itself like a memory chip in a camera. So being around or talking to your parents or to whomever, that "photo" or memory pops up into your mind and creates your interaction with them which in turn, sparks the response out of them. See how it works? CAUSE AND EFFECT.

If you want to have a better relationship with your parents, your friends or lover, you must assume or "select" the version of them that you would be more than happy to embrace. Ask yourself, how does it feel being able to enjoy the company of your parents? How does it make you feel having that much needed two hour conversation with your best friend where the two of you reunited and made amends and fixed whatever the issue might of been? How do you feel being surprised with roses, hugs, kisses, romance by your significant other? Take the time out to allow yourself to genuinely FEEL those loving emotions and embrace them. You can write it out .. write a new "script" with this person. Believe that that person can change and that the two of you can have the relationship or the interactions that you truly want with them and know that it is happening for you. There are countless stories out there pertaining to the Law of Attraction and it's many wonders and 'supernatural' happenings.

There are so many different versions of ourselves walking through different realities. Whatever you give the most focus to in your present moment is what you walk into in your "new" reality. You either choose to continue being miserable and unhappy and keep repeating these feelings and experiences time and time again or you begin to rearrange your focus to how you would like your life to be if you were to wake up the next day and have all of the things that you have desired to have. And that is where your world transforms. There is a version of us, for those who dreamed of winning the lottery, where you have won the lottery and you're living in the house of your dreams in an ideal location and you have gotten all of the things that you had planned to get once you received that nice sum of money. There is a version of you that has already went to school, gotten your degree and became a doctor, lawyer etc. But you MUST change your thoughts in order to experience these new, great times in your life!

I started my spiritual journey back in 2019 and after a long time abusive family dynamic exploded to its worst possible form .. I took myself along with my children, packed the necessities and left. I had endured a lot of abuse in my childhood from family members and it seemed that over the years it just constantly escalated. I had the mentality of being stuck, helpless, hopeless etc and I didn't view myself in the most positive light. I struggled with my weight, my overall physical looks, I was a bookworm who adopted music as my way to cope with the pain that I had gone through at home. I stayed to myself but I also acted out a lot and got into some trouble in school for my temper, but it was a hurt little girl crying out for help then. When that family situation dismantled itself as it did, I didn't know what was going to happen and where me and my children would go, I just knew that I had gotten so tired of the way things were, I had began to awaken to the reality of the situation and I was ready and eager to transform. I had an understanding that there was no way that I would grow positively and do what I needed to do for my children, when I remained in a house full of negative minded, dysfunctional and abusive family members. Me and my children left, stayed at a domestic violence shelter for a little while and once we got there that was where I really began to unravel myself and do alot of healing. It was much needed. .

Fast forward to 2020, me and my kids moved into a new home and not even a few weeks later the covid pandemic hit and everything was shut down. The time me and the kids spent in the house was also the time I began to take to reconnect with myself in a major way and that was where I discovered Neville Goddard and his teachings. I actually had started getting into what I call Law of ASSUMPTION by watching a youtuber by the name of Sammy Ingram, who had implemented a lot of Neville's teachings into her coaching and that was where the door opened with Neville for me. Ever since then, I have gravitated towards the spiritual realm and have come to a much stronger understanding and realization of just how much power the human mind holds. Looking back at my own situations, I have recognized how I manifested these things into my life. Ever since I began to apply these newfound teachings to my life, things have definitely become so calm and peaceful for me and my children in our household and in general.

If I could take what I have learned and be able to share it with those out there who may be struggling to find calmer waters and move into a new chapter in their lives then I would definitely suggest Neville to anyone. Let him be the base for your understanding and allow the rest to fall into place for you. We really do speak life and death over ourselves by the things that we think and also say. Make better choices every day for yourself, love yourself genuinely, wholeheartedly and embrace the person that you are. Believe that you are worthy to receive wonderful things and that you deserve absolute happiness and peace!

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