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Naughty Girls Need Love Too


Dancers,Strippers,Cam Models,Phone Sex Operators

A lot of people look at adult entertainers as people with no feelings. And it’s so sad to say adult entertainers have the worst luck at love. They are amazing some of the kindest people you’ll ever meet. But with all the glamour and lights a lot of people think that they have so many boyfriends or sugar daddies. And a lot of them don’t they’re single, they’re working ,they’re going to school there alone.

I titled this naughty girls because a lot of people look down adult entertainers. When in actuality if you get to know some of them they are the best, kind hearted, caring people you’ll ever meet. They are free hearted, giving, I’ve met entertainers male and female. That will Literally stepped out of their shoes for someone in need.

In the end it’s really hard for entertainers to find someone they can trust to love and to love them back. Most of the time they end up with insecure guys or an insecure female. And the relationship goes south. Usually the person they get involved with they want them to stop their life as an entertainer. They are constantly accused of cheating stepping out. The list goes on the things that adult entertainers have to endure trying to have a relationship.

And it’s not just the verbal with entertainers it can get physical with entertainers. Some people may be fascinated with their looks. And they’re not addressing why they are really with that person. And they get physical with them they may hit them hurt them they want to take away ,their looks, their identity what makes them singled out as an entertainer. The worse relationships entertainers could find or actually with people that aren’t in the industry. Because they don’t understand the industry. They don’t understand that this is a job entertainers come to work generate income and leave. Don’t get me wrong not all entertainers are perfect. Because there are some adult entertainers that are out there doing a little bit of everything. But there are really good entertainers that abide by the rules and conduct themselves accordingly to the rules of working as an adult entertainer.

There are a lot of mothers as entertainers that are single and at the point that they had to figure out a way to survive and take care of their children or a child. There are people pushing for goals wanting an education and they don’t have money or able to get funds. I can go on and on with different type of people in different reasons why people work as adult entertainers. A lot of people look down on adult entertainers. Are don’t think they are lovable and they don’t get the love they deserve from the opposite sex. Or the same sex whatever your gender preference is. You’re a stripper you’re nasty you’re a whore that is some thing that people throw out in the atmosphere.

When in actuality your a person you should be judge by your character. The person you are! I’ve heard so many people say strippers are not worthy of love. But they need love too! Real love because they can give love and they deserve a chance too. And this covers all adult entertainers. Web Cam models, Phone Sex Operators. This list goes on because everyone deserve too be love. So Yes naughty Girls need Love.


This is for that sweet shy girl that didn’t choose dancing as a way of life. But she was a Mother and her children were her life. Instead of watching them suffer she sacrifice herself and a little bit of her sanity. Just to make sure they could turn the lights on, take a bath, open the refrigerator to food, and have nice clothes.

She never did drugs, she never drinks, she never left with any of the clients that came in the club. And she did her job and went home to her children every night. She was brokenhearted , shy, and embarrassed of herself. Because of what she had to do to make money and that was working as an adult entertainer. People look down on entertainers But know this NOT all entertainers are hookers , whores, drug heads are alcoholics. That’s a lot of single mothers, college students, and people using this as a way to get ahead quick. And some get a head and get out fast. So instead of judging them get to know them some of them are better than people you meet in church sad to say. They will give you the shoes off their feet if they see you in need not hesitate to go in their pocket and give you all that they have. This is dedicated to you the sweet Christian girl that had to go rogue in order to feed and take care of her children. She made it and now she’s a business owner. building teacher and helper other with job training, and showing them how to survive. Sometimes your story can be a testimony for someone else..


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