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Natural Beauty and Its Beloved Resident

From a young age, I had a great relationship with nature and the green beauty of nature always attracted me. Mother Nature is our Lord.

Nature would find a permanent abode of intense love in her soul.


From a young age, I had a great relationship with nature and the green beauty of nature always attracted me. Every moment of my life, I would run to the forest for a problem and share the pain of my lonely mind with nature. I don't know if it would have solved the problem at all, but the coating of indescribable praise in the middle of the soul would have united all the mind and soul. Nature would find a permanent abode of intense love in her soul.

From the day of creation, nature and man complement each other. Just as nature without human beings turns into jungles, the world without ever green nature can never be habitable by human beings. Just a transformation of the silent deadly Desert.

Sometimes, it is difficult to get out of a big confusion with a lot of effort. But I have a long discussion about it alone with myself. Sometimes I find a small solution and move on like before. We are fascinated by the beauty of nature and we spoil that nature for our own self-satisfaction or self-interest.

But still our needs are not met and nature does not end at all. Isn't that surprising? It is no wonder that the natural law of nature sometimes overwhelms one another and then destroys the other in an attempt to save itself. The law of creation does not change in the slightest, as the law continues. This is another nature of beauty.


Nature does justice to its superiority.

Between the destruction of nature and creation, man completes his journey in a role of mediator. During this journey sometimes maybe the speed stops but the speed is never lost. That is why the best creation of God is called man. When God created man, the greatest resource he gave to man was the feeling of man. People can judge what is good and what is bad and they can understand what is right and what is not.

So, all the games of nature are insignificant to man. People use nature as their own comfort. Nature and its best creations never skimp on survival. There is only one common rule for all ”Survival of the fittest” Nature does justice to its superiority.

In the Cruel useless desert, where there is no shade, no water in the distance, you can see nature's vigilant guard fighting alone in a very happy mood. Just as nature wants to destroy with one hand and creation with the other hand of nature is the joy of creation. Even if they are part of nature, they are like opponents of each other.


Only when one has to feel, to love, can one find his exact true nature & its inner Value

The gentle breeze brings a cool feelings of joy in a hot summer in the minds of a tired man. On the other hand, strong storms rising from the sea devastates everything and left us in a destitute & helpless situation. It is very difficult to unravel the mysteries of nature. In the scorching heat when the traveler takes refuge in the cool shade of the trees. At that time I could not imagine the greatness of seeing the first rays of the sun in the fog-covered morning on a very cold winter night.

On a rainy afternoon, when the rainbow appears in the western sky covering the sun, we are fascinated by its seven colors. It is difficult to explain the effect of the rainbow on the child's mind. When thousands of birds flutter on their way to home, the beauty of the evening sky and falling afternoon is multiplied a thousand times. The evenings begins to flick and peep and the dark night rejoice over its turn after sunset. The world suddenly becomes silent and calm. All the animals on earth want to rest.

The realization of natural beauty and its natural feeling is a very subtle feeling hidden deep in the mind. Only when one has to feel, to love, can one find his exact true nature & its inner Value. If someone has to pursue the sense of beauty, the pursuit of the sense of beauty which if anyone does not realize it, one can never understand oneself or the nature. The pursuit of beauty reveals the nature of the human soul. His example is hidden in every corner of nature's creation. Facial or figurative external beauty can never be called beauty or its pursuit. The pursuit of beauty is hidden in the human mind, so one has to love nature and to realize who it is. There is no place for faith and disbelief, there remains only the value of love and the expression of perception .


Nature promotes oneness between man and God.

I think and strongly believe that the ideology that works in judging the philosophy of life is nature and its best creation man. All the great men of the world have repeatedly preached that ideal. The same simple formula works all the time in the case of life philosophy.

That is equality and justice. The simple mantra of life is to bind each other with love and affection. God's love is a beautiful example of this. Swami Vivekananda said, 'He who loves the man is serving God’.

That is, without loving God's creation man, God can never be loved & worshiped. In the same way, if nature is not cared, the real mystery of nature philosophy can never be invented.

The importance that Lord Jesus placed on his contemporaries was to bridge the gap between human beings and to establish equality among all. Rich and poor alike. The purpose was to spread the mantra of love. Nature promotes oneness between man and God.


May our every step be filled with love and may a new horizon begin between nature and man.

Mother Nature is our Lord. As nature loves us, prepares all the elements for our survival, develops our minds and covers us with its gentle softness. We have enough responsibility towards such nature. We have enough sense of responsibility towards nature, instead we can only repay its debt with love. Everything created by nature is for us. So our first and foremost duty is to preserve nature for our future generations. May our every step be filled with love and may a new horizon begin between nature and man.

The pollution of nature is pushing us towards destruction, so it is our most important duty to keep nature free from pollution. To keep water, air and noise free from pollution. To take tree planting program without destroying trees, to Clean our main sources of water & save water, to avoid air pollution. Utiliseation of natural resources is essential to continue our civilization but utilization of resources in limited manner should be ensured. If we love nature and by loving nature the beautiful world will become more and more beautiful for our future generations.

© 2021 Piklu Chanda

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