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My Reality Is Not What You See on Social Media!

This article is written by Anju Sharma, who is a literature student currently doing Advanced Digital Marketing.

We have a life with two stories-One story that we show to others in social media and another that we keep to ourselves only. I don’t know why we do that, but this is what we follow. Being social is a good opportunity to explore more, but what you explore in social media might be not true at all.

Let’s talk about the most important events that are conveyed by news channels, especially in social media- we follow that news, but unfortunately not everything that is being conveyed is true.

Or let’s talk about any person in social media- we accept everything they share or might try to copy them, but unfortunately the person whom you see in social media may not be same as in real life. Here, I am talking about myself too.

I am present in most social media- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp.. You will find me almost everywhere in social media, but the thing is, how I decide to show up in social media is totally different than how I show up in real life. This is the reality, you have to learn to see the both sides of a person. I have been taught that people have two sides- the lighter and the darker, But how I experienced it, is totally different- different than i ever imagined. Social media has totally changed everything - Tagging defines friendship, a cool status defines a cool life, a perfect picture defines a perfect life, and this goes on and on.. With the booming of social media, we have started to live a disguised life.

Do you want an example why am i saying this all? I am the example. Yes!
I am writing this all about social media and at the same time I am enjoying my other side too in social media- posting pictures, writing captions that are not really true but that is not what I am in real.

I am active in facebook and Instagram more likely than other platforms. I have 138 posts, 1103 followers and I am following 556 people in Instagram. Let me show you some of my posts.

Instagram Picture

Early Morning

Early Morning

I posted this picture with a caption “Early Morning” while I am really not a morning person. It was for the first time I went outside early morning for some exercise and it was then the first and the last. A lazy girl who doesn’t like to wake up early is posting such picture.

Instagram Picture



That is not even my camera, I am not a photographer, I don’t like doing photography but who cares let’s just post a picture and be cool.

Instagram Picture


I can’t tell you guys how much I am afraid of water. I do love playing with water but when it is about flowing water or you might say a river, it would be like a horrible dream for me to even think of but just for the sake of a picture i sat down there holding my fear and finally clicked a picture.

Instagram Picture

The Neverland

The Neverland

I uploaded this with the caption “ Take me to neverland” - You see? Sometimes i don’t understand myself too like why neverland what is this neverland? Why not US, Paris :D I am so sick, I am planning to change this caption soon..

This was about pictures, let me talk about friends- I have so many friends over instagram and facebook but i hardly talk to any. I am in a phase where I want to be in my zone, thoughts, fancy world (For some reasons) that is why i am not initiating conversation to any of my friends for which I am really sorry - I am in my darkest phase I hope you all will understand but i will keep posting pictures with some really cool captions because that is what being followed.

Did you notice something?
I know things are not exactly the same in social media- not everything ( I too have some real pictures and captions too :D ) but still I am posting it, I have created a wall between myself and my image in social media, a wall that blurs my real life and is taking me into the quicksand of social media..


DREAM ON on October 10, 2017:

Your hub pointed out so many good points nobody ever dares to talk about or even thinks about.I think we all have many feelings and emotions that we express to certain people and not to others. I am amazed how people find the time to share so much. I have enough trouble just getting up to go to work or lounging around the house. Have a great day.

Anju Sharma (author) from Delhi on October 08, 2017:


saanj on October 07, 2017:

its where you can be-what you are not

Sam on October 06, 2017:

Social media has really blurred real life story

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