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My country is my poverty

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I love my country

I am a self-respecting Nepali and my country is Nepal. What can be the great identity of a patriotic Nepali? In the letter of Ramayana, Valmiki mentions 'Janami Janma Bhumishcha Swargagapi Gariyasi'. Everyone has loved the motherland since ancient times. The only difference is that some people lose their lives for the sake of the country, while others wear the armor of Nepaliness and play the role of villains for the motherland. Even if the poet is compared to Ravi, the poet's field of work is limited to poetry and his writing expresses patriotism. This is probably what people like us, who have a pen in their hand, do.

Ah! How beautiful is my country This country is huge because it looks small on the world map. The country is endowed with vast geographical, natural, biological and cultural diversity. Nature itself is full of unsafe beauty. I think the creator has put all his skills here and there. Tarai is dancing in the courtyard here. Where is she There are high peaks in other valleys from Mount Everest. My country is immersed in the warm love of the Chisa mountain range in the north, which is covered with silver sheets.

The mountain covered with green forest and the rivers flowing at its feet are showing unique beauty. It would not be an exaggeration to say that forest cedars and cedars, lakes, waterfalls, etc. have brought heavenly beauty to Nepal. There is a natural resource fund here. Sometimes I like to dance to the tune of Koili Kuhukuhu like Danif and Munal. Probably all patriotic Nepalis feel the same way.

Musk deer roam the green forest eagles of my country and the deer cubs dance like a heartbeat. Saptrangi flowers bloom here and marijuana comes and forgets the smell of those flowers. Bhogte and Laliguran are forgotten in this land, whose colors and limbs attract millions of tourists. In the middle of the day, the lizard is sitting in the desert forest and laughing even though the mountain is very far away. At night, Yasagumba Herd June descends into the hills here. In the afternoon sun, the horned rhinoceros and the tiger appear from the dense jungle and the Basque in the sun. There are fig trees that provide coolness to the weary traveler, where there are streams of water for the thirsty, and where there is a heavenly paradise, that is my country.

My country is equally unique in art and culture. It is also the place where greats like Arani adorn themselves. Needless to say, Nepal is a mixture of multi-religion, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual and multi-cultural. Showing unity in strengthening diversity and reconciliation

By tying the ropes, we are setting a unique example for the whole world. My country is a common flower garden of people of different races and colors where each flower grows and grows in its own original way. Even with a small population, huge cultural diversity is a great asset that needs to be nurtured.

We have many monasteries, temples and stone streams. The presence of temples, innumerable deities, etc. has made this land a place of worship. My country is no less. My country is bordered by Mechi and Kali and is irrigated by Gandaki, Koshi and Karnali.

This is the holy land where the great pioneer of peace Gautam Buddha took his first steps. When I look for the "Light of Buddha of Asia" that lights the lamp of world peace, near me, my head shakes. Similarly, Tibetan star Bhrukuti and ideal woman Sita were also born. So the womb of a great man is my country of which I am also a child. I may or may not be able to fulfill my duty towards my motherland but I am happy to be Nepali and I am proud of it.

Today, I am proud to stand on this land because this country is not full of small sufferings and afflictions. We must accept the sacrifices and sacrifices of our heroic ancestors. Blessed are the brave men who faced Ripu with sandalwood on the head and forehead of Vipgaon and did not eat Bhojpuri khukuri in their hands.

Fort Kankada, West Tista Purothi, when will we bow to power at the festival?

Today I am very sad. My heart breaks and tears flow like the ink of a pen, because the caterpillars who do not love the country are making Nepal hollow inside. Here, guns are being fired, speakers are giving speeches, and many children in this country are leaving the world in the dead of morning without proper nutrition. Some countries are trying to become leaders by auctioning. Who says they will give us a constitution and poor Nepalis are counting their days to catch a glimpse of the beautiful morning rays. Some Nepalis are fleeing abroad with the desire to die, forgetting the shadow of their mother's love of arms and their love for their motherland. Some homeless children are struggling to meet here and I am trying to raise the voice that a flower garden should be created for these little children because I love the country so much because I know that today's children are tomorrow's leaders.

Today, the vulture evil is moving towards my motherland. Foreign owners are trying to tarnish our self-esteem. Therefore, there is no alternative to move forward hand in hand, not on leave, otherwise beating the brother will not create a situation where the village will not be looted. Anyway, I am proud of my country, Gundruk and Dindo, I am very sweet and I am happy to introduce myself as a Nepali to the world by wearing a Dhaka hat on my head.