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My Passion for Writing!

Sujata is an architect by profession and has a passion for writing. She shares her life experiences through writing, hoping to be of help.


I began writing at a very young age. Probably when I was in grade 5 or maybe grade 6. I have loved writing since then. I used to write articles for school magazines and penned down a couple of poems as well. Of course, at that point of time I had little idea on why I was writing. At that point of time, I used to write probably because I was asked by my teachers to write. But I did enjoy writing. There was no doubt about that.

But slowly as I grew up, I became conscious. Since writing is a creative field, I used to shy away from the criticisms. Every time I got criticized, my writing pace reduced. With every negative feedback, I cut down on the number of times I sent my writeups out for publication. That was probably because at that point of time, as a kid, I used to write for appreciation and validation from others. Though I loved the art of writing, my need for acceptance was larger than my love for the art.

And for a couple of years after that, I totally stopped writing. I would write only for exams and academic purpose. However, my passion for writing also grew back because of my academics only. When I moved to Australia for my post graduate studies, I had to adapt to the new system of education. During my post-graduation years, I had to write a lot of assignments. And those assignments got good feedback from the faculty. That built my confidence a lot. Even though I stopped writing for a few years, my skill seemed to have improved. I could analyze it myself. Even though it was academic writing, I somehow believed that I could write both academic and creative writing.

Also, this time around I wrote because I wanted to. Not because I wanted validation or appreciation from it. I restarted my writing career because it felt right. I realized writing allowed me to express myself in ways I could not talk. Me being an introvert, I have always shied away from expressing myself to people, not just strangers but also to the people that have been close to me. Writing gave me a platform to express my emotions in a more open yet closed manner, in a way I liked. My pen and paper let me speak whatever I wanted to say and for as long as I wanted to, and it did not judge me. I felt free to express my thoughts. It became a way to comfort myself and release my stress up to a great extent. It gave me immense clarity in my thoughts and allowed me to focus much better.

And not just that. Being an introvert, I have never been a good storyteller either. My travel stories, my trek stories or my food stories remain unsaid because of that. Since I have restarted writing, I write about my experiences as a traveler and as a foodie as well. I write my unsaid stories which preserves the memories in the form of a writeup. And every now and then I go back to them to just have a read and revisit those moments.

I also write about some of my personal and professional struggles and the things I have learnt from them and how I have overcome some of my bad days. I am hoping that inspires someone to continue fighting on with their battles and wait till its time for their win. I am hoping that someone finds strength in my stories and remains motivated to keep following their dreams and path.

In addition to that, there is also a lot of research involved in it. While researching on them, I do get to study many new topics. That has increased my knowledge base on a varied range of subjects. With this, there is also the birth of a lot of new ideas, not only for writing but also for business and the likes.

And since writing is a form of self-expression, it has been a stress reliever for me too. Every time I put my thoughts out on the paper or on my computer screen, it has been an extremely relaxing feeling. Personally, whenever I am able to pen down a poem, it has made me feel lighter. I do not usually write a lot of poems, and I am not a poet either. What I pen down as poems are usually the raw poetry, written directly from the soul with very raw words and expressions.

In addition to that, it has also been acting as a source of passive income for me. Though the amount is very nominal, it gives immense happiness to know that I am being paid for doing something I love.

I know there is a lot for me to improve and get better. I know that I am still a beginner on many levels, but I am improving. And because I love writing and have my passion for it, I know that overtime I will be able to improve my skills. Until then, I will keep writing and keep getting better every day. And hopefully, my write ups will leave behind a mark!!


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