Deadlines; The Demise of Great Literature

Updated on January 28, 2018

The Death of Creativity.

Deadlines are a major part of writing in this world, whether we like it or not. Should they be? I’ll let you decide after I’ve stated my case.

I get it. Publishing companies need to make money. With the modern, fast paced world we live in, they have to keep the readers captivated. But, there is a reason that people usually consider the best book in a series, the first one.

That is because the first book was written on their terms, the author wasn’t being pressured into writing something that they couldn’t put their heart into. Writing, among other artistically based occupations, are activities where you can’t control when, and what from you get the inspiration to carry something out.

Great writing is something that cannot be timed. It’s impossible to think that great idea up when you are trying to think of it so that you meet a deadline. Ideas come out of nowhere, I’ve experienced it. I can’t force myself to feel inspired to write.

Deadlines, are the demise of creativity. They force authors into thinking up an idea, and to write it out, in a set time. Meaning most of the time, they write out some generic plot line that is overdone to an extreme, just to meet the deadline. Near all of the big names of writing, who’s stories have withstood the test of time, spent years on their manuscripts. The writings were a part of them. They connect with the characters within the story on a spiritual level.

When you write up a character, straight from your imagination, from your soul, you connect with it on a spiritual level. The authors of all great classic literature knew that. Creating a character to be loved or hated worldwide, is not something in your control. It can’t be forced. With all of the deadlines and time restrictions put on authors now, they don’t have time to show their full potential. They don’t have time to write from the soul. Deadlines suck the creativity out of writing. They kill imagination, authors are too stressed to create the best story they can. Writers block, has taken over.

Our world’s authors can’t just write out an amazing plot with all of the perfect words, it has to come to you. Putting a time limit on that, worsens the quality of the writings. That’s why books have become so generic. The same stories over and over, with slight changes in character names, appearance, and the setting. Putting a due date on a novel is why today’s writing is barely ever even comparable to the classics. New stories can’t be invented if writers are too busy stressing about getting the book done and submitted, to actually get a good idea and let the imagination take the reins.

Deadlines Are the Reason the English Language is Degenerating.

This is my opinion on deadlines. There is some good to them, as it keeps people reading, but it also takes away the quality of what is being read. In school, I remember being taught to not pick up a book if they didn’t know a certain amount of words within it, at a certain point. From the start I had always thought that, the whole ‘good fit book’ idea, was stopping the students from challenging themselves, to have to look up a word online, or in a dictionary.

That is why reading, and the English language, have been dumbed down to the extent they have. The only reason I ever learned to appreciate great manuscripts, was because I was taught to challenge myself. Schools more often than not teach you what to think, not how to think and come up with your own conclusion.

People don’t consider their verbal, or textual word arrangement as an art, as I think it should be considered. They start demoting literature from the beginning, and the only reason I feel differently is because I got the chance to learn how to appreciate classical literature, outside of school. I wondered, why the classics were so great, worded so elegantly, and so captivatingly interesting. It’s not just the evolution of the English language, it’s the evolution of the common publishing system.

The standards of what is considered quality literature keep getting lower and lower. I personally think the world is well overdue for a change in that system. Writers should be able to express their creativity purely from their imagination, on their own terms. It would improve the quality of the story, and create more works, that will actually benefit the brain and help us to improve our intellectual levels.

Writing is No Longer a Creative Process, But an Automated One.

Everything has become so mechanical. Deadlines for novels amounting to a couple hundred pages, are six months to a year on average. It’s as if mass production is invading literature. Companies just putting one out after another, after another.

Books used to mean so much more to the authors than a deadline to be met. All world renowned classic authors, spent years on their manuscripts. Getting every word just right, letting imagination take over and create a story never heard before

The Lord Of The Rings literally took twelve years to finish, look at it now. JK Rowling worked on the first Harry Potter book for six years. That’s why it has been proclaimed an instant classic. She had the time to look it over, get every word just right. She wasn’t being pressured into spitting the book out on a timed date.

Deadlines are the reason for loss of intellectuality. They don’t allow the time for the perfect word to come to mind, so many go obsolete. We need to change that. Authors need to be given more freedom. There is a reason many are just getting self published. They have the time to come up with great ideas, they have the time to care about every word they type out. We need every author to be able to do that, so that the human race improves. Mass production has taken over writing, and in my opinion, and hopefully many others’, writing needs to be from the heart once again, not just become an automated process like most else.

© 2018 Alyssa Hartman


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