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How I Became a Teacher.

Peace is a high school- level educator and a writer that is dedicated to creating engaging contents for online platforms.


I am proud to be in the one profession that molds young minds and prepares them for the future. When I voluntarily opted for this profession a few years ago, I could have chosen any other but I had developed an irresistible love for teaching. I loved playing the role of an elder sister or kind parent. So I chose my profession fully conscious of my actions because no other role would have pleased me if it didn't keep me close to the classroom.

My inspiration.

However, it wasn't until I had graduated from secondary school that I realized I wanted to be a teacher. While I was awaiting my admission into the university, I wanted to get busy so I volunteered at a foundation for disadvantaged children. I loved my experiences teaching them. Though It was a great opportunity for me to hone my skill as a teacher but I still wasn't sure it was what I wanted to do .

I had also gone on to be a sunday school teacher in my church (Anglican). It was a pleasant experience as well. For hours, I could go on and on talking about influencing student's attitude, improving reading habits, literature eras and genres and teaching methods to maximize learning outcomes. But I wasn't sure I could say so much or teach little children about Jesus and the bible. I prepared earnestly for my first teaching, mastering things I would say. Fortunately, it went smoothly, the children were all cheerful and smart. I understood that the job was going to help improve my skill set for my role as a teacher and I took it on with dedication. These experiences turned into passion which led me to plunge full-time into the profession.

I opted for a degree in English language and literature at the University. Studying the course was a natural progression to the teaching career and I was also interested in exploring languages and gaining a deep insight into a wide range of cultures and traditions. Four years in the University and the one-year National Youth Service prepared and shaped me for the career.

Although my career in education started very early. My first official teaching job was as a high school teacher. I was excited and on the first day and nervous at the same time. The thought of standing in front of so many teenagers was overwhelming. But then, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Though I found it exhausting to make lesson plans, as time went on I got accustomed to the environment and everything got much easier by the day. I improved my communication skills as well as time management.

As a learner, I had no problem with mastering facts. I had great respect for brilliant teachers who were believed to be walking encyclopedias. Naturally, therefore, I wanted to be admired and respected as a dispenser of knowledge. Besides, I wanted to influence the views of others by imparting knowledge to them. After all, most of my views had been shaped by my teachers, whom I admired. Teaching has enabled me to constantly learn and I'm trying consistently how to rethink, interpret and summarize concepts.

Moreover, there are circumstances and conditions unique to the profession. I loved the long holidays which exceeded the normal leave period in the civil service or commercial firms. I also loved the relative peace of mind which was the rule among teachers. Our teachers did quite some things in common. It was a healthy work relationship.


Few years into the profession, I ask myself how it has been despite the negative trends in the education system? Would I have still chosen to be in the teaching profession? The answer is 'Yes. Factors that endeared me to the profession are still there. I still look back on my years of teaching with some Joy and pride. I have turned out a good number of responsible citizens and am still building rapport with future leaders who are presently in my class.

Teaching Style.

I can best describe my teaching style as interactive and fun. I'm very open about my passion for teaching to my students. I encourage them to share their feelings and I feel like I've made a difference when they can build confidence and self-esteem. I reward students' improvement as much as I can to motivate everyone to do better. As much as I encourage teamwork in the classroom, I also encourage independent thought and self-learning through hands-on activities to encourage individual growth.

Teaching Philosophy.

I believe that developing critical thinking and problem-solving ability should be at the heart of what we do in teaching. I am dedicated to helping students realize their values and consider their position in society to create a sense of leadership capability as citizens. I build connections with students to mold their behaviors through effective communication and exploring their areas of interest. I encourage them to ask questions as much as possible. I am committed to assessing students' academic performance and other classroom engagements. I realise that school leaders is important to ensure that children get the best chances at life.

I also try to become better and update my skills as a teacher by taking webinars and online courses. I am growing in my job and one day, I hope to be at the peak of my career.


© 2021 Peace Tobe Dike

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