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My Hello From Heaven


So many of us in life experience the devastating loss of a loved one changing us deeply inside forever! This became my story when I lost my husband, Joseph, too soon at the age of 62 when I was 56. He had been so looking forward to retirement, but cancer stole his dream turning the lives of me and our two sons upside down. That was ten years ago, a milestone. Our lives have thankfully settled in since then with his strong presence in spirit watching over us!


The first two years after my husband's passing, my profound sadness sent me on a journey of spiritual discovery. Initially, I journaled and wrote heartfelt poems at the advice of a social worker. I discovered and shared some of my writings publicly while making online friends with similar experiences. You truly get to know people on a deeper level through their writings. All this writing was cathartic kicking off my personal process of healing. And, I had suddenly found myself with an insatiable appetite to read everything I could about what happens after we pass on from this great earth of ours. Information just seemed to fall into my hands, and like a sponge, I absorbed the findings as it presented itself.

Some of the most impactful books I read includes a series about reincarnation by Dr. Brian Weiss where he describes his journey with his patience through regression therapy. Some more included fascinating best sellers about near death experiences, such as Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, M.D. I read Dr. Wayne Dyer's many books about spirit; and another awe inspiring book series I read was Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsh, plus too many more insightful books to mention.

I didn't have to search hard for insights, like learning one on one about other's experiences with death. U-tube and TV programs that address the subject of spirit and the afterlife conveniently appeared, including Oprah's, Soul Search Sundays. It all fit into my mindset at the time, which I truly believe was, and never is, simply coincidental. When we honestly look for answers, and I was truly looking for answers . . . there you go. I had even gotten down on my knees, one day, in the middle of my yard and declared out loud, "God, who are you". Well, He obliged and then some.

One of the first helpful books I read was authored by Bill & Judy Guggenheim entitled, Hello From Heaven that asks the big questions. The very first sentence in the preface asks, "Is there life after death?" The second sentence asks, "Do we enter another state of existence after we die?" Well, of course, my interest was peaked right off the bat. And their story did not disappoint, I found myself totally fascinated as I turned the pages of the book. The couple had completed a study which turned into a seven year research project interviewing over 3000 people in all walks of life who courageously shared their intimate and often sacred experiences with ADC's (After Death Communication) from a deceased loved one.

The authors broke down the various experiences which people shared into several categories such as . . .

  • Sensing a deceased loved one's presence
  • Hearing their voice
  • Feeling their touch
  • Smelling their fragrance
  • Partial visual appearances
  • Full body appearances
  • Communication through a lucid dream state
  • Appearance of symbols such as birds and butterflies or something meaningful to only them
  • Plus several more avenues are covered.

People report experiencing appearances of symbols such as birds and butterflies or something meaningful to only them from a deceased loved one.

People report experiencing appearances of symbols such as birds and butterflies or something meaningful to only them from a deceased loved one.

Quote from the preface of the book: "If you are willing to read this book with an open mind and open heart, you may significantly reduce or completely eliminate your fear of death. As a caterpillar once limited to the ground, you might undergo an inner transformation and become like a butterfly free to soar. This new freedom will allow you to live your life more fully and joyously, with a greater sense of peace."

I would like to share publicly my own personal "hello from heaven" or after death communication ADC. I have intentionally kept everything non-religious so as not to exclude anyone. My hope is that in some way it might help someone going through the devastating loss of a loved one and be comforted knowing that he or she is okay. I now truly believe our loved ones do not die, but merely transform, and yes, my fear of death has been eliminated.


First, you should know I have received messages from my husband's spirit in more ways than what I'm about to reveal. Once I was aware of coincidences happening in my life and was finally convinced they were not coincidences at all, but indications from him that he was aware of what was going on in my life and lovingly watching over me and our two sons, then I was open to whatever hellos from him came my way. Sometimes, they happened during moments of worry when I really needed reassurance. It always made me feel like everything was going to be okay which, by the way, is the most cherished message he brought to me through my niece directly after his memorial ceremony in loving celebration of his life.


Explanation of how my "Hello's From Heaven" first came about . . .

To begin, a couple of years after my husband's passing, I kept seeing the number 911, especially on the clock. It always happened spontaneously catching me off guard and because it was happening almost daily, I started to ask why. It was slightly alarming since the number 911 has special meaning in our society today, symbolizing an emergency, but especially since 2001 with the tragic demise of New York City's twin towers. Some time later, I started noticing other repetitive numbers and even googled their meanings. Some of them turned out to be angel numbers which I thought was pretty cool and comforting. One of the angel numbers I saw repetitively was 747. Pretty soon I was seeing the number 47 by itself or mixed within a series of other numbers.

Well, low and behold, one day I finally had a spark, an epiphany. Because my husband was born the year 1947, I thought that possibly it was his loving spirit showing me in his way that he was nearby, saying hello. With this new awareness, the flood gates opened. It kept happening, almost daily, and usually three to four times a day.


After a couple years of this, I shared the awesome phenomenon with one of my sons. Unfortunately, he was skeptical and believed it was more coincidental, but he hasn't seen the list of #47's I'm about to show you all. And, by the way, this is an example as to why we hesitate to share our ADC experiences. Some people would be more judgmental or think we're being crazy. Anyway, my son is the reason in the first place that I started recording my 47 sighting so I could show him the indisputable frequency. I started it about a year ago. Today, this partial list is 12 typewritten-pages long and growing, and I can't possibly include every single time this happens, nor the many ways in which it happens. One side benefit of it all, besides the comfort it provides me, is that I have learned some awesome interesting historical facts that happened during the year 1947.

After my husband passed, I began to notice heart shapes in nature such as in the clouds, or on trees created by snowfall or even heart shaped stones on the beach.

After my husband passed, I began to notice heart shapes in nature such as in the clouds, or on trees created by snowfall or even heart shaped stones on the beach.

Oh, let me count the ways, both seeing the number 47 and hearing someone speak it. As I mentioned, I couldn’t possibly write them all down, especially the frequency of times I see #47 on the clock (average of 2 to 3 times a day) or even the frequency of 47 weather temps I see on my atomic clock in the kitchen. Whenever I see #647, its extra special because it includes both the year and month my husband, Joseph, was born. BTW, it never happens when I think about it, it’s always spontaneous.

I wouldn't expect anyone to read the entire list, the purpose of showing it is to provide an idea of the frequency it occurs, to provide a visual and to answer why I came to the conclusion that I did; or to possibly help someone questioning whether their deceased loved one may be trying to communicate with them. Some of the entries are mundane, while others are interesting facts and amazing pieces of history related to the number 47.

I have categorized my personal #47 sightings in the following order:

  • #47 In The Movies
  • #47 In History
  • #47 In My Personal Everyday Life
  • #47 Related to Celebrities , TV Shows, and Documentaries
  • #47 Related To News Reports and Current Issues
  • #47 Related to the Internet, Utube, Facebook etc.

    *For fun you can respond to a brief survey at the end


My Husband's Heavenly Hellos with #47while Watching Movies

In the movie, Back To The Future with Michael J Fox, his character, Marty, calculated and yelled out to Doc when he was about to travel into the future 30 years, that he would be 47 when he reached the destination!

In the movie, Mother’s Day with Julia Roberts and Jennifer Addison, there was a vivid scene of them at a train crossing. The train whistled and I noticed in huge letters that the train was no. 5347, both my birth year and my husband's, Joe, which is even more special when I see this.

It read a report that Emma Stone had 47 costume changes while playing, Cruella de Vil, in the movie, Cruella.

The movie, Hachi, starring Richard Gere is based on the real Japanese Akita dog “Hachiko”, who was born in Ōdate, Japan, in 1923. In 1925, after the death of his owner, Ueno Hidesaburō, Hachiko continued his habit of returning to the Shibuya train station each day to wait for his owner to get off the train after the work day. He did this day after day for the next nine years until he died in March 1935. A statue has been erected in the dog’s honor. The movie is based in more recent times where Hachi’s owner, Parker, was born in 1947.

In the foreign film, The Intouchables, the main character was waiting with his caregiver to meet with a possible date and when he kept asking for the time, she finally told him it was 4:46 or 4:47.

In the 1942 classic Broadway Musical film, Holiday Inn, starring Bing Crosby, Fred Astaire, Marjorie Reynolds, and Virginia Dale, Marjorie Reynold’s character made a grand entrance during a dance number with a sash displaying in big red letters, 1947.

In The Kissing Booth, a 2018 American teen romantic comedy film, two best friends were born the same day at the same time at 1:47.

In the movie, The Irishman, Robert Dinero’s character (The Irishman) tells Al Pacino’s character (Jimmy Hoffa) that he’s been a member of their crime family since 1947.

Also in the movie, The Irishman, Robert Dinero's character (The Irishman) shot another character who was just celebrating his 47th birthday.

Saw an announcement that the budget for the movie, Home Alone, was $14.7 million.

During the comedy, Airplane, silly reporter No. 2, while removing pictures of planes off the wall, said, “A-47, right? Ooh, I love that one”. You had to see the movie to know how silly it was.

3347 was part of mysterious phone number written on a dollar bill during the movie, Entanglement, with 5:47 minutes left on the movie when I happened to hit pause.

When pausing the movie, Marriage Story, starring Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver, it said there was 47 minutes left. (This happens a lot)

Based on a true story, the movie, The Two Popes, showed how during the first round of voting from the cardinals to elect a new pope after John Paul II died, that Joseph Ratzinger received 47 votes.

In the movie, Morning Glory, Rachel Mac Fadden’s character expresses to an adversary, “Not only will you have significantly weakened our news division; you will have presided over the demise of the show that’s been on the air for 47 years."


Jackie Robinson took the field for the Boston Dodgers for the first time in 1947.

In 1953, Jacqueline Cochran became the first woman to break the sound barrier, a feat first achieved by a man of in 1947. This was the answer to a question on the TV game show, “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” and references my birth year as well as my hubbies, which makes it even more special.

Dr. Benjamin Spock published his infamous book, Baby and Child Care, in 1947. The book's premise to mothers is that, "You know more than you think you do”.

Texas Ranger, Benjamin Maney Gault, played a key role in the capture of the infamous outlaws, Bonnie and Clyde, in 1934, along with the team leader, Francis Augustus Hammer, the most celebrated Texas Ranger of all time. Afterwards, Gault returned to work as a Texas Ranger until his death in 1947. The most excellent movie, The Highwaymen, starring Kevin Costner, Woody Harrelson and Kathy Bates profiles the events that led up to the dramatic capture.

In comedy, the term “stand up”, referring to a type of comedian, came about 1947.

I saw on the news, to commemorate the 75th anniversary ending of WWII, a C17, B25 and C47 flew over Grand Rapids, Michigan!

I was bulled over by the documentary I watched, Inequality for All hosted by former labor secretary to Bill Clinton and Harvard economist, Robert Reisch. He presented a graph of the U.S. economy the three decades after WWII. It demonstrates a period he refers to as “The Great Prosperity” of America when we had very low inequality between the rich and poor and the strongest middle class the world has ever seen between 1947-1977!

The unexplained alien crash over Roswell, New Mexico happened in 1947. Recent cold case investigations continue to this day.

There's a documentary on Tubi called The Phenomenon which exposes government hidden UFO sightings by former NASA officials compelled to share with the public, which includes other mind-blowing UFO phenomenon. During the program, a scene showed someone flipped through the pages of an official document stopping at page #47.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court Justice, appointed by Bill Clinton in 1993 serving until her death in 2020, graduated from high school in 1947. Her mother died from cervical cancer the same year before she graduated.

While googling information about the cold war after WWII, I read that U.S. president, Harry Truman, signed the National Security Act of 1947 into law, creating the Central Intelligence Agency, the Department of Defense, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and the National Security Council.

A documentary about the royal family featured how in 1947, George VI, the Queen Mother Elizabeth along with the young Princess Elizabeth and Princess Margaret set sail for South Africa to reestablish their colonial grip after WWII.

Also, while the royal family, the Windsor’s, was away in 1947, England suffered a horrific winter with food and fuel shortages.

In 2020, I learned from a news report commemorating the 40th anniversary of the May 13, 1980 tornado, hitting Kalamazoo, MI, that it destroyed 47 homes. I already knew it traveled straight through the downtown district killing 4 people; sadly, one of the victims was my sweet, childhood neighbor, Lucia McFall.

I learned from a Netflix documentary that in black history, during the early 1900’s; Madam C.J. Walker became the first black woman to be a self-made millionaire in the cosmetic industry. She even lived next door to Rockefeller. Her devoted right-hand man and legal counsel, Freeman Ransom, served her from 1910 till his death in 1947.

December 19, 2019, 47 tourists were on White Island off the coast of New Zealand when the active volcano, Whakaari, erupt killing 21 people.

I was very moved by the story of Edward Carter who was a WWII hero and exquisite soldier who was denied the Medal of Honor because he was black. He was also denied reenlistment in 1949 because he was black. He died at an early age of 47 from lung cancer caused by shrapnel lodged in his neck from the war. President Clinton initiated a search of black soldiers who were under recognized to which Edward Carter's adult son received his father’s Medal of Honor during an emotional ceremony.

I happened to read a report about the Black Death or Black Plague which was a devastating global epidemic of bubonic plague that struck Europe and Asia arriving in Europe October of 1347 when 12 merchant ships from the Black Sea docked at the Sicilian port of Messina containing sick sailors along with infected rats transmitted by fleas. The report said the plague lasted until 1353 killing 1/3 of the European population, an estimated 25 million people!

George W Bush served the 147th regimen during Vietnam as a fighter pilot but never saw combat.

One of our historical mysterious; a pilot who flew over the Bermuda Triangle said during an interview that he flew through a mysterious tunnel which took only 47 minutes which normally took an hour and a half. He retained a gas receipt to prove he used less fuel!

A Ken Burn’s history documentary showed the amount of $474,000 was donated to The American Place Theater from the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations in the early 1900's.

Also from the Ken Burn's history special, I learned that The Fisher Bothers 47th Company helped build The American Place Theater underground theater in New York City.

In 2003, 147,000 US troops were recruited to Iraq after the defeat of Saddam Hussein in an effort to bring order to the chaos and violence between the Sunni hardliner Islamic State and the Shi’ite Muslim-dominated south.

A history documentary titled, The 2000’s, covered the 2008 presidential election which announced 47 year old Barrack Obama became the first black president of the United States.

I read a book called Fire and Ice; Shipwrecks of the Saugatuck Area by Jack Sheridan and Kit Lane which profiles shipwrecks on Lake Michigan around the shores of Southwest Michigan. These happened during the heyday of shipping in the mid 1800's through to the mid 1900's, particularly before railroad and automobiles. One commercial vessel called the Verano went down the year of 1947 and lies just north of South Haven, Michigan in an area which lies today within an underwater shipwreck preserve.

I learned that Henry VIII died in 1547 at age 56 due to gross obesity.

Around the year 1680, 47 Pueblo Native American religious leaders were imprisoned by Spaniard Friars who wouldn’t tolerate their traditions in Santa Fe, New Mexico for speaking out against the Spanish. The Native American tribes including the Pueblos, Navajo and Apache put aside their differences to go on the war path led by Popei against the Spanish. It is noted as the most successful NA revolt in history.

After WWII, in 1947, the separate states of Palestine and Israel were established.

The documentary called, A Secret Lore, is about two lesbian gay women who began their relationship in 1947. One had played in the women’s pro-baseball league during WWII and the other played pro-hockey. They kept their relationship secret from their families, friends and co-workers for 65 years before they finally came out and were later married in their old age.

I learned the Prussian Sovereign Nation; a historically prominent German state that originated in 1525 was deemed a bearer of militarism and was officially abolished by an Allied declaration in 1947.

Robert Rausch mentioned in a TV announcement he was nearing the age 47 when he wrote an article in the New York Times about Lake Michigan titled, A Tour of Lake Michigan, My Inland Sea.

Wyatt Earp’s sister-in- law, Allie, married to brother Virgil Earp, lived the longest among the Earps until 1947, twenty days shy of her 100th birthday.

Wyatt and Jose Earp were married for 47 years. Wyatt died at the age of 80 in 1929.

During a guest appearance on a Johnny Carson rerun, Chuck Yaeger answered the question that he was the first pilot to break the sound barrier on the Bell X1, October 14, 1947. He also mentioned he was the first man to fly more than twice the speed of sound, December 12, 1953. Both years of my husband and my birthdays.

I saw a clip about the Islamic Black Movement in the US led by Elijah Muhammad which had 47 mosques nationwide, of which both Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali were followers.

An interesting Netflix documentary reported President Truman remodeled and updated the White House with steel construction. At the time, it was a deteriorating 147 year old building.

October Sunset on Lake Michigan

October Sunset on Lake Michigan

The most common instances happen when I see the number 47 related to my everyday life, such as on the clock, or showing on my phone battery at 47%, or just things I read about, etc.! I see #47 almost daily with an average of 3 or 4 times a day, and it always happens spontaneously. It doesn’t happen if I’m looking for it. This has been going on for a number of years now, but it still takes me by surprise. I often respond with a smile or an “I love you”, or a thank you for watching over me!

I see lots of temperature readings of 47 degrees when I happen to look at my atomic clock above the fridge. One of the best incidences happened during the month of February, 2020 because that temperature was so unusual for that time of year in Michigan.

Sometimes, while balancing my checkbook, the ending balance will have a 47 somewhere in there, like the day it was $747.00 for instance.

While researching about oyster shells, I learned there are 47 oyster shell identifications.

When I got off the phone from consoling with my friend who was grieving over her husband’s very recent death, the clock read 6:47 (both the month and year my husband Joe was born . . . it’s always more special to me when I see that).

I read 174,447 miles on my Camry odometer and at the same time the car clock read 11:11 while the song “Believe” by Adele was playing. And also notable, the previous reading I had written down was 147,447.

I woke up one day to 7:47 showing on the clock next to my bed, but fell back asleep and woke up again to 8:47 on the clock. This has happens repeatedly!

When I parked my car at the grocery, I noticed the car parked in front of mine had license plate 9747. (I see 47 on license plates somewhat often)

Got behind a semi-truck in a construction zone with a license plate number ending in 647, both the month and year of my hubbies birth!

Asked my nephew his age the first time I spoke with him after he had happily reunited with his dad from a 20 year estrangement. You guessed it, he was 47at the time.

While editing my children's book manuscript, I happened to look when I hit page 47 and happened to look at the word count too, which showed 47,000 words.

When searching for a product online from the Meijer's store I shop at, I noticed that it is store #47!

I did something absent mindedly and said out loud to myself, “You dummy” and right at that moment I just happened to glance at my clock which read 7:47. . . hmmm.

A reading of 47 degrees was posted on my car thermometer when I was driving to a Lake Michigan beach.

The battery life on my phone showed 47% one day and right after checking that, I happened to look at the clock which read 11:47 and again later that day the clock read 2:47 and yet again the same day my stove clock read 5:47. But I have had record days with more incidences than this! I think the most #47’s I’ve seen in one day was eight or nine times.

I noticed one day, my Meijer’s grocery receipt had 47 items. I had never looked at that before; it’s on the bottom of the receipt in very small letters.

My niece’s daughter is an elite soccer player just like her mom was. She’s trying to earn a college scholarship in her sport. Little did I know her jersey happens to have a big #47 on it!

My grocery bill for 5/18/20 showed $47.53; both our birth years.

I was reading an exchange between my two son's during a group phone messaging session and had to giggle at their ribbing. Right afterwards, I closed my phone and the battery life showed 47%.

After leaving the beach during the sunset hour, the time on my car clock read 6:47; and there it was again, both my husband Joe’s month and year of birth.

I read in the local newspaper about a special store attendant who lived in Saugatuck, MI for 47 years, but I wish I had written down his name.

December 18, 2021 I noticed a full moon in the sky at 6:47.

The verification code when creating a profile to get vaccinated at Meijer's Pharmacy read 747.

The cost for a new crown I had to get at the dentist was $547 after insurance.

While waiting in the check-out line at Menards, my eyes wandered along the isle of items and there in big numbers, $6.47 caught my eye for Okeefe's foot massage.


My mom and I were checking out at the Dollar Store and couldn’t help but notice her purchase total was $47.07 and mine was $4.77.

I read a Hospice pamphlet showing statistics from a study which stated 2.2 million adults provide care in their homes for an ailing elderly loved one and provide 80% of all care received by older Americans. 40% of caregivers are employed and spend an estimated 47 hours a week on care giving.

The hotel room number that my mom and dad and I stayed in overnight during my son’s wedding was 647, and again, both the month and year of my hubby’s birth, which is the most special to me when I see that!

One day recently, someone in my family happened to mention my dad graduated from high school in 1947.

Right when I turned on my computer, Dec 2019, the computer clock said 3:47.

A friend of mine told me she had $47,000 of life savings. She was 78 years old at the time.

When I was researching on line, one source recommended the most effective doses for vitamin B12 was between 647 to 1032 mcg.

6:47 and 8:47 and 10:47 times showed on the clock when I looked during the same evening (happens a lot, but not as many right in a row).

During the 2019 New Year’s Eve broadcast, the countdown was at 47 minutes right when I happened to tune in.

I happened to see 1:47 pm and 47 degrees readings on my fridge clock at same time one day.

While I was getting a mammogram, literally during it when I was told to focus on a certain spot, I was looking at two digital numbers of 47 on the medical machine. I asked the technician what the numbers stood for and she said it just showed the angle of the machine she was using. Then after I told her about how often I see that number and as to why, she proceeded to tell me that she rarely used that particular angle.

Sunset was right at 7:47 when I checked online, which I rarely do.

During a 2020 weather report, four Michigan cities showed 47 degrees including South Haven, Kalamazoo, Holland and Hamilton . . . all unusually warm temps for the month of December.

My phone rang at 6:47 (both the month and year my husband, Joe, was born). It happened right at the end of a Leslie Jones's inspirational comedy special.

Greg from Wolverine Water came to fix my water softener and mentioned to me that the company had been in business for 47 years!

Read an announcement about Susan Jeffers, renowned illustrator of 47 children’s book.

I noticed that 347 kWh of energy was used appearing on my January 2020 electricity bill.

When I went to get my Covid 19 vaccine at Spectrum Health Hospital in Grand Rapids, I couldn’t help but notice in huge letters on the front of the building showing the address 4700! It gave me comfort that everything was going to be okay!

I read somewhere that ¼ tsp of iodized salt has 47% RDI.

447.7 GB of memory showed on my Windows 7 computer when I returned it to factory setting.

$447 was my bank balance after purchasing my refurbished computer on line.

During a download of Photoshop on my new Windows 10 computer, there were 47 seconds left just when I happened to check. And when I was moving articles over to my new computer into the “documents” folder, it said it was moving 47 items.

47 seconds were left on my microwave clock when I glanced at it while thawing out frozen butternut squash left over from my summer garden.

At Meijer’s grocery, the remaining balance when I was putting cash into the machine said I needed a total of $1.47 more to add.

Directly after I read a chilling text from my sister about her son’s battle with cancer, the clock read 4:47.

The Longest List

The eye-opening documentary Inequality for All addresses the gross representation of billionaire lobbyists and one of several examples mentioned was billionaire, Peter Theil, who donated 4.7 million dollars to Ron Paul and the Conservative PACs during the presidential campaign of 2016.

In the Michael Jordan basketball documentary, The Last Dance, I noticed a clip of Dennis Rodman wearing a baseball cap which had the number 47 on it.

Beautiful actress, Sophia Vergara, revealed her age of 47 on America’s Got Talent during her first season in 2020.

Johnny Carson mentioned his age was 47 during a rerun of his regular TV show I happened to be watching. I loved him!

Exactly when I turned on the TV, a 2021 Olympic wall climbing event between the 3rd and 4th place challengers was about to get underway. The 3rd place winner had a time of 6:47, my husband’s month as well as birth year which is always the most comforting sign for me that he’s watching from above!

During a Netflix episode of Frankie and Grace, Frankie was bidder #47 when they were attending a silent auction to win Gerry Garcia sneakers.

While watching the documentary about the musical group, Chicago, Jimmy the trumpet player stressed to the audience about their long success, stating, “Nobody else has had 47 successful consecutive 47 years . . . nobody . . . nobody”.

During the same Netflix feature story about the group, Chicago, I learned they sold more than 100 million records including 47 gold and platinum records with seventy charting songs.

Game Changers, a Netflix documentary about meat vs. plant based diet, compared the duration and hardness of erections during sleep of three young athletes after eating meat before bedtime vs. not eating meat before bedtime. After some giggles, and cooperation, they got the results. All had significantly increased measurements when not eating meat. One guy impressively had a 477% increase of how often he had erections during sleep.

Comedian, Dave Cook mentioned his age was 47 on Jimmy Falon’s Tonight Show in 2019.

The 2019, Dancing with the Stars, contestant and former 2011, American Idol, contestant, Lauren Alaina, dedicated her dance to her stepfather who passed away reportedly at the young age of 47.

In 2020, the 47th annual Emmy awards were broadcast from celebrity’s homes due the corona virus.

When I was watching the Family Feud game show, the answer “Blood Bank” for a Dracula question got 47 votes.

Saw a TV announcement that Dolly Parton is a 47 time Grammy nominee.

Watched an announcement on Entertainment Tonight TV program that celebrity, Jenny McCarthy turned 47.

A caller on the TV sitcom, Frasier, mentioned he was 47 years old during Frasier’s radio broadcast.

1,147 was the instant correct answer to a complicated math problem the Late Night TV host, Jimmy Kimmel, had proposed to Andrew Yang (2019 democratic presidential candidate).

During the 1980’s, every day at 5:47 the astrologer, Walter Mercado, broadcast on Univision TV the daily astrology forecast.

4.7K likes were on a U-tube video I was listening to titled, I Miss You, by Daryl Hall and John Oats.

During an interview with American journalist, Lisa Ling, she stated her father’s family moved from China’s civil war torn country in 1947 when he was 11 years old.

47K likes were on George Thorogood’s song “One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer”.

A U-Tube video by, The Tech Guy, showed a clock in background which read 11:47.

When I happened to pause a movie I was watching, it showed it ended in 1:47 minutes; happens so much.

Season #47 of Sesame Street introduced a special edition of the program with the puppet named Julia who was autistic.

Golden State Warriors game against Memphis had 47 points when I happened to check in.

And there was 4:47 minutes left on the clock during the above basketball game being broadcast when I happened to look.


An episode of Antiques Road Show featured an ash wood guitar with an estimated value of 45-65k with the serial #0047.

“Now we only have to do it 47 more times” said Drew from, Property Brothers, the HGTV renovation show, after hanging the first strip of wallpaper.

I heard an announcement that Lester, from the Adams Family TV show was born in 1947.

Jalen Rose announced Paul George scored 47 points for the LA Clippers during a 2019 basketball game.

Mike Nesmet, lead singer for the 60’s group “The Monkies”, won a $47,000 lawsuit against PBS for breach of his Pacific Arts contract.

Savannah Guthrie from the Today morning show had to have eye surgery at age 47 from retinal detachment after her 2 year old son threw his toy train at her.

While listening to a Daryl’s House TV episode on my computer of Cee Lo Green’s song, “Crazy”, it had 1:47 minutes left when I happened to glance at it.

When pausing a movie starring Scarlett Johansson and Adam Driver titled Marriage Story, it said there was 1:47 time left.

When I began watching an episode of Madmen “The Gold Violin”, it showed it was 47:36 minutes long. Actually, later, I realized all the Madmen episodes are 47 something minutes long.

Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa’s cover song of “I’d Rather Go Blind” originally sung by legendary Etta James, showed a time of 7:47/7:47 when I clicked on it on the U-tube channel. She kills that song by the way!

On the TV show “Parks and Recreation”, Ann and Tom’s record for not breaking up was 47 hours . . . lol.

47 people answered “Mother” to a question on the Family Feud game show.

Black Panther was an answer on the Family Feud game show which received 47 votes.

While watching 2019 Entertainment Tonight broadcast, it mentioned that Joey Macintyre, member of "Kids on the Block" boyband, turned 47.

While watching a humorous TV commercial, they showed “Mom Moment #47.

47 people voted for the number one answer on a question during a Family Feud game show episode I watched, which obviously I do often if you’ve been reading through all the entries.

During the documentary “Babies”, the mom was woken up by the baby at 1:47 am.

I heard a report that Judge Judy makes $47 million dollars a year.

Ben Affleck was age 47 in 2020, as mention on Entertainment Tonight TV show.

While watching Family Feud game show, the score was 47 for one family just before the commercial break which mentioned Gwenyth Paltro was age 47.

The character, Woody, on the TV show, Cheers, was upset because his register was $3.47 short.

Little Walter, Muddy Waters and Jimmy Rogers formed an all-star trio in 1947 in Chicago called the Headhunters, and were signed into Cadillac Records.

Actress Cameron Diaz announces having a baby at age 47 in 2020. She said she loves being a mom.

I watched a 2020 TV announcement about heart throb actor, Josh Duhamel, age 47, is married to singer, Fergie.

One of several funky albums Jimmy Falon was joking about on his show was titled “Why Are You Leaving Me”, which essentially were the only words on the record. Jimmy joked, “No wonder they were leaving you after repeating that 47 times!

America’s Got Talent swordsmen, Aaron Crow, got 147 million views on his debut where he split a pineapple off Howie Mandel’s head while blindfolded!

6:47 minutes were on the clock during a “Daryl’s House” interview with Daryl Hall talking about the backstory of the song “Fall in Philadelphia” where John Oats was attacked by thugs in the street.

Also on America’s Got Talent, when Sophia Vergara was asking questions toward a contestant whose crazy talent was devouring a huge cake, she told her she was a world professional eating competitor with a ranking No. 47!

Superstar NYC Ballet ballerina, Wendy Whelan, profiled on Netflix revealed she was contemplating retirement after 30 years at age 47!

Happened to catch a report that the Bucks shot 47% from the field during a 2021 playoff game with the Miami Heat!

The time left when I paused a nature program showed 53:47 minutes . . . both our birth years.

An ash wood guitar had an estimated value of 45-65k on Antiques Road Show with the serial #0047.

7:47 minutes were left when I paused the Netflix documentary, Forks Over Knives and later 47 seconds were left on the same show at 11:47pm when I paused it again.

Certain That You Are . . .

Certain That You Are . . .

A TV documentary that I was watching reported that 47% of the planet earth's forests have been destroyed and by 2050, half the world species will be extinct. You can go to for more information about these alarming statistics.

Wood TV 8 featured a story about how the fluctuating high waters on Lake Michigan have reshaped our beaches for 2021. Journalists visited 47 public beaches, from St. Joseph to Pentwater, MI so that people can know how much sand they’ll find before heading to the lake.

February 21, 2020, I saw a news report that Covid 19 infections were down 47%!

May, 9, 2020 there were 47K corona virus cases in Michigan when I happened to check.

I learned on a local news report how a women in 2017 got back her deceased husband’s lost class ring missing for 47 years. It was found by a guy in Finland who managed to track her down.

Read a report in the AARP magazine that in January of 2020, alone, there were 4.7 million illegal robo calls in America.

For $47 you can get an instructional kit to sue robo callers for breaking the Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act! 25 out of 26 companies had settled out of court to a clever 16 year old kid who made a lot of money doing it.

A 2018 Netflix documentary reported that 47,000 bridges in the US are in disrepair.

I saw a report that May 8, 1947 held a record cold temperature in Michigan at 24 degrees until recently in 2020.

In the 2020 Iowa caucus for president, Bernie Sanders won 47% of the vote for the ages between 17-29.

I happened to tune into a winter 2019 weather report showing wind gusts up to 47 mph.

Sylvia Earl, oceanographer and advocate of “Mission Blue” said when she was a child in 1947, there was only one oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico and by 2014 there were 33,000 drill sites.

An August 4, 2020, Michigan Lottery report showed a winning total at $147 million!!!!

During the race for the Whitehouse in 2020, President Trump exaggerated he had accomplished more in 47 months than running opponent, Joe Biden, had in 47 years!

I saw on the news June 21, 2021 that there were 47 wildfires in Arizona!

A survey of countries for Americans to avoid visiting because of negative relations included Germany with a love/hate relationship with 47% negative votes compared to 53% positive, (both our birth years). Hmm, I could read a whole lot more into that . . .

Chili also has a 47% unfavorable rating with Americans as with Germany mentioned above.


One day I noticed my son and I have 47 mutual friends on Facebook!

When I hit the heart emoji on my son's Facebook post about his new moped bike, it showed 47 other likes.

Lowell, Michigan Police Department's chief made an announcement on Facebook which had 447 likes when I happened to come across it.

There were 447 likes on Paleo Joe's fossil website when I was checking it out.

There were 47 comments on the announcement page about our friend, Jane Mayer’s, passing; a much beloved lady in our community!

There were 38,147 likes on a Utube cover song by Coldplay I was listening to and really liked.

While listening to Evelyn Champagne King’s 1980’s disco song on Utube, titled “Shame”, which I love, I happened to notice there were 47,000 views.

The Cortana computer instruction video provides example questions you can ask her and one of them was “What’s 47% of 9 million?”

My recent article on about the plant-based nutrition movement happens to have 5147 words.

Got one of those pop up notices telling me I had 47 new notifications on Facebook

I noticed there are 47 saved passwords on my Google account.

When I was watching a Utube instruction video for iPhone 6, the clock on the demonstrator’s iPhone showed 4:47 when the guy powered the sleep mode button off and back on.

The clock showed 4:47 one day on my computer clock right when I turned it on, happens a lot.

One day there were 47 notifications on my Facebook page when I happened to look.

Strangely, a license plate number 477 showed on a music video by Post Malone when I was thinking about my Joe.

I received a sale notice from my Redbubble photography website. It was a photo of beach stones forming a smiley face. The customer bought a greeting card and the profit margin was 47 cents . . . whoopi! Made me smile anyway! :O) A few days later, I made another sale of a different product with a profit of $4.70.

I noticed that my “Tranquility Stones” large print image on Fine Art America costs $47 (I don’t set the prices, only the humble profit margins).

A different day, I happened to check and noticed another framed print on my Fine Art America photo website cost $47.47. Again, I don’t set the prices.

There were 147,000 visitors on my Fine Art America website when I happened to check. showed a savings of 47% on select products on Black Friday in 2019.

My article titled, Curious Collectors of Clam Shells, had 47 views in the past 30 days when I happened to check January of 2020.

When I happened to look, one day, there were 47 likes on my Fine Art America or Pixels photography website of a Lake Michigan beach scene titled “I Hear You Coming”. I originally had my husband in mind when I titled this particular seascape photograph!

A question I posed at the end of one of my photo essays, “Which type of rocks have you collected the most?” received 47 votes for the choice “Granite”.

Happened to notice the profit margin for a scarf I sold on my Redbubble photography site was $3.47.

I noticed one of my friends, Peter, from my Redbubble website was selling an iPad case for a total of $47.73.

I made a sale on my Redbubble photography site of a poster of my photo titled “Forever Young” showing a profit of $4.74.

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