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My Friend, The Tree Swing

Kenneth Avery is a Southern humorist with well over a thousand fans. The charm and wit in his writing span a nearly a decade.

Absolute peace and happiness.

Absolute peace and happiness.

It Was Simple, Sincere, And Silent

but spoke loudly when "I" felt hurt no matter how big. I loved to listen to "its" wisdom and even at an early age, I learned so much. There was a whole lot of kindness found in that old tree swing made from a spare rope, and a cracked piece of pine lumber, yes the swing could have spoken in any university around. But then who would have taught me the value and important and permanent points of life?
And thank you, Father in Heaven, for the majestic oak that grew in my backyard when I as just a kid of five. The tire swing and oak, I've always believed, were like team mates helping anyone who would stop by, sit and think things over in the clean summer breezes that kissed the atmosphere in late June. I should know. I feel very selfish for coveting so much of those breezes and being alone in that old tire swing. Today where I am an adult having to face bigger battles and challenges, I can no longer depend on (the) oak or the swing. Only children are subject to these wonderful creations because only children can only learn from them.

All and all, I remember so many memories of living in our cheaply-rented house, but we did not care. We had food, shelter, and clothing. Most of all, we had plenty of love to go round. No one ever complained in our house. If they did, they kept it silent. Oh, I was a pretty good listener at age five. But when I was sitting in my tree swing, I could hear only what the swing had to sing for me . . .those perfect harmonies that only be made and heard in Heaven. This I know. I experienced it.

I Forgot Who Built My Tire Swing

I guess that my loving dad was to be credited for this wonderful additon to our family, but it didn't matter. I did though thankmy dad for the project. He was always looking out for others, mostly men. I was a sickly, frail little kid who suffered with asthma until I was nine. But the truth is, when I was in my tree swing, I could have lay down and gave my life away right then and there, but still, I would have been very happy at just knowing how important my tree swing really was. And it only got more and more important through the ages of five through ten.

I always had a ball when alone or with someone. For me, my friend, the tree swing, meant all that I dreamed to be--free, without trouble, easy to move without any questions. Only the free-of-heart, I learned, are the special people who God put into the world. I did learn how to be content while swinging to and fro listening to my mom sing her various songs because, speaking of God. He gave her with a beautiful voice. But He gave my dad a voice of authority. I remember when he constructed my rope swing, he stood by and let pride ooze from the pores of his body. That smile he wore has never been equalled. I was so happy with the tree swing, I tried to sing with my mom, but we won't talk anymore about that.

Then as Time And Years Went by

something strange happened. Not magical or melodical, but strange. Silent, cold, and yet, so obvious. It was not happening to my friend the tree swing, but to me. Of all people, plants, and animals, certainly not me, I kept thinking. Then one lone day, I knew what it was. When I arrived at my friend the tree swing on that certain day, I noticed this slight movement of my spirit. First I was scared. Then apprehensive. What was going on with me, I thought. I liked this boy in school, but I did not love him more than my friend the tree swing. When I sat down on the cracked piece of pine and felt more unravelling of the ropes that kept us aloft, even my friend, the tree swing, was changing as well.

At the stage of my life in which I am talking, I will never forget it. Even the memory of my old friend, the tree swing can only be of memorable, but definitely, it was all because of me and the age and the new things in life had summoned my senses to explore and study as if I were born to this world again. I will also remember in that certain hour of discovering the change in me, I began to notice, and then, also looked for diversions to stop me from that train of thought, but life either leads or prods, I know. When my eyes were set on my old friend the tree swing, it moved no more.

Then at another moment, I discovered just how sad and tragic it can be when someone you love with all of the heart, goes away.
November 7, 2020_________________________________________

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