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My Best Friend, Peach


A Best Friend for Life

Not many fifteen years olds like myself do I know who have a horse. To be totally honest, I don't know anyone who has a horse in my area. I go to a school that has more of a "city people" influence, so no one really understands my bond and connection with my horse, Peach. I got her a couple of months ago, and we have become such great companions.

My Experience with Peach

I was informed prior to buying Peach that she was in a pasture for 2 years. When she arrived, I noticed that her feet were terrible and her mane and tail were all knotted up. I guess that's what you can expect from being in a pasture for that long. She did good getting off of the trailer too. A couple of days later, my mom and I went to give her a bath at my grandmothers house, just next door. When we put her in the cross ties, she acted like she has never been tied like that before. She did calm down, however. But as soon as that water turned on, she started back up again. I have never met a horse that didn't like water as much as this one. She also does not like fly spray either, and where I live, it is essential they have it. I have to spray it on a cloth and then wipe it on her body, because she will not let me spray her.

There is Happiness Too

Even though she has problems with water and fly spray, I also have fun with her. I have not been able to ride her yet because of her feet (We tried to get them done but she doesn't like her feet done either) but I did put a saddle on her and I did sit on her and she did great. I spend time with her everyday, grooming and brushing. I put her in the pasture at night, and when I open the gate in the morning, she walks up to me and puts her head down for me to rub her. My father had friends over, and one tried to pet her, and she moved her head away! I wanted to laugh when this happened, because it mean't that we had a really great bond. She is only eight years old, so I will have a best friend for life.


Help Me!

If anyone knows why or how we can fix this problem (water), I would love to know. I am open to any ideas that can solve it. I really would love to do more with her and have more fun with her, but I can't until she learns how to act with a farrier and with water too. Thank you!