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My Analytical Theory Based on Carl Jung's Analytical Psychology

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Understanding Carl Jung's Analytical Psychology

Today, I read quotes by the late Carl Jung, who was the founder of analytical psychology. For those who are confused about exactly what analytical psychology is, join my confusion club because I am too. However, Carl Jung, who was a psychotherapist, summed it up as being -- people approaching their mental health issues stemming from both their conscious and unconscious beliefs.

Well, that helps me a little I suppose, but what helps me understand the most is how he came up with his psychological way of teaching. Jung felt everyone continuously expands into becoming an individual and how they stand alone as a unique persona. He talked about the importance of becoming one’s self and realizing that we could combine our personal experiences with history and other cultural symbolism. I understood this a bit -- I have often detected similarities in myself, as say, someone in which I viewed back in the 1950s or even beyond.

The Way I Relate to the Past Persona of Marilyn Monroe Using Mr. Jung's Psychology of Personal Growth to Past Personalities

Examining people from the past, I saw some traits that I possess that were similar to Marilyn Monroe -- the human, not the celebrity sex symbol. From watching and listening to interviews and reading about her story, she was a sweet but confused young lady who seemed to be plagued with an unlucky life behind the scenes. It seemed she had despair for trying so hard to achieve her goals but never landing the real status she desired. To this very day, she is known, mainly, for her sex appeal and not her ability as a truly talented actress.

Even though I am no actress and never wanted to be, I do relate to Marilyn's sadness and her struggle to achieve the things she wanted in life. She never seemed to get the complete satisfaction of those goals -- this made her unfulfilled, buried in depression, and this is how her life inevitably ended. As I realized this, I wanted to sway my dark qualities into something good.

Therefore, realizing these similarities to a past personality, I started to appreciate my hard times as being what has made me the person I am today. This was my way in which I found an understanding of Carl Jung’s analytical relation to the present and the past. I do believe we have to become extremely aware to recognize similarities that relate to our own lives that mirror the past. We then need to be more conscious, so we can use these instances as a growing and learning experience into becoming the best person we can be. And in turn, finding ways to respect and love ourselves through our struggles.


Accepting the Darkness of Ourselves and Others

Finding The Inspiration Through Darkness

Continuing with the inspiration for this hub and the poem I wrote, I came across a list of Carl Jung quotes today. They were much like my own thinking. I have been rejected by my views of my Darkside -- the sadness and the part that is not relatable to certain people. These type of people who judge others are buried in their egos and will never find a way to appreciate authenticity in themselves or others. Darkness is in all of us. It is a part of all of us. We have to start relating to it so we can thrive and grow within ourselves. At this very moment, we are indeed in dark times. We need to accept that and turn it to our advantage for good, always using the dark for good.

As for me, this is what I have always tried to explain about myself through my poetry and the things I write -- even my personality. I try to utilize the bad ways I feel to bring out the best in me by finding the reasons I may have had to suffer through dark times. Let’s do this as a nation. Let’s realize what is happening today. Admitting that we are fighting a, more often than not, bleak reality, but coming together to overpower it and use it to make good.

My poem is about how I understand that this is what I must do to make my life more positive. It is inspired by my realization of this after reading Carl Jung’s quotes today. Please enjoy my conversation poem.


The Carl Jung Quotes That Inspired This Hub

What are your thoughts...


Torn To Perfection (conversation poetry)

Who is drawn on the paper


-A human woman forlorn

And scorned.

Can you put the pieces back?

-If I did she would surely lack.

-See, it is not so bad she was

ripped to shreds; it's about the

lessons of darkness that she's


But, why is it conceivable for her

to remain in pieces?

-She needed to remember her

broken dreams; and her loves


This makes no sense I say to

you. Who are you to make the


-I am she who is on the paper.

The one who’s learned that the

unfairness of life is what makes

us treasures.

-It’s the hardships that we overcome

that makes us strong enough to

move along.

-We walk with wisdom as an owl,

and the scars we wear will make

us proud.

-Just as a soldier who fought for

our country's land, I have

become haughty of these tears

I've shed.

-The life that I have come to know

is bringing me closer to our real


-For it is darkness, which brings the

light, and the hands who have torn

us apart, which really make us

who we are.

In The Darkness, Leave A Light On

© 2016 Missy Smith

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