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Moving Across the Country With No Plan

I do not have a ton of travel experience, yet, compared to a-lot of people you will see on social media but I do have a crazy story.

An overview of the trip

An overview of the trip

The Trip

I grew up in a small town right outside of the state capitol, Springfield, Illinois. My parents were normal blue collar folks who had enough money to sustain 5 kids but we never went on any crazy vacations or took any extravagant trips. We would go to texas a few times a year to see my moms family and occasionally we would go to Branson, Mo and visit theme parks. Most of my travel experience happened in the summer when I played competitive baseball. As you can guess, those trips were more business than pleasure. So I was never really exposed to traveling and visiting national sites and things of that nature.

I grew up with social media so I would always see people my age doing explorations or visiting the most beautiful places but it was not until i was about 20 I realized that I can actually travel and experience the world myself. I don't need my parents to take me, it's a big world and all i have to do is make the leap. I didn't take action on my thoughts for a couple years but after a bad breakup and quitting my job I decided now is the perfect time to jump. SO I DID.

I was snapchatting this girl who grew up a few towns over from me and she had moved to Arizona right out of highschool. We had never met but we both knew of each other so that is how we got on snapchat. We talked a little back and forth but never anything serious. One day I sent her a snapchat and said “i am going to move in with you” and she replied with “okay i get my new apartment next month and have an extra bedroom”. So that was it, i told my family and started preparing to move.

I was working a summer job that I didn't want to just walk out on so i had about a month to prepare and finish that job. I did not have any money saved up, I did not have any idea what I was getting into, but I knew I wanted to see new things. As the month went on I started figuring out what things in my life I actually need, because I could only fit so much in my car for the trip. So I got down to the bare necessities, which were clothes, toiletries, my tv and my Ps5. Oh and my cat, Rosie. I said my goodbyes and headed across the country to live with a girl I had never met. The trip was long but Rosie and I pushed through and made it in two days - we stayed overnight in New Mexico.

The first few weeks and months were difficult, I had just enough money to cover two months rent and that was it. As I started to look for jobs I found it was difficult to find one. I was applying everywhere that was hiring. I was really starting to worry about money and what I was going to do. It wasn't until a month and a half later I finally found a job. Once I got a job I started settling in and could focus on seeing new things. I grew up in the country so coming to a city meant a whole new world of opportunity and things to do. I found so much joy in longboarding through the streets and down by Tempe Town Lake. It is so simple but for a country boy it was like the most exhilarating thing there was. I could walk to any convenient store or restaurant I wanted, I was blown away.

I know this isn't the most well written story and i did not give much advice on the move but the best advice i do have for you, TAKE THE JUMP. Jump in feet first into whatever you have been thinking about doing. Life will help you out if you follow your dreams. I am a kid from a small

town who never thought it was possible to see new parts of the world and here I am, happy as a clam 1300 miles away from where I started. I get to visit some of the places i thought only existed to rich kids who had cool parents. The truth is, you just have to go for it, if you want to travel and see new things, DO IT. You wont regret taking a chance and you will 100% have some amazing stories to tell your family and kids someday. Life is too short to sit around in one place forever.

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