Motherly Love Is Incredible

Updated on October 26, 2017
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Arjun is poem writer, comic write & comic creator.He loves photography, videography & animation He lives in India & work as self employed.

Motherly love is Incredible and Priceless

Many people think that they don't need motivation but the truth is everyone needs it in every stages of life, From childhood to old age and the best motivator is our mother.
We should thankful to our family specially our mother for giving wonderful life.
On our birthdays we generally expect that our parent come and wish us.
How many of you leave your home after touching your parents feet?

There are many so many people who faced many problems and did lot of hardwork amd become star. There is an real example of my friend mr. Anand who is CA, he faced many problems during the time his study, he was quite poor actual but wanted to become CA, he did many jobs like he wake early morning at 4 and sold newspaper door to door, he also worked in a grocery shop and took some took tuitions to pay CA coaching fees. His motive was to be an CA for that he did so much struggles and finally he was an CA and working in an MNC.

So thus, one thing everyone should be kept in mind that "nobody help when you are struggling".
Keep reading news paper in any language, this is best source of idea generation because life give returns to those who invest in it." So keep reading, keep investing.
Many parents did not get opportunity to studies because of lacking of money but they are working hard to pay your tutuion fees, pay for food and clothing. Our parents gave us a lot that can not pay off but we can do something for them-- love them, give them smile and respect are enough.
"There were three women in my life, all godmother for me, whatever i am today, whatever i achieved today because of them. They are my mentor, motivator, friend and a support system, not my real mother but they were more than real"
I never seen my mother since birth,
Unfortunately, I don't know where is my mother alive or not. I didn't ask about my mom from my father, this is a big mistake of my life, because shr may be alive.
I always felt hesitated to ask about her from my family. Now only objective of my life is to find out her.

A small poem for my mother in Hindi language:-
"Jarurat he tere aanchal ki, jarurat he tere pyaar ki, jarurat he tere dulaar ki
Andhiyaare me jo jivan bitaaya ab tak bas jarurat he ek ujaale ki...
Nam he aankhe iss kadar, inko gam he tuz ko khone kaa. Rota hu har roz tere liye maa, jarurat he teri parchaai ki, tere sparsh ki. . ...
Dubaa hua hu mein iss samandar me itna ki ubhar naa ska kabhi, ek sahaare ki, ek kinaare ki jarurat he..
Jivan me bas ek hi jarurat he....

Maa ki jarurat he...."

Jarurat thi roti aankho ko tere dulaar ki
Kami thi tere pyaar ki
Jarurat he andhere ko ujaale ki"

Basmaa ki jarurat he"


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    © 2017 Arjun Chaurasiya


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