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Most Loved Ones

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Lovely memories of us


Cousin, the world is better because you were in it.

There are some happy moments in everyone’s life. The happiest moments of my life were when we were together. Had a lot of fun with my cousins but the time spent with the three of you was the best.

The three of you were very special to us but your place was different my sweet little doll.

You told me to write about you and here I am writing about the lovely moments we shared.

Let’s start with when you were very young.

We used to ask you to stay at our house and you always had the condition that you have to get up early in the morning. Anyhow, we used to agree on some time, but you always got up early in the morning and would take off our blankets. Why would you do that to us, dear? till today, I feel, I never slept properly .

We used to enjoy each other’s company, although we had an age difference.

You were too fond of talking about scary things and used to ask us, “shall I tell you some scary things? you will be scared” and then insisted to watch some horror movies. We watched an Indian horror movie at your request, you were too scared but did not let us turn that off. Remember? We enjoyed it a lot that time.

You were grown up little now, used to apply the expertise of your makeup skills on me. You became an expert in makeovers just because of me. I was your model, sat still for hours in front of you but honestly was not tired at all.

You were too beauty conscious, concerned enough, wished to select life partners of your female cousins.

I still remember, when you came to know that I was engaged to someone, you were shocked and complained “how it’s possible to get you engaged with somebody I never met but on the day of engagement, you became happy to see him and approved. And your approval meant so much to me(i didn’t tell you this)You visited us Just before my wedding, hugged me from the back, and we both cried, we knew those happy moments would never come again in our life.

And now my little doll is grown up enough to get married. I would regret all my life that I was unable to attend your marriage ceremony. But I had to stay with the kids during their exams.

You are going so far that I think we will be able to meet after a long time. But I am happy you got my best and sweet cousin as your life partner. The interesting thing is, he also loved to stay at our home and we enjoyed his company so much. I wish you the best of luck with your happy life

God bless you my dear