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Moments Of Fear: Based on True Events


I am a believer and believes in supernatural beings.I have some creepy moments that I want to share with you.


Existence of Supernatural Beings

There are creatures in the world that the human eye cannot see, but they make you feel their presence. There are events in your life that stun your mind. Some of you may not believe me, but what I will tell you is not a fictional story. This is my personal experience. You must have heard about ghosts from your elders. You cannot deny that these things exist. Even if you ask people if they have ever felt a supernatural being? So one in four will answer "yes". No one can answer with certainty what these ghost, spirits, or angels are. But wherever they are, they leave their marks.

When We Moved into Our New Home

These were the days when we moved into our new home. Our house was above a ditch full of bushes and trees. A canal also passed by it. The beauty of life was flowing. Sometimes in life, such things happen to you that makes it hard for you to believe. I was a little timid since childhood. Although I am firm in my religious beliefs. As a Muslim, I fulfil all my religious duties.

The Blood Was Dripping

It was morning when I was getting ready for college. I went to the bathroom to wash my hands. As soon as I stood in front of the tap, I saw drops of blood falling on the tiles in my feet. For a moment, I froze.
My mind stopped working. I was just looking at these drops in amazement. I was wondering where this blood was coming from. I was checking to see if I had any wounds or bleeding, but I had no injury.

My mother, after cleansing the blood, told me that now you can go to the bathroom and get ready for your college. I was so scared, and I didn't have the courage to go there again.
But I had to go to college. I regained my composure and went to get ready again. As soon as I entered the bathroom, I was surprised to see that there was blood again from where we had cleaned up. Now my hair stood on end. It was hard for me to stand there. I was trembling with fear, and my condition was like that of a human being who falls prey to demons in a horror movie.

Strange thoughts were coming to my mind, as if something bad was about to happen to me. I spent that day in a world of extreme fear. Gradually, the rest of the family saw these things. There were splashes of blood in our yard, bathroom, sometimes on the walls, not even our clothes were safe from them. We spent that time in great fear.

They Made Me Feel Their Presence

Sometimes, I felt like my mother had called me, but when I went to ask her she would say I didn't call. Similarly, one day I was lying in my room wrapped in a blanket. There was no one in the room. Suddenly, I felt someone grab my arm from the blanket. I wanted to scream, but I couldn't. I shuddered at the thought of who would stand in front of me if I looked out of the blanket. I stayed in the blanket for a long time in fear and drowned in sweat. In the same time, I heard my mother's voice. She came to my room, and I hugged her in fear.


I could feel the footsteps of someone behind me. After all these incidents, the peace of our home was gone. We used to quarrel with each other for no reason. Things went on like this for some time. Mama used to wash the clothes. After washing, they were spotless, but after a while they had bloodstains on them. And those drops of blood were perfectly round, not a single speck was out of the circle. I stopped going out of the room at night. Everyone in our family was suffering from depression. Even if we wanted to be happy, there was a fear inside us.

My father decided that we would leave this house for a while. We rented a house in a nearby town and left. We still don't understand why it all happened. Now if I ever think about those moments, I feel a burden on my shoulders. We still have the same house. We live there but do not remember these things. Because if there is fear, it is inside us.

Sometimes fear settles inside you

Sometimes fear settles inside you

When Fear Settles Inside You

When fear settles in your heart, you cannot control your feelings. No one else can understands that if you're not leaving the room at night, there's a reason behind it. Sometimes this fear overwhelms you. As a result, you may not do what you want to do. Moments that are not expected in your life, have a profound effect on your life. Some of us overcomes the fear, and with some it remains as a shadow for the rest of their lives.

Reduce Your Inner Fear

It is important to be determined to reduce your inner fear. It is up to you to decide if you want to live with fear or not. I still get scared when I remember those moments. But I did not allow this fear overwhelming me. Ease your inner fear by straightening yourself from within and keep your mind prepared for all the expected situations. Make a sketch of all the situations in your mind and think about the consequences. And keep your mind on what you have to do in these situations. When you know what to do, your fears will automatically go away.

© 2020 EK Jadoon

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