Mom Bashing

Updated on January 5, 2018

Mom Bashing

Sometimes when I have a few free minutes I like to read parenting articles on facebook. I used to love to read the inspiring and supportive articles. Easy bed time routines, potty training, or anything to help a busy mother. Lately the articles are less supportive and more critical. Not only is there such negativity from the writer but how the other women respond in the comment sections just blows my mind! I find myself thinking Geez, give me a break lady this is not a competition! The most recent article I read was about a young married woman who dared to compare herself to a single mother. This mom is married to a man who has been deployed to Iraq for about a year. She has three children and is becoming stressed and overwhelmed. She stated she now understands how single mothers feel. She is with her children alone 24-7. She has not break and no moral support. She even states how she never realized how hard being a single mother is and gives props to all single moms. Sounds great, right? These women attacked her in ways that I could not understand. I mean down right vicious. Reading those comments broke my heart. Here this woman was just venting and seeking support from her fellow moms and was hit with criticism and scorn. It made me wish I could contact her and tell her I get it. You're doing great. Keep up the good work! As cliche was those words are sometimes that is all we need. There is no such thing as a perfect parent. We are all doing our best. Being a mother is hard work! Does not matter if it is your first child or fifth. We should be supportive and helpful rather than judgmental and cruel. Having mom friends is so important!

Momming ain't easy


We are perfectly, imperfect! Just trying to get it right and get through the day!

Mom needs friends for play dates too!

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