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Minnesota Musing: Valentine's Day - It's Coming and I'm Not Ready for It


Valentines Day. What is it? It's the day after February thirteenth, of course. It's a day that people look forward to, just to see if they have won in love, or something. Much of the time, Valentines Day is a flop in the love department.
It starts when you're a kid. You're supposed to get a box of heart embellished cards to write your name in and stuff in some sort of envelope. Then, you get the joy of writing all your classmates names on each one.
Yes. Valentines Day can come to mean writers cramp for some. Then, you had to decorate some sort of a box and cut a hole in the top for cards coming from other kids.

It's really not about what the kids want. Its like everything else. It's the parents. The parents go out of their way to buy valentines, get suckers and tape and pens and a list of kids names from the teacher. Then, the kid may sit down with mom or dad and write each valentine name on each envelope, or perhaps, the mom or dad helps.

In particular, I recall my mother buying a box of blo pops for me to tape onto each card. There was this huge bubble of candy, not the typical flat kind, and inside there was supposed to be a piece of bubble gum.
Well. As I recall, there were no pieces of gum in the pops my mom purchased, and, since she was one of those mom's who liked to contact companies about their products, off a letter went, explaining about the lack of gum.
It wasn't long before a box arrived, with an apology, with more pops and of course, these had gum in them. It was too late for Valentines Day, but, as I recall, no one really cared any more.

Nowadays, I'm surprised that kids do valentines. Especially with the advent of smart phones in each hand.

As far as adults, we my husband and I, usually do taxes the day before Valentines Day and go out the night before. Usually to Red Lobster. We go out, and eat too much, and the next day, Valentines Day, sit around and watch television. Perhaps the Hallmark channel. Perhaps the history channel. Either way, we're together.
Unless, we're so tired of bonding together and he goes out fishing and I stay home alone. Well, there's merit in that too. We have been married for close to thirty-three years and the excitement of Valentines Day has waned a little bit, its bright heart peeking through somedays, and not on others.
Sometimes, being together alone, or being together apart, works just fine.

It occurred to me that Valentine's Day is not the day to get started in the love department. It's more of a day of showing off the trophy you have. Putting the love of your life on display and going through the motions of having a great evening, or day or whatever a couple decides to do.

I'm too boring. My hubby loves to ice fish. I'm afraid of the ice. So, we do not connect there. I love to roller skate, but, he doesn't like to roller skate. so we don't connect there. One of my grown up kids loves to go roller skating with me, but, then that requires driving there, at night and driving home at midnight.

So, now, it's the thought that counts, not the actual, physical being there on the fourteenth.

Yeah, it's the thought that counts. So, my vote is I'm back to having the day off from work, sitting home and working on something meaningful, like a sandwich.

I suppose I will have to get my hubby a Valentine's Day card. My friends do scrap booking and they would probably make a card. I made a card last year. It was a random piece of construction paper and some writing on it. It was cute.

The thing was, I got the exact thing from my husband. Great minds think alike. I am so not into Valentine's Day this year. Yes. life is funny like that. Telling my husband that I have the day off, just served to have him look at me funny and say, "Why?".

Maybe I will just go to work. I'll have to see.

I Googled Valentine's Day just for some ideas, and I see that if I lived in Pakistan, I wouldn't have to spend any time worrying about it.

It's against the law there. It's against everything they claim to believe it.

Well. It's like everything else that they have commercialized. How do you say, Nothing is Sacred, when it comes to advertising. Of course, in Pakistan, they are claiming foul on moral grounds. To them, they see Valentine's Day as a day of corruption. A deviation of things that lead to immorality, nudity and indecency.

Well. I doubt we are talking about the same Valentine's Day.

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