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Minnesota Musing: Death, Then Life - Waiting in the Meanwhile

raw eggs

raw eggs

egg yolk

egg yolk

chicken and chicks

chicken and chicks

Death - Then Life

Death, then life happens all around us.

A seed. A butterfly. An egg. The egg is an example of a choice that happens between a hen and a rooster. A hen will produce an egg every day under the right conditions. A rooster will have its way with the hen and that egg will someday hatch to become another chicken.

A virtual flowchart can be made here. If hen produces egg, person eats egg in frying pan. If rooster mates hen, egg becomes another chicken, and the process of getting eggs begins all over again.

A seed is buried in the ground before it is of any extra use. However, some people eat the seeds before they can make another plant. A butterfly is a caterpillar that eats leaves and spins a cocoon, unless some bird eats the caterpillar.

You see, it's all about choices, and outcomes, and things that happen whether we say no to them, or not.

This all started when I read an article about the Lakewood Church, having people check their bibles at the door. The article was interesting. Then, I googled the pastors name, and found an article, which I read, which talked about Joel Osteen's church and about Joyce Meyer's ministries. The article expounded on the opinion that those two were preaching false doctrine.

Then, I thought about Don Piper. A man who talked in my town about his own death experience. A man who is also a minister.

The Bible

The Bible, in my life, has been a constant source of information. As a young child, I was told stories of the life of Jesus. Actually, my religious life started with Jesus and went backwards into the history of how Jesus's life came to be.

The Bible begins with its beginning. Genesis. This chapter explains that in the beginning, there was no earth. No sky. No air. No known oceans. It was like a big bowl of cookie dough. It was not Nothing. But, that there was a lot of things that were not defined.

Then. God, the name that I have for my creator, started separating and sorting the different elements. There was a collection of days that God worked. There was a certain sequence of events. Someone wrote all these events down and that became the first book of the Bible. It wasn't written down immediately, but later. Much, much later.

I'd like to make a long story short, but there isn't one. There is no short version of the Bible.

There are many, many stories in the Bible. There is the explanation of how mankind began. But, there are unanswered questions. Then, there is the language barrier, which at one point, everyone supposedly spoke the same language.

But, then, there was that Tower to Heaven that people were building, and God scrambled the languages so no one could work together. There were many rules that people were following. Many of them were set forth by creatures that were not of earth, but of somewhere else. There were Angels that visited houses and killed children. One child was sent down a river in a basket and the blood of a lamb was on the door instead. The child was adopted by a person who was very high in political stature.

This child, grew to be a man, and eventually wrote a bunch of rules on a few stones and tried to share them with the world. We know these rules as the 10 commandments, but, apparently he got angry and broke the rules. Were there 15 commandments to start with? Does anyone know what they were? Do you recognize the story? His name was Moses.

There were people who tried to maintain what rules that they had been given. Somewhere along the line, someone had threatened that everyone would die if the rules were not followed.

There were two major events that happened that appeared to eliminate a lot of people. The Flood, with Noah's Ark and his family and 2 of each animal. Some people scoff at the idea of a worldwide flood. I think about the Alaskan Glaciers and the animals frozen within that were interrupted in the middle of a meal and frozen in the ice. Not even enough time to deteriorate. Are those glaciers proof enough that a Flood existed?

The second event, was at Sodom and Gomorrah. This event, perhaps a volcanic episode, caused a lot of people to burn up, plus a famous woman being turned to a pillar of salt. Lot's wife.

There is a spot, near Egypt, where there was an incident where Moses and a bunch of people, walked on dry ground, while two walls of water drew back. The Red Sea parted so they could walk across. The people chasing them, were consumed by the water splashing back together.

There is a story of a snake on a stick. A story that tells that God approved of people believing that this snake on a stick would help them.

Nowadays, this would probably be our modern hospitals, dentists, and other people designed to help people. With all the influx of bad diseases and hard core internal ailments, it is hard to imagine that it is a good career choice any more.

When the Angel appeared and told Mary and Joseph that they were going to have a baby and that this baby would change the world, everything changed.

There were a few incidences, in the Bible, where people were given a chance to raise a special child. Mary and Joseph. Abraham and Sarah.

Many people seem stuck on one story. Leviticus. That seems to be the one that has rules, more rules, on what people can eat.

Which makes me think of another point. People criticize other people for drinking wine or beer.

I find this to be unusual. Do the same people criticize others for using vinegar, or for eating a moldy piece of fruit? I would offer moldy cheese as an example, but, I won't. Or, for eating pickles, or pickled fish, or other things that require the use of a fermented product.

Where do people draw the line on being bossy?

Did you notice that I started this with a inference to a seed and a butterfly. A seed, is a by product of a fruit or vegetable, or tree, or flower. It has the ability to merge itself in dirt and grow another object similar to itself. I say similar because there is no identical anything in nature.

A butterfly, or even a moth for that matter, starts as a caterpillar or worm, and eats leaves, perhaps, and spits an enclosed web around itself and transforms into a butterfly or a moth. For all intents and purposes, this butterfly has enclosed itself into a tomb of sorts and cannot escape without cutting itself out.

I would have liked to have found a cocoon for my example, but, I saw many butterflies and took pictures of milkweed flowers, but saw no cocoons, anywhere.

The closest thing that I saw this summer, was a spider web with grasshoppers all wrapped up, like a cocoon, by the spider that was going to drink them like a juice box.

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