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Message to Mothers

Tell me, who is better than your mother? I bet you can't name one. Because she is the best.

My mother did not have a pleasant life as a child. She was forced by her mother to fake her birthday on her legal documents to get a job at a young age. As an escape, she made a family of her own the earliest she can.

Despite what she had been through, she and my father gave me a wonderful life, far from what she experienced.

A mother and baby's hands

A mother and baby's hands

Dear Mom,

You are right about the world we live in, it is indeed cruel, and that I should always keep my head held up high to survive because nothing can beat braveness, even villains. No wonder why I’ve always felt safe because you have such courage that slays demons and keeps monsters away. Thank you for always saving my day. Thank you for being my superhero.

Mom, thank you for bringing me into this world. There will never be enough words to describe how grateful I am for everything that you’ve done. You showered me with love without asking anything in return. You didn’t even think twice for pouring your heart and soul into someone you’re not even sure will do the same for you.

I am now old enough, mom, but I wish you knew how much I wanted to go back when I was 7 years old. Back when you’re always within my reach so I could easily run to you whenever something’s wrong. There is so much going on and I know that you’re still there–you’ve always been there, but I have to conquer it now on my own.

You are right about yourself, you are indeed the best. Every mother is. I love you always and forever.

... complicated, ambivalent, essential freedom that a daughter feels when she looks at her mother, understanding her as a figure that she simultaneously resists and depends on; a figure that she uses cruelly and lovingly and gratefully, as the base from which to become something more.

— Jia Tolentino

© 2020 Aira Bulquerin

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