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Memoir: A Dream From My Childhood

Scratching the itch of curiosity to find reasons beyond the things I start to question and wonder more, and learn from realizations.

That Dream I Had When I Was A Child.

I had a lot of interesting and weird dreams growing up.

Usually it takes place in Philippines and in Saudi Arabia.

Scenes would shift places in our home in Middle East and our residence here at the Philippines.

You'll understand why later on.

I was in my grade school abroad when I had this very long dream.

It seems like a 2 hours worth of movie if I were to describe it or maybe even longer.

The dream I'm about to narrate is about my late grandparents.

My grandmother died two years ago before I had this dream if I recall it correctly.

It was around 2010. My grandmother died by the year 2008.

In my dream, I started having flashbacks of the days I had with my grandmother.

She would always yell at us ( her grandchildren) if I wasn't careful climbing the stairs.

Then pictures of her from the past were coming to reality in my dream.

Like how she would stand or sit in our patio, look at her plants, or look after us.

Then my dream would alternately take me to where I was at the time with my grandmother there too.

It started to get even weird when I also saw some of my relatives and friends in PH and KSA there.

The scene gets back to my home here in the Philippines;

I saw my grandmother sitting at our sofa speaking some words I obviously can't hear.

The dream went on like that as if my grandmother has come back to life.

At least that's how I felt since the dream was so long.

In my dream, she was doing all the chores and her usual routine when she was still alive.

All things you'd expect a mother and a grandmother would do in her land.

Like sweep the yard, prepare dishes, clean the house, bond with her grandchildren, anything to keep her busy.

She was so strong in my dream which is why it even felt more surreal.

I can see her move, talk, smile, and even look at me.

Later on in that dream, I saw my late grandfather too. They were both alive and kicking.

They were living their lives as if they never died, in my dream that is.

But what's frustrating about being a dreamer, you barely can't hear anything.

Especially, if you don't remember how they supposed to sound.

In my case, I had forgotten that day how did my grandmother's voice sound like.

They say it was probably because my grandmother wanted to visit me since I wasn't able to see her during her wake.

Some believed that grandparents visit their favorite grandchild in their dream.

Everyone has changed since then.

But maybe, up to this day my grandmother has always been there.

I may have been dealing with old people for a reason.

Back in the day, I used to wonder why old people and not people my age gets fond of me.

They used to say, I don't talk like my age.

My wisdom and knowledge sometimes would just come in a snap.

If my muse starts thinking about it, I have to write about it.

Because it feels like someone from heavens is asking me to.

Then I also had a similar dream with my childhood friend who passed away 3 years ago.

I really thought she was back to life like how I felt with that dream.

But, of course how can that be?

They are already above watching over us.

These dreams I had, I'm not sure how one would interpret it or what could it mean for them.

There are dreams we hope was true and wish to hold on to that kind of comfort and some dreams we pray hard that it will never be a premonition to the near future.

There'll be dreams you'll remember vividly and accurately, whether its good or terrifying.

Is it good to experience these kind of dreams?

They say dreams can tell you what is there to do with your life. It might be your innerself trying to communicate, an answer you never know you needed, or someone from the dead relaying a message.

Sometimes dreams affects our lives, how we act and how we deal with it.

Sometimes, it might even be in our will power to summon someone to be in our dreams.

But realising later on that it's all just a dream when everything seemed so real,

... somehow that's sad and devastating but in some cases can somewhat be a sigh of relief.

What do you think of such dreams?

This content reflects the personal opinions of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

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