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Meeting the Handsome Bachelor on Instagram

mtkomori and her family have lived in both Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and Yokohama, Japan.


All the Rage with Instagram

Instagram, owned by Meta Platform, became all the rage when the iPhone became available to the general public around 2010. Being able to take pictures with one`s iPhone, uploading it immediately on one`s Instagram account, being able to live stream and add "effects" on one`s pictures are some of its popular features.

What you see on Instagram, however, tends to be an alteration of the original picture. That is, it is a picture that looks shiny and sometimes surreal, where the original features are altered and processed.

On Instagram live streaming, it is possible to process one`s face, something I found out quite recently.

Through Instagram, it is possible to learn about the private life of someone who is essentially a stranger. I also learned quite a bit about how young people try to reach out to the opposite sex using social media such as Instagram.

Is this a safe method? Could this be dangerous if too much private information is shared with the followers, who are essentially strangers?

Being able to communicate with a stranger without seeing each other`s faces directly or speaking to each other are some of the key features which are possible on Instagram. For someone who grew up when there was no internet, like myself, this was a very interesting experience.


I had to go through a major root canal procedure on my tooth and was trying to gather information on the procedure by watching YouTube videos uploaded by dentists. I wanted to be informed on my procedure, so that I knew I was receiving adequate treatment.

I came across a YouTube account by a young, handsome dentist who runs a large clinic in the northern suburbs of Tokyo. Let me call him Mr. Suzuki. Mr. Suzuki`s objective was sharing useful information regarding dental problems and procedures. He was still in his early 30s and later I would learn he was a bachelor. He also had an Instagram account, so I started following it. Recently, his account reached 10,000 followers!

One of the useful features of Instagram is a feature called "stories". This allows the user to upload pictures or brief videos instantly. These pictures or videos usually last less than twenty seconds and whatever is uploaded is deleted after twenty-four hours.

Mr. Suzuki Appeared in a Women`s Magazine

Mr. Suzuki would update his stories at least a few times every day. Pretty soon, I was following his daily routine as a dentist. I found out that he started his day very early, at 5:45 am, and he read or studied English before he went to work.

A few months ago, he announced in his stories that he was featured in a women`s magazine. In this magazine, there is a section where seemingly attractive bachelors would announce how they would propose to their girlfriends when the timing was right. Mind you, these bachelors have yet to find girlfriends!

I found the article online.

In the article, he stated that he had become an enthusiastic camper during the last two years.

He would purchase camping equipment for himself and his girlfriend, and during their camping trip, he would propose to her.

There was a brief profile of Mr. Suzuki after the article.

Age: 34

Height: 177 cm (5`11)

Blood type: O

Body fat percentage: 18%

Occupation: Head of Dental Clinic

Hobbies: golf, camping, travelling

Marital Status: Single

He`s quite tall by Japanese standards and he`s at the age where men would usually start to panic about getting married. He`s probably rich as well. I wondered about his personality.

After I read the article, I was convinced Mr. Suzuki was desperate to find a mate. To confirm this, when asked in one of his stories "do you have a girlfriend?", he responded, "I want one!"

Who wouldn`t be desperate, at age 34?

Perhaps this was why he was appealing himself to his followers through his stories. I became interested, even obsessed as to whether or not he would succeed in finding a mate. I imagine many of his followers are young, unmarried women. How would they react to his wooing?

I kept following his stories.

He often invited his male friends to his high-rise condo, he would often have dinner with his buddies and on his days off, he would play golf or go camping. He seems to be quite sociable and outgoing.

He would take a picture of the sunrise seen from his condo and announce "good morning, let`s start the day on a positive note!" He`s also positive!

Mr. Suzuki`s "Morning Activity" on ZOOM

Recently, Mr. Suzuki announced that he will start the "morning activity" on ZOOM.

Those who were interested would enter Mr. Suzuki`s personal meeting room at 5:45 am, turn off their microphones and do whatever they want: reading, studying, or even fixing breakfast. The participants can enter or exit whenever they wanted. The session will finish at 7 a.m. sharp.

Mr. Suzuki has been getting up early for quite a while, but having his followers do the same made him feel that he was connected. It works for him since he lives alone and knowing that there are other participants in the same boat motivates him.

I had started teaching English online recently to a student living in the East Coast of U.S. which required me to teach on Fridays at 7 am Japan Time. Mr. Suzuki`s morning activity would be perfect, since I could prepare for my lesson during that time. Of course, I would have to leave the meeting shortly before 7 a.m.

Participating in the "Morning Activity"

The meeting involves going on ZOOM but remaining silent the entire time. Most people have their cameras off, except for Mr. Suzuki, who is usually reading or studying. I read a book during this time or prepare for my lesson. At exactly 7 am, Mr. Suzuki will turn on his microphone and announce in a cheerful voice, "thank you everyone for coming. Have a great day!"

I have participated in the meeting for more than three weeks now, and as of the beginning of November 2022, the meeting has been in session for twenty-eight consecutive days.


Mr. Suzuki`s Live Streaming on Instagram

Recently, Mr. Suzuki announced in his stories that he would live stream on Instagram from 8:30 p.m. on a weekday night. He has Thursdays off, so the live stream would take place on a Wednesday night.

When the live streaming starts, the profile picture of Mr. Suzuki is highlighted and the word "LIVE" is seen under the picture.

I clicked on the picture, and found Mr. Suzuki in the kitchen in his home, which was on the 25th floor of the high-rise condo in northern Tokyo. It was like meeting Mr. Suzuki on my iPhone!

"I`m going to cook today", he announced. He was sipping his drink.

The participants of the live stream cannot talk to Mr. Suzuki directly; instead, they can send him messages which are displayed and are scrolled upwards. Therefore, the messages disappear pretty quickly. Mr. Suzuki reads some of the messages out loud, and responds to them.

"What are you drinking?"

"Highball. And today I`m going to make salmon and avocado salad and stir fry cabbage and sausages".

Mr. Suzuki is looking directly into his iPhone; his face is "processed" so he looks much younger. He has little dog-like ears on his head and a scribble on both of his cheeks. His eyes are somewhat larger. He`s ignoring the frying pan.

"Watch the frying pan, watch the frying pan!"

"Oops, people online will come after me for this, won`t they??"

He`s wearing loose fitting clothes that almost look like pajamas and a golden necklace shaped like a fishing hook. Attractive, that`s for sure!

"You`re tall, handsome, rich...why aren`t you married or at least have a girlfriend?"

"Unfortunately, I don`t". (He gives a small laugh)

"Would you like to make a guest appearance on a reality show on Amazon Prime called `Bachelor Japan`? You`re the head of a large clinic and also young and handsome; you would be a great fit!"

"Really? Is this for real? Think I`ve heard of this before. The guys on the show are kind of wild and they`re making themselves look greater than they really are".

"Take off that processing thing off your face!"

"That I cannot do".

The night view from his condo is breath taking.

"You have no curtains on your window; people can see you naked!"

"I don`t like to be seen naked. I put all my clothes on in the dressing room".

"Are you renting this place?"

"Actually, I bought it. I really wanted to live in a high-rise condo so I moved last year. This doesn`t mean I cut off my ties to my hometown.

"Did you purchase it without a mortgage?"

"No, there`s no way I could buy this place without a mortgage".

I asked him a question.

"Are you doing anything to find a mate?"

"Well, not right now. But I do want to get married".

Later I found out that he was using a "matching application", a popular internet matchmaking service.

"You don`t need to use the matching application, you would be popular with women anyway".

"Well, I was using the matching application for a little while but it didn`t work out. I`m not good with strangers. I don`t know about `being popular with women`".

Mr. Suzuki fondles his golden necklace shaped like a fishing hook.

"I bought this in Hawaii. I liked the fishing hook part; it means I can fish for success!"

He moves over to the dinner table with the night view in the background. He finishes his meal.

His face is turning pink and he`s getting tipsy.

He continues to look into his iPhone, his eyes looking suggestive.

"Would you fall in love with your patients?"

Probably not. All we dentists want to do is to cure our patients. No romance involved.

"What kind of girl is your ideal?"

"First of all". He holds up his left hand, revealing his pinky, which is partially deformed from a past injury and folds his finger one by one.

"She doesn`t complain or insult anyone. Second, she`s good at cooking and she`s beautiful. I`m not good at listening to insults. I only pretend to be listening to them".

"Are you interested in a dating service?" (this is when the girl gets paid by the guy who is rich by dating him).

Ah, no. I don`t want anything to do with it.


Mr. Suzuki`s Conclusion

After I participated in his live stream, I found Mr. Suzuki to be a sensitive young man and perhaps attractive, but when I saw his past live stream which probably took place over the summer, I was a bit turned off. He seemed to have a condescending attitude towards guys who already had girlfriends.

In the live stream, Mr. Suzuki and his male friend are preparing for a home party and are fixing meals in his kitchen.

Mr. Suzuki says, "all you guys out there with girlfriends... are you all happy?" He continues "because you see, happiness isn`t about your partner making you happy or the other way around. What is happiness?". He gets distracted and explains what he is fixing for his guests.

"Happiness is accepting your own reality and being thankful for it. I`m thankful for my staff at the clinic. What about your health? Once you become sick, you`ll be thankful for your health".

Well, I guess Mr. Suzuki is trying to accept the reality that he doesn`t have a girlfriend.

After sharing details about his private life every day, I wonder if Mr. Suzuki will be approached by someone with ill intention. I have heard of incidents where some follower on Instagram figured out where the user`s home was and stalked him/her.

I feel for Mr. Suzuki`s loneliness. I would be lonely too, living alone in a high-rise condo.

The followers who messaged him during the live stream were testing him, asking him questions so they can figure out his romantic intentions.

I think most of them concluded that Mr. Suzuki does not want to start a relationship with anyone just yet.

I learned how young people interact and try to find relationships: through the internet. It may be efficient, but one is left with a feeling of emptiness.

In order to really get to know the person of interest, one would have to see him/her in person.

So perhaps the word "Meeting" in the title really should have quotations around it since I have yet to meet Mr. Suzuki!