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The Master Artist

Chandrashekhar Raut loves writing on various topic. He loves literature and writing is his passion.


Nature is the master artist. He is a strange genius who is busy creating his artifice forever. Whatever he makes is a masterpiece in itself. However unlike other artists he is putting on display what he is creating and we can watch him live in action.


The art gallery of this master is all open. It encompasses the entire earth and the sky above. Stand anywhere and you will find yourself in the Nature's gallery. Look at anything and you will find on it the stamp of his creativity.

Climb with me the steep,-

Nature's observatory—whence the dell,

Its flowery slopes,

its river's crystal swell,

- John Keats

For instance visit a hill top and you will watch an entire landscape drawn on a large canvas. There you see a long stretch of green valley spreading across. A blue river smoothly flowing through its Bossom. A few clusters of trees are sprawling here and there. Over the green pastures herds of cattles grazing. And birds flying across the distant horizon leisurely.


His Uniqueness

The uniqueness of the genius is that he uses different colours for portraying different scenes. The spectrum of his morning picture is entirely enchanting. It appears that here he is exhibiting his mastership. He spreads slight pink shades across the eastern sky at first. Then paints the edges of the floating clouds above the horizon with golden. It follows a pouring of red colour. Next he continues sprinkling all the shades of red colour. One is entirely spellbound to watch this masterpiece. The more you look through, the more you find out in it. It is a kaleidoscopic piece of art which creates unending combination of harmony.


His Work Stirs the Emotions

His true genius lies in that his paintings assumes different appearance at different times. Visit the same spot on the hill top at the evening and you will watch completely changed scenario. You will find all the reddish shades shifted to the western horizon. The crimson disk of the sun slipping gradually down and disappearing into the border where the earth and the sky meets. The clouds loathing above seems like falling rose petals. The freshness of morning is no more there. You find a kind of loathing in this scene. That is the great genius of the artist that his work succeeds in creating certain sentiment in the onlooker. While the morning picture arouses feeling of joy and enthusiasm, the evening drawing fills your heart with a kind of gloom and tiredness.


His True Greatness

The true greatness of any artist depends upon how well he succeeds in endowing a simple thing with beauty. The main function of an artist is to reveal hidden beauty in anything and present it before the onlooker in such a way that he could perceive it at same time to stir his heart with subtle emotions hidden in his heart and he himself being entirely unaware of them. And Nature performs this function so well that he is the main source of inspiration for all the artists that the mankind have ever produced. So he is wisely called the master artist.

© 2021 Chandrasekhar Rajendra Raut