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My Personal Favorite Persons


I ran out of names to call you.
I can't call you role models, that just doesn't feel right.
I can't call you legends, that's weak for people like you.
I can't call you my idols, because I can't really make out if that is a good enough title for you.
At some point I thought I'd call you "the loves of my life " and that still didn't seem right enough.
Then I thought " heroes " , and ,nope ,that wasn't fit enough because you've done more than just fight.
"Friends " wasnt good enough either.
The funny thing is the world doesn't really know of you. The sad part is that it'll never see you like I do. It will never see the things you've been through. It'll never see you for who you really are. It'll never mourn you when you are no more. It will never sing for you like it do. It will never notice you.
And I want to put a smile on your faces for as long as infinity. For I celebrate you everyday day. I pray for your well being before I can pray for my mine. For I turn to you when the mazes finally catch up to you..
For I have songs in my heart meant only for you .
My heart is yours and yours alone .
And to me you are my whole world. The one place I place all my dedication and faith on. The place that reminds me that I got everything I need just next to me. The place that generates all my smiles. The place that reminds me that I belong.
The place that I never want to loose touch with. The place where my legends, my idols, my loves, my warriors, my heroes reside. The place am glad and proud to call home...
The place where my unsung heroes reside.
A little heaven for my biggest treasure.
. A place filled with people that define me.
A home to my heart.
A place of the unsung heroes.
. A place where they just call them " parents" but honestly come up with a title fitting them.
But I'll go for "my world " and "top on my favorites " for now.

© 2019 Amani Utembu