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MS And Me 2017-2018

A blog I’ve tried to complete for about half a year and have finally finished most of. I’m determined to make a real Go of this Blog thing.

Ah, Portland!

Downtown Portland in the Summer, seen from across the Wilamette River.

Downtown Portland in the Summer, seen from across the Wilamette River.

How I'm seeing things now

I always am learning. I've been in Portland sin the end of September 2017. It is now January of 2018 and I am home in Phoenix for a month or so. Supposedly only for Christmas, it turned into Christmas and New Years and now seems to be a way I might avoid the cold, wet Portland Winter. So I stay a bit in Phoenix. (This bit was originally written early in 2017. It makes the blog a bit Muddled but please have paticience!)

I'm a little constrained here as I do not drive and my wife, a professor in Nursing at the local college, is rather busy during the day. She says I will return North In another 2 or 3 weeks. It works for me; how can it not? We like the loft and have decided to keep it and to continue paying rent. I can afford it.

Winter in Portland, 2017

My City, Immersed in Trees

My City, Immersed in Trees

After a stutter-step

When I put up this blog last night, intending to finish it today, I'd thought I had properly finished my days' work. I guess that either I’d made a mechanical mistake of fingers and iPad or that my writing was interfered with and was being evaluated and censored by some anonymous person. Frankly, I dont like the latter; I'm comfortable with the HubPages format and have published a lot through them. I have, though, occasionally met on-line readers who sent me real-time evaluations of what I'd just written. At the time, it sounded as if I might be offered some place as one of their Approved Writers.

Could I have been censored? Maybe. All it means for me is that I'll try to Finish my piece and publish it before anyone can lay their grubby, Left-Leaning paws on my stuff. I had been in the midst of evaluating the '16 election and looking at the final results. I wrote some heavy, sarcastic material about The Donald and about Hillary as well. It was all saved properly but was erased. Maybe accidentally by me..

As I write now, we find that much of Trump's Cabinet were Hillary Felllow-Travelers. The FBI and the DOJ seem to have been involved in casting corruption dispersions at the Republicans. Also, there is a coteri Of 'Never Trump' Republicans who, with the worthless and classless Democrats, seem to have obstructed the erection of The Wall. Anyhoo, as I've said, Trump seems to have cleansed his Cabinet, identified the stooges and replaced them with persons loyal to Donald's agenda. John Bolton is now a close advisor and hopefully will be a huge advantage. Talks with Kim 'Rocketman' from North Korea may ease things in the future.

Slowed down, again

i'd thought I knew how to introduce videos into my work. I find now that the rules have changed and I will have to re-learn the steps before I can beautify my blogs. I had decided originally to stay only a week or two in Phoenix before returning north. I have been here over four months and plan to stay until my next medical appointments are attended to next month and until the Arizona Summer becomes unbearable. this gives me about a month here; I hope I can enjoy electric and thunderstorms before I leave. In Portland, I'm hoping for a mostly-sunny time with a weekly cooling dose of rain. I'm also looking forward to another sojourn into the mountains.

I did, in fact, get to the mountains on my birthday, in early August. It was the’hottest day of the year and it seemed the entire population of Multnomah County had sojourned to the Cascades. We had wanted to go to Lost Lake, a much loved camping place on the PCT. everyone was trying to get there, no doubt for the sandwiches and goodies available at the lake store. It wasn’t to be and instead we drove to the Huckleberry Inn for hamburgers and fries. Very memorable!!

Another Flare?

I seem to have moved back to Portland, my home town. Every summer for the last five or six years I’ve come back here. My MS seems to have stabilized; it certainly doesn’t seem to have improved, despite the gargantuan amounts of vitamin D3 i take, although the Brazilian studies i read promise much. The reality is that I’m simply too far from the onset of my MS to ever expect a complete recovery.

The ‘pillow on the bridge’ analogy works here. The idea is that, taking a large feather pillow onto the walkway of a bridge (in my mind i always see one of the many bridges spanning the Willamette River in Portland) I walk the hundred yards or so to the center of the span then take out my always-carried, always sharp Swiss Army Knife and slit the pillow open, releasing its’ feathers into the morning breezes. Now. The task at hand is to go about and collect all the feathers. Impossible? No: theoretically I could eventually do it. But practically? As we said in Medicine, the chance was ‘Small but Real.’ So too the chance of a full recovery from MS after moving from Relapsing-Remitting to the Secondary Progressive stage, as I have.

A pair of Lithographs we picked up at a local Art Fair and keep, unframed, in the Loft.

A pair of Lithographs we picked up at a local Art Fair and keep, unframed, in the Loft.

A street scene in Portland, got from my wheel chair. Such Fun!!

A street scene in Portland, got from my wheel chair. Such Fun!!

Off on a Comet

I think I’m once again awake and motivated. After three months here by myself, I feel a need to produce something and maybe to become better known. It’s fun, anyway and gives me Corpus of writing to revew in the evenings..

Wish me luck!